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Michael Bulloch is a father, husband, author, and corporate consultant who has been studying and applying lessons of peak performance for over 20 years.


By |2021-04-09T13:37:47-07:00April 12th, 2021|

There's a book you've probably heard of called The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. It's a quick read but thought-provoking and deep. It definitely falls in the camp of simple, not easy. It kept falling down the priority of my reading list because the four agreements seem so obvious (although tough to practice

078 Simple Passive Cashflow | Lane Kawaoka

By |2021-04-07T20:39:15-07:00April 8th, 2021|

Lane Kawaoka joins the show to share how he built passive cashflow with a specific rental real estate formula. He educates and organizes investors to do the same, leading from the front with his philosophy to live where you want and invest where the numbers work. It's shocking to consider

INOCULATE YOURSELF | Monday Mastery Actions

By |2021-04-05T16:05:51-07:00April 5th, 2021|

With so much focus on the global vaccination campaign to proactively assist immune systems with one type of antibody production, let’s take a moment to widen the lens of perspective on our body, mind, environment, and resilience. The human body...Did you know that your body is not even human, on balance?! Modern science finds

WINDOW DRESSING | Monday Mastery Actions

By |2021-03-27T14:23:18-07:00March 29th, 2021|

In the investment world, window dressing refers to changes to a fund or portfolio made by managers so that the holdings or performance look better in reports to investors. It’s aesthetic, hollow, and meaningless at a given point in time. It is an ego driven practice, not service and mission driven. Isn’t social media

077 PUSH THROUGH | Nate Carroll

By |2021-03-22T12:45:38-07:00March 25th, 2021|

Nathaniel Carroll recently completed his one-millionth pushup (on March 2, 2021 and with his kids alongside) on his quest to break the world record for the most push-ups in a 12 month period. This 31 year record of 1,500,230 push-ups looks ready to fall by mid June as Nate

KAIZEN | Monday Mastery Actions

By |2021-03-20T16:29:27-07:00March 22nd, 2021|

The Japanese term Kaizen refers to continuous, incremental improvement within a practice designed for quality results. Always adapting. Always showing up in our best possible way each and every day. Mastery, the pursuit of mastery, is about practicing and getting better and better at those little things, incrementally, over long periods of time and

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