“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

– Aristotle

Chad Zueck is the founder of A New Kind of Man podcast and community. He overcame hardship, self-doubt, and a broken home to lead a life of service, helping to heal and inspire other men. Chad’s work has many similarities to our Man of Mastery mission and in our belief that everyone has a unique path and remaining untapped potential. Chad kindly facilitated this two-part crossover interview episode where we continue to explore ways to improve ourselves each day.

“Who a man is, is how he reacts to interruption

– Chad Zueck


Chad and Marla have been married for 25 years, and they have two kids, Austin, 23, and Gracie, 16.

Chad grew up in rural Illinois before going into the Navy at 18. He spent four years in active duty and was forward deployed for much of that time. He worked on F/A-18 aircraft onboard two different aircraft carriers. His time in service gave him the opportunity to explore different parts of the world.

He and his wife went to Southern Illinois University where they finished bachelors degrees and headed off into the workforce. Chad worked in the aviation industry for years until he went through a complete change of course. For the last 14 years he has been in full time vocational ministry. Since then, Chad has finished a masters degree and continues to learn by being an avid reader, practitioner and carnivore of useful wisdom. Chad loves the outdoors, sports and good coffee. They currently reside in Dublin, Georgia.

Chad founded A New Kind of Man in 2018. His long journey into manhood and his study of masculinity began after the birth of his son decades ago. His own limitations led him to exploring the bible and other men from history to find better examples of what it means to be a man.

Chad Zueck, Founder of A New Kind of Man, is an avid fan of good coffee and hiking. If he isn’t holding down the fort in Dublin, Chad may be lost on a trail somewhere around Georgia (literally… he has a habit of that).


  • Service & sacrifice
  • How a broken home inspired Chad’s mission
  • Transparency and vulnerability
  • Where to start your mastery journey
  • Pride as corrosive to service
  • Hiding behind perfection
  • Visualization
  • Self-talk during a run
  • Most important question of the day
  • Ignatian Prayer


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Chad [00:00:00] I believe that every man. It's like a river. It's so instead of a just a pond that has no outlet that every man as he develops as a man. There should be a natural outlet and I believe the service is that outlet. I believe it's one of the reasons why we're making is to is to for me ultimately to serve God and serve others.

Michael [00:00:34] Welcome back to the show where we are exploring actionable ways to restructure our mindset and compound common actions into remarkable results. The mission here is to learn from the success and failures of men and women applying this concept of Mastery and it's lifelong journey to many different areas of life. This is man of Mastery podcast Episode 34.

Michael [00:00:57] And again, welcome back today. We have Chad Zoe look host founder of the new kind of man podcast Chad's been around Instagram and he's been working with men for quite a number of years and he's just launched the new kind of man Podcast chat and I recorded this one a few weeks ago as a bit of a crossover episode and I've been really excited to get it out for you.

Michael [00:01:22] It's a bit of a a long one, but it's perfect timing entering the holiday week. Hopefully you have a little extra time on your hands. Nonetheless. I've split it into two parts. So it's great on a couple levels. Chad really did a great job of taking us through a dialogue. He allowed me any facilitated for me to really share a bit more about my mission which was you know coming into the end of the year here a great time just recap on the start of this mission that began early in 2019 allow all of us to put some thought to closing out this Your and think about our goals and mindset and the ways in which we want to roll into 2020 and through Chad's willingness to host this episode.

Michael [00:02:02] You get a great feel and flavor for the new kind of man community and Mission the pillars on which it's founded and Chad as a host and just a quality individual and man the mission he's on and Chad's transparency and vulnerability are just some of the things that really make him and I think his message in the way. He teaches so special.

Michael [00:02:23] The way Chad structures his is talks. You'll probably get to know me from a little different angle different perspective. He's it takes a very fun approach to it and we get to know more about Chad as well. If I had to pick my favorite thing or my biggest takeaway from this part of the discussion with Chad. It probably goes back to

Michael [00:02:42] his four pillars of what he does

Michael [00:02:45] and intellectual growth emotional spiritual and relational his four pillars, which are all about Sacrifice and service ultimately, so in that in that Spirit of probably mostly the the emotional control area predominantly, he shares Loosely a quote that is who a man is is how he reacts when interrupted honestly.

Michael [00:03:11] I had forgotten about that one between the time when Chad and I recorded and when we're airing this and it was it was just great to hear that again get that reminder certainly patients is That I can work on and that's a good one. I'm going to I'm going to highlight that as part of publishing this episode. If nothing else for myself as a reminder around patients and maybe some Grace in the way that we conduct ourselves and what that says about us as men.

Michael [00:03:39] Okay. That being said, let's get after it. Let's just jump right in with a new kind of man. Chad's cook. Well today we have a special treat a welcoming Michael Bullock from the man of Mastery. Thank you for being on the show today. Yeah, Chad, my pleasure. So you are the host of the podcast the man of Mastery and also the curator of the man of Mastery.com and give us a little bit of the back story.

