HAPPY THANKSGIVING! This is a special, holiday solo-cast to take time out and not only express gratitude but to dive into ways to foster and express gratitude, bring it into a daily routine, and to build upon consistent daily action to set and achieve big, audacious, scary and seemingly impossible goals.

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.”

– Marcus Aurelius

We take time in this episode to roll out What Am I Reading?, to highlight a few valuable new product and service partnerships that may be useful in your training, and to preview upcoming book pre-read episodes, a behind-the-scenes series, and future podcast collaborations.

Also in this episode and show notes you’ll get a link to the Unbeatable Mind box breathing app – developed by retired 20 year Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine – to assist with the breathing practices discussed recently in Episode 029 – Ready to Grow.

“Breathing is free medicine, and the daily practice of breath control leads to optimal health”

– Mark Divine


  • What am I reading?
  • Partnership announcements
  • Gratitude practice
  • Goal-setting and measurement
  • Morning and evening
  • Intraday metacognition
  • Sneak preview




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Michael [00:00:17] Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to the man of Mastery podcast episode 31. This one is dropping on Thanksgiving Day 2019. So it's a great opportunity to express some gratitude. Of my own also discuss your gratitude and your daily practice is an ongoing Endeavor. I'd like to talk about goal setting be hags and breaking those big scary goals down into daily action.

Michael [00:00:43] This is especially timely trying to get an early jump on 20/20 and New Year's goal setting. I'd also like to give you a sneak preview of a few things upcoming that I'm pretty excited about but first an iTunes review the week, I saw this one hit recently and it's just awesome. Mmm, Javi says amazing a bit of a funny or Amazing Story.

Michael [00:01:04] I found this podcast last week while looking for a podcast to motivate after listening to some on Spotify which were good, but not quite fulfilling my interest or need to motivate myself. I was looking through my phone. I saw this app for podcast, which I completely had no idea that I had and I go through it. I ran only come across this show man of Mastery.

Michael [00:01:25] I listen to a random episode. I really liked it then I take a listen to Episode 25 living with courage and I was halfway through the episode and in awe. I realized I was listening to someone I know his son and mine played soccer together. Michael had told me about this podcast. It was so long ago that I completely disregard it from my mind but in a situation where I needed to find motivation, I found that either by chance or by Destiny.

Michael [00:01:52] This is a great show and even more amazing coming from a guy who I know is a great man and a great father congrats. I'll be tuning in. Well, super super kind words Javi super appreciate it, but more than anything glad you found or re-found the show and that it's hopefully coming right in on time on what you need and when you need it next for today, what am I reading?

Michael [00:02:16] So my office my desk my bookshelf nightstand you name it? They're just stacked with books and I'm constantly seeking to learn and to share some of these turn into guests on the show that I share through interview style format or other cases. I might just It down give you some material for you or even recommend a book directly. So in this segment, I'll share a book.

Michael [00:02:36] I've started on most recently and maybe provide a link in the show notes in case you care to check it out as well. So for this week, what doesn't kill us how freezing water extreme altitude and environmental conditioning will renew our lost evolutionary strength. This is by Scott Carney with a forward by Wim Hof who you may know of this one goes right along with the recent topic and recurring theme of post-traumatic growth or what I call growth through adversity.

Michael [00:03:06] I've just gotten started on it, but I wanted to highlight it as it looks really On Target and really interesting not just on breaking through perceived limitations, but also on activating the healing biology that's innate to each of us. Okay and a word on Partnerships from time to time. I highlight products and services that I'd recommend based on my own experience and then I found work well for me or that might have My radar and then I may pursue in some cases I seek out business opportunities with those companies or in other cases.

Michael [00:03:36] I'm really just a consumer and a vocal fan. For example, we have an affiliate account at Amazon. That means if you hit a link for this week's book what doesn't kill us and you make a purchase at Amazon then we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. I really appreciate when you do that as any commission's can help offset some of the costs of airing the show like website hosting and podcast hosting.

Michael [00:04:00] These now the traditional view of what you might call advertising is that it dilutes a podcast and we don't actually take any advertising dollars and although I'll costing you a little bit of time and surfacing these products and services. I'm doing it because I feel so strongly about their value. So here are a few Partnerships that have come together recently. And then I'm really excited about Relentless MV in the last few weeks.

