Brent Gleeson is back with his second book in raw, no excuses and no bullshit form. Embrace the Suck – The Navy SEAL Way to an Extraordinary Life is a follow-up and complement to his best-seller TakingPoint, which focused on effectively leading organizations through change. Embrace the Suck drives into developing every organization’s most valuable asset – people…starting with yourself! Brent’s approach is again based on data and research, supported by gripping real-world experiences, and presents a specific framework to “get off your ass and execute.” We’re privileged to share this pre-read and preview of Embrace the Suck.

Brent’s humor, personality, resilience, and humility – despite massive success – come through in this unvarnished look at the stress, failures, and incredible costs behind the success. He embodies the SEAL ethos of common citizens, forged by adversity, embracing opportunities to grow and operating with uncommon desire.

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Welcome! I’m a father, husband, author, and corporate consultant. We are building the Man of Mastery community to form an exclusive peer group of high achieving men who live in concert with their values, reject mediocrity and status quo in continual pursuit of even better versions of themselves as fathers and husbands, and are willing to train and do hard things to be ready to serve their families, friends, country, and world.

I am dedicated to life-long learning and have been studying peak performance for over 20 years. I’m here to be your guide and resource to the best, most effective information available from the top of the corporate world, elite military teams, educational institutions, speakers, and authors.

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Actionable practices to help you excel in body, mind, soul at work and play

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