Michael is frequently invited to guest on other popular podcasts to collaborate on topics of mindset, fatherhood, personal performance, career, health, and fitness.


MARCH 23, 2021
Adventures Across the 5 Mountains of Human Development
Physical | Mental | Emotional | Intuitional | Spiritual
Fierce Planet Adventures is Andy & Kacy Panfil, a married couple on a mission to inspire 1,000,000 people to live a life of purpose, passion, and self-mastery through the Unbeatable Mind Operating System.


JANUARY 30, 2021
Tracy helps executives, professionals and entrepreneurs at the top of their game get to another level of success they didn’t even realize was possible. She transforms your life by changing how you use your voice to communicate and by shifting the tones in your voice that aren’t working for you so you…Save time in meetings and getting what you want faster, communicate with clarity and build strong relationships with ease, influence and persuade through emotional connection, and significantly increase financial success quickly.


OCTOBER 15, 2020

Unrelenting Humans Podcast is where exceptional athletes tell stories of overcoming adversity. We all face different types of obstacles and all stories deserve be told! This podcast exists for athletes to share stories of their resilience to motivate and inspire others!


AUGUST 17, 2020

Weekly guest conversations and solo episodes designed to bring YOU practical tools and inspiration to align who you are with what you do and find the optimal rhythm for your work and life. Your host, Kyle Depiesse, will bring inspiring guests who are living a life of fulfillment, both at work AND outside of work. Helping you find the balance between a fulfilling life and a life filled with achievements. Because we shouldn’t have to sacrifice our personal balance sheet for our professional balance sheet.


MAY 25, 2020

Hosted by Paul Moore and Josh Thomas, How to Lose Money is a wealth-building podcast dedicated to the honest, sometimes gut-wrenching stories of business and life lessons learned. If you’re an entrepreneur going through a tough season, a business executive wanting to avoid strategic mistakes, or just someone who loves to hear about victories earned on the other side of painful trials, this podcast is for you.

With new episodes every Monday, we feature an interview with a business leader who has made mistakes that you don’t need to repeat. We discuss topics like: risk-taking, financial principles, entrepreneurship, growing your business, real estate investing, best business concepts, leadership, books and resources, relationship hacks, networking, passive income, time management, and more!


JULY 29, 2020

The show where you’ll hear amazing tales from afar and the all-important life lessons that go along with them. Join Josh Guerrero, an archeologist, versatile traveler, and adventurer as he talks with travelers of all kinds. From warriors, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, best-selling authors, adventurers, and much more! If they have an amazing travel story to tell and life lessons to share, we’re bringing them on this podcast and having powerful conversations to help you level up in your life.


DECEMBER 23, 2019

The New Kind of Man podcast is for men who want more from life. Every man has a unique story, but the virtues needed to be a man are universal. We are helping men to become strong relationally, spiritually, intellectually, and physically through our podcasts, articles and epic stories. We bring about manly topics and inspiring messages so you can put things into action.


SEPTEMBER 16, 2019

Patrick Antonucci is the host and founder of the Dad Hackers podcast. Dad Hackers is a community of Christian fathers who are devoted to encouraging, equipping and enabling one another to become the men that God created and designed us to be so that we can raise up the next generation of fully devoted followers of Christ and leave a legacy of multi-generational faithfulness. On this show we primarily interview Christian men to dive into their experiences and insights into what it means to be a Christian man, husband, father, and leader. We ask questions that dig deep into the thinking and rationale of these men so that we can all learn and grow into the men God is calling us to be.



The Military Veteran Dad Podcast has a mission to bring every dad home both physically and mentally to their marriage and their family. We share stories from other Military Veteran Dads on their struggles, their wins, and wisdom and we do it weekly.