Michael [00:04:24] I've mentioned Relentless Martha's Vineyard. It's an annual Gathering. That's a small group a Hands-On. I love event and it's featuring the likes of recent guests Laval Saint-Germain and Patrick Sweeney the fear Guru now, we don't have any Financial relationship with our MV. But I've gotten to know the founder John Kane a little bit and he's offered a very generous event discount to our man of Mastery community.

Michael [00:04:48] So if you want to check out www-we Relentless MV.com for details, and then you can either reach out to if you're interested us or John directly to invoke the group. That's running something like 20 to 25% off ample meal. These guys make it incredible instant powdered keto shake that I've been buying drinking by the bottle for the last couple of years and they now sell it in a convenient bulk package.

Michael [00:05:14] I love this stuff to the point where we did set up a business relationship and and full disclosure. We've been invested in the company. So I enjoy it and I really believe in it that much and I would definitely recommend giving it a try brute force and bags. I've got a couple of these their Proof, and they make for a great workout carrying lifting adding weight to a bodyweight workout and even more so the imbalance and unstable weight helps build stabilizing muscles joints and core in the episode show notes and on the site, you can find a man of Mastery referral link to the brute force and bags website.

Michael [00:05:51] And in fact, they should still have their Black Friday sale on I think it's code BFF like boy Frank Frank 19 BFF 19 is the Code for a pretty good discount right now. So again your personal mileage will vary with these things, but they really are a few things that I want to put on your radar. If you decide to give any of the books products or Services a try I'd be honored if you do so through our links to help support our mission here.

Michael [00:06:17] Okay with that, let's jump into episode 31. I called this one gratitude and gravy because I want to hit gratitude as a topic. But the extra the the gravy is to get into more specifics on what it looks like for not only Thanksgiving 2019 and 2020 New Year's goal setting but routines you can put into practice every day for my part.

Michael [00:06:40] I couldn't be more grateful and thankful for all the listeners followers and supporters helping with the launch in the growth of this podcast today marks 31 weekly episodes into the journey, and there's a whole lot more to I really hope that your learning and joining in benefiting and to the extent that it's providing you value. The biggest thing I could ask of you is to help continue to spread the word and grow the tribe.

Michael [00:07:02] So, please tell to three other people and walk them through finding the show and subscribing on their Andrew Android or iPhone. All those links are super easy to find in handy on the website at man of Mastery.com. If you don't have them and of course my wife my son and my other family and friends, this has been such a fun and exciting. Citing an adventure filled year, I could not have imagined achieving this launch and so many of my other big goals for 2019 Without You 2020 hopefully should be even bigger and better and not just for me really for all of us.

Michael [00:07:36] I truly feel and know that there's a Synergy and that we Propel each other and make each other better and along those same lines Health abundance co-workers coaches teachers mentors. They're all the top of my mind this Thanksgiving. I really appreciate you all. And that's probably a great segue as well on a few other topics goal setting and resolutions set scary goals.

Michael [00:08:00] And if you don't already have some do it and write them down give them a time frame a specific time frame and tell others about them to make them real start now and take action now don't start on January 1 because then you'll be one of the statistics very unlikely to make it even to Jan 31 or Beyond. More on the action plan to back this up for in a minute.

Michael [00:08:21] But start today is all I can say Enjoy Thanksgiving but do it with some balance be aware of what you're eating get some movement in get your breathing practice in get outside for my part. My son and I are building Spartan obstacles in our backyard for practice and we plan to finish up on Thanksgiving Day morning. We're also mixing in a good bit of ketogenic recipes to our Thanksgiving dinner.

Michael [00:08:45] Those are courtesy of a favorite cookbook that I'll put a link to and some online inspiration through Quito sites and a follow on Instagram. Okay goals goal-setting action plans and daily practice with goals. Like I said, sit set big goals some people call these be hags big hairy audacious goals.

Michael [00:09:08] So set a few goals that are scary thing. Scare you that seem impossible and believe me. If you work up to these things, they will be absolutely possible and in hindsight, you'll be wondering why you didn't set bigger goals. And the next thing you got to do is break these things down into steps and Milestone so set some goals for a year out six months out 18 months out, whatever that might be and then figure out how to get their meaning back up into quarterly Milestones monthly milestones.

Michael [00:09:40] Maybe weekly targets even daily plans that are going to get you on the path to get there. You might not know what those look like. But if you set that goal just go go search It Go Google it you'll figure out how to how to break down an action plan and then set those timeframes to it. So, you know, maybe you want to run a marathon Google how to train for a marathon you're going to find an abundance of training plans and then shape those into that that grid of what you're going to do on a daily or weekly basis what you want to accomplish and work up to On a monthly and a quarterly basis, but the one thing I would add to that is any plan is going to have to be adapted.