Michael [00:04:10] Everybody has a backstory everybody loves the loves the details. So what's the backstory of the man of Mastery?

Chad [00:04:16] Yeah. I appreciate Chad. Thanks for the opportunity to share a bit of the story and it's a it's an honor to be part of the launch of your podcast the new man podcast. Excited to hear what's coming down the pike in your future. Thanks, you know for me a lot of this is crafted around, you know, if you have to put labels on things.

Chad [00:04:37] I'm a father. I'm a husband author turned OCR Spartan Race athlete martial arts student of Krav Maga and corporately I've been a consultant for about 25 years and I'm also a personal performance coach. I've been a lifelong student in general.

Chad [00:04:57] And I specialized in Peak Performance for really over 20 years. So when I watch man of Mastery, what I wanted to do is create a virtual community and I've founded this to run as a way to bring together. I achieving them sort of an exclusive peer group of guys who want to live in concert with their values reject mediocrity take action.

Chad [00:05:23] The status quo is not good enough, right? So these are These are guys who are in continual pursuit of being better and better versions of themselves and whatever roles they may play fathers husbands. And the theme is we're willing to train and do hard things to be ready to serve. It's all this is in service to families friends country and ultimately the world so one of the recurring themes I've gotten doing this is growth through adversity.

Chad [00:05:53] It's all about getting clear on on your why. And training and taking action and again doing it in service to your greater purpose. So what I'm doing each week, I hear a podcast. It's meant to be your guide and resources to the best most effective information available from Top corporate Executives military teams, educational institutions speakers authors.

Chad [00:06:18] So it crosses industry. It's a really interesting cross-section of guests and then around that I've built a private. Facebook Community for guys looking to take it to the next level and then I know we'll talk today. But some of the other things I've got coming out now, I'm launching coaching courses and even some private coaching cool.

Michael [00:06:39] Yeah, I you know, I love I love the the backstory behind in. I love the why behind your work that often times when it comes to doing work with men. We can really just kind of be a cesspool of ourselves and just kind of continually work on ourselves and work. On ourselves and work on ourselves but there's no no Outlet.

Michael [00:07:00] I believe that every man. It's like a river. It's so instead of a just a pond that has no outlet that every man as he develops as a man. There should be a natural outlet and I believe the same thing that you said Michael that service is that outlet. I believe it's one of the reasons why we're made is to is to for me ultimately to serve God and serve others.

Michael [00:07:22] So I I can totally get behind that and that sounds it sounds very much like the Scripture my work too. So I've had that was kind of interesting.

Chad [00:07:30] Yeah, that's why I was excited to get a chance to talk to you and also learn more about about your endeavors, but I agree, you know, it's truly have come to believe everybody has some unique talent and some unique purpose and the most fulfilling thing we can do is uncover what that is and work in ways that that apply that in service to those around us.

Michael [00:07:53] Yeah right on. Yeah, my work is centered around for different. Ehlers and what I say is in the work that I do around is about an intellectual growth emotional growth spiritual growth in a relational growth. So in these four areas, they become pillars of which allow a man to serve into to sacrifice for others and do the things that a man should do.

Michael [00:08:19] So these four pillars that I have my work centered around again, it crosses streams as well. So some of you are so Your guest and I've listened to some of your podcast a matter of fact, it's been really helpful for me listening to your podcast and I was going to tell you this. I've actually it's something as simple as hydrating in the morning.

Michael [00:08:39] Want a part of my morning routine the ritual is I always hydrated with coffee cups of coffee and I was like, but it's actually dehydrating me. And before I have any coffee, I literally would drink about 16 ounces of water out of an algae and I always have it sitting in my study right next to my chair just to make sure that it's there and ready for me.

Michael [00:09:01] So in you kind of spurred that so

Chad [00:09:05] it's awesome. Yeah, there's no greater compliment and You know one knowing the people are tuning in and more importantly that it's all about being here to try to provide value. So I want to hear stories about somebody taking away some little nugget they were able to apply and help them out. I love to hear that. Thank you.

Michael [00:09:24] Yeah, absolutely. I mean from you know, just for my heart to because even starting the day with gratitude that's the other thing I was going to say is is that seems to be a continuing theme with with your work as well and just make sure that they were grateful and And start the day off

Chad [00:09:40] right and whatever, you know, if whatever

Michael [00:09:43] someone's morning ritual is I think that creating space to sit in silence and just to be aware and breathe and just start the day just being thankful for for for breath itself. You know that you have life that you have a purpose that you can go out and and do the things that that you're supposed to do on that day and these types of things that you have me thinking.

Michael [00:10:09] About so I do appreciate your work.

Chad [00:10:12] I appreciate that. Thanks for saying it and you know, one other thing I'll say about the back story is that I hope I never sound like I don't mean to come across as somebody who has it. All figured out. In fact, I talk another recurring theme I talk a lot about is is success as a product of failure.

Chad [00:10:34] Yes as a journey not a destination for point in time. And to you know to be transparent a lot of the things that I talked about on this show to try to help other guys with it's because I was never very good at them. I mean, these are things that I'm learning pretty late in life and that I wish I had picked up on earlier.