Michael [00:10:18] So be aware you're going to have to adapt as needed and and be kind yourself along the way they're going to be days that you rock it. They're going to be days that you feel tired. They're going to be days that you maybe get injured you have to cut it short or maybe the days you go longer. So just be flexible. And as you measure progress, I would say two things.

Michael [00:10:40] Things one forget about social media. It means so much of this stuff is the the 99.9 percent is left out and social media is like the 1% of everybody's day or year or life. So forget about social media when it comes to measuring your progress and just compare yourself to only yourself your journey is yours alone use this whole Mastery concept as a guidepost and you can get inspiration and draw energy and encouragement from others.

Michael [00:11:10] But in the end you can only compare yourself to yourself that that's what this is all about. What else for each day? Let's talk about morning routine. We've talked before about things like hydration as soon as you wake up rehydrating, we talked in episode 29 a couple of weeks ago about breathing specifically tactical breath and box breathing and if I didn't mention it at the time, I'll put a link to the unbeatable Mind box breathing app, which is great for creating the Cycles or the timing for those breath practices, it gives you some consistency and it will help with your your Cadence and creating that that routine and that that Rhythm and journaling we've talked about that before to when it's in writing.

Michael [00:11:54] It's real. There's just something about I don't know if it's neural Pathways, but there's something about putting pen to paper and thoughts and that connection so get a notebook get a journal get a scrap piece of paper and as you go through Your morning practice spend a little time, whether you're just kind of drawing what comes to mind whether you're sketching whether you're writing whether you're writing something concerted, there's magic to that pen to paper and if you need some inspiration for what to think about and what to write make up some gratitude questions for yourself, you know as you wake up or as you journal or both ask yourself what you're grateful for.

Michael [00:12:36] What's great about the day. What are you looking forward to that day? What's is the one most important or maybe impactful thing that you can or must do that day and then throughout the day, I mean repeat as needed. You can certainly go back to your breathing and should a tent ervil's where you need it. Take take those those those nostril the nasal breaths the Tactical for count in for count out breath as a calming breath to activate the parasympathetic nervous system.

Michael [00:13:04] Go back to your box breathing if you like when you have five minutes before a meeting or sitting on a park bench We're in traffic with with your eyes open. Of course, you know get outside walk get some air Sunshine time in nature just some time in silence and one of the things I mentioned I think in the in the highlights for this show is metacognition or thinking about thinking so you can start to throughout each day.

Michael [00:13:33] And as you start these practices you can start to be aware of what's looping around in your inner dialogue in your mind. And you can find ways to either support that if it's positive or change it if it's negative, I'll give you an example this week or two ago. It was National walk or bike to school day. So for my son he wanted it to jog to school and that's I don't know probably about a four to five mile round-trip jog, so we got his backpack out hit the road and instead of taking the bus to school he and I jogged it the two two and a half miles.

Michael [00:14:08] I dropped him off there at the school. Then I want to jogging home. Now the runner the jog back home is more uphill than the outbound leg. So I knew it was going to take me a little longer getting home. And I knew I had about 20 25 minutes to make it to to a meeting. So as I was I was I was cruising along I just had this self-doubt or I suddenly realized I had this this self-doubt this message looping in my head this concern this negativity about being able to make it.

Michael [00:14:40] Back in time when in reality, you know physically it should have left me plenty of time. I probably would have been cutting it a little bit close, but for some reason just over and over again in my head. I realized I had this sort of message going of, you know, you might not make it you're not going to make it is there's not enough time.

Michael [00:15:00] It's uphill, you know, justjust this and that and it was kind of just playing along unconsciously and I think a lot of us do this until we start to pay attention. And and be aware and think about what we're thinking and so as soon as I did become conscious of what I was sort of unconsciously or subconsciously thinking about I just changed it.

Michael [00:15:24] You know, I took a look at the clock. I realize I got plenty of time I did the math and I literally just started smiling people driving by on their commute to work probably thought I was I don't know crazy. Listen to something funny laughing at a joke. Who knows what? But I just ran smiling for the rest of my trip home and it was a totally different run at that point.

Michael [00:15:46] I felt lighter I felt faster and maybe I maybe I even was and sure enough. I made it in in time exactly right on time for this video conference call to start. So let's a great example of just starting to become aware and witnessing your thinking throughout each day and then using the tools of your daily practice, too.

Michael [00:16:10] To redirect your thinking to calm yourself these tools like breathing like journaling like observing your thinking throughout the throughout each day to to correct its course and then in the evening, I would say it's the bookend to the morning practice is you can recap your day. You can do some more breathing you can you can you can think about your gratitude practice again, and you can plan for tomorrow in ways that allow you to just kind of set it all down.

Michael [00:16:40] On for the evening and get a good night's sleep without that process of waking up or lying in bed unable to think I don't know but excuse me unable to sleep because you're thinking about all the things you had to do for tomorrow. Just get it out. Get it down get it on paper get your plan for tomorrow or the most important things for tomorrow and then just go, you know breathe relax be grateful and and close out the day.

Michael [00:17:07] And I guess with that I want to close out the episode with a few sneak previews. I've got some other exciting stuff coming up that I'm that I want to share. So a few things that look like Lee I've mentioned Mark Divine unbeatable mind several times. In fact that I mentioned linking to his box breathing app in this in this episode. We'll Mark has a new book slated for release in March, March 20 20, it's called staring down the wolf 7 leadership commitments that Forge Elite teams this Looks like it's an extension and an application of the principles in his book unbeatable mind and it's pre-selling now on Amazon.

Michael [00:17:44] So I do have a link in this episode for the book. I've pre-ordered it myself really looking forward to it, but even more so it looks like we will have the chance in the privilege to do a pre read and do an episode 2 review it. So I'm very grateful to Mark to Tara and the rest of the unbeatable mind team for the opportunity.

Michael [00:18:04] So look for that hopefully coming up here. Or in the near future see vfd the fire department. These are the men and women who literally give their lives their longevity and their health in service. These are really professional athletes, but not for entertainment rather for the safety of our communities twice this year.

Michael [00:18:26] The fire department has jumped on massive brush Fires at the back of my neighborhood that really could have rendered huge damage that said I'm pretty ignorant to what the typical. Rear or even the typical day looks like for the men and women of the fire department. My sense is what we see depicted in the news television and movies is probably quite shallow and that there's a lot more to unpack.

Michael [00:18:51] I had the privilege recently to participate in a physical training session to work out with a group of young men who have applied to any of the local fire department Academy, and I've offered to provide any insight for them that I can into that program Eric and David and the Team are creating a cutting-edge training tailored to the unique challenges that their crew face and I'll certainly provide anything additional that I might be able to help from another angle.

Michael [00:19:19] And is that evolves? I'd like to share more about it that you can learn and apply as well additionally Captain Flores in the team have very generously offered me a chance to embed and to ride along for 24 hours with one of the busiest truck companies in the country and to learn more about what it really looks like. I'm super psyched and I can't wait to get that scheduled.

Michael [00:19:40] I think it probably turns into an episode or even a multi-part episode coming up soon to share that Insight with you guys and then on podcast appearances, I'm usually the guy chasing potential guests. But from time to time I have the honor of being asked to appear on other shows and there are a few in the backlog here once called A New Kind Of Man Chad and the team at a new kind of man.

Michael [00:20:05] I found that a Cast it's dedicated to challenging and encouraging men to become stronger that's relationally spiritually intellectually and physically so we have a show coming up together and I may bring that back to our audience here as well and some sort of a collaboration and then in another collaboration the Dad cast dead casts host Colin Naylor appeared here on our show a while back and we're looking to try to put something interesting together where we do a live show as a collaboration between the two.

Michael [00:20:36] Was so look out for that and then how to lose money. So I had an episode called how lose money with palm or not too long ago Paul Moore and Josh Thomas hosts a podcast of Their Own by that by that show title and they focus on what they call the gut wrenching stories of business and the life lessons along the way.

Michael [00:20:58] I definitely have a few very expensive very real-world MBA lessons of my own and pretty soon. I'll be discussing that with Josh. Paul and team on that show and I'll be sure to let you know where to find that episode wrapping up for today and this week and wishing you again a Happy Thanksgiving you're going to find the show notes the links and etcetera for this episode at man of Mastery.com / 0 3 1 so man of Mastery.com 0:31 also on the website, you can find more information. You

Michael [00:21:32] can sign up for the weekly email on social media. It's at the man of Mastery and remember if you've listened this far and you're getting something give something back get a few others involved now with that one more time have an amazing a happy fulfilling and safe Thanksgiving and until next

4 [00:21:51] week.