Chad [00:10:54] So I love to try to share him with others try sharing with my son and you know try to share from maybe what I've learned in Failure to apply a little differently in ways that can help us whatever point in life we pick up on them.

Michael [00:11:08] Yeah, it's that grow through adversity. I mean even even in that that's that's actually part of my story too. And that's ultimately the reason why I'm doing all this I've been working with men. I don't know for several years now 16 18 years kind of off and on and you know coaching mentoring whatever you want to call it.

Michael [00:11:30] I don't really get hung up on titles. I just say I work with men, but for me my my journey began and really the The new kind of man movement I would say it is heard from being raised in a broken home raised. My my mother left. I was raised by my dad and it was just my dad my brother and I for a little while and then he remarried and feeling like I was displaced and didn't have what it took to be a man and it was through a lot of work and healing on my part that actually allowed me then to see the world for what it is and to be inspired.

Michael [00:12:07] Fire to help other men, so that's that grow through adversity. It's interesting how adversity can bring itself around and it's just a multitude of different ways that life will render adversity and we have to choose to either grow by it or you know crumble from it.

Chad [00:12:26] Yeah for sure. I've had a few guests on who have some amazing stories of hardship who who talked about how the the negative has equal and opposite. Positive reactions in our lives at some point, you know if we're open to seeing it and we embrace it. But yeah man Kudos on your on your story and taking your background and applying it to help others and you know, as far as the pillars I know we'll get into some of this at least for me and I think for a lot of guys tuning into some of the softer skills the emotions the transparency the openness is something that doesn't come.

Chad [00:13:04] Naturally they can be very harder, too. To embrace her open up to but I think the story you just told demonstrates the power of doing that and figuring out again we go back to service right? How can it not only if you make me better, but how does it serve others?

Michael [00:13:21] Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, I want us to kind of get rolling here into what I call the Fast Five if we could and I know that you're you're a fitness guy, so you're most likely very conscious of what you eat. But

Chad [00:13:37] I know

Michael [00:13:37] that every person has a little guilty pleasure food that they crave. What would be your guilty

Chad [00:13:45] food pleasure. Sure. Yeah the Fast Five. I love it. Yeah, absolutely. I mean a lot and I think I've talked about some of this I do try to do a lot of paleo Kido. But yeah, hey look my mom's family is Italian so I got to say pasta. There's a guilty pleasure.

Michael [00:14:06] Yeah. Oh man carbs for days for sure. They're great until like an hour and a half later and then the crash right? Yep. So what what song or artist is on your workout

Chad [00:14:21] playlist? And I've got such a crazy variety on there from from rap hip-hop and country rock blues you name it, but I think if you pulled any playlist off my off my phone, there's they're sure to be Some Guns and Roses on there. Oh,

Michael [00:14:40] really? A little old school, huh

Chad [00:14:43] old school take it all the way back out of mine

Michael [00:14:46] Paradise City back in those

Chad [00:14:47] days all the way back to Appetite for Destruction you

Michael [00:14:50] go man back to my back to my youth or not my youth really my time. I think in high school.

Chad [00:14:57] So I think that one that one dropped when I was in high

Michael [00:14:59] school nice, how old are you anyway?

Chad [00:15:03] I just turned 48 so I graduate high school and 89.

Michael [00:15:06] Okay, cool. Yeah, I'm 45. So right in the same same timeframe, well third question. What is your favorite dude movie? I mean everybody has a dude movie that they like which one do you gravitate toward?

Chad [00:15:21] That's tough to pick one. But I think especially it's getting to be winter. I'm out here in California. We've got a great dump of snow up in the mountains last week and it's going to be snowboarding season so hot tub time machine that one's on the annual dude movie

Michael [00:15:37] playlist. Tub Time Machine

Chad [00:15:41] the first one the first one. The second one is

Michael [00:15:42] atrocious appreciate the heads up on that. Oh, that's cool. So if you could if you could Apprentice under anyone. Who would it be?

Chad [00:15:55] That's a that's a tough one. I know you threw me a few of these questions. I was thinking about this one and I was originally thinking about so some of those softer skills, you know, and somebody that maybe I could I could learn from and that sense and that was probably what I ought to do, but then you know book and an author and since we're kind of talking about men here popped on my radar a day or two ago and I gotta say like a guy that would be so cool to hang out.

Chad [00:16:25] Would be Ernest Hemingway. Hmm. That is a man's man. Right? Let's let's go smoke some cigars have some whiskey hand Cuba go to bullfights vehicle due to work for a little bit

Michael [00:16:38] be an interesting ride. That's for

Chad [00:16:39] sure for sure.

Michael [00:16:41] So here's here's really the I think that probably the most tension-filled question for a

Chad [00:16:45] lot of people it's a

Michael [00:16:47] lot of people when they're about to order pizza. Anyway should

Chad [00:16:49] pineapple Beyond pizza or not. That is it. That is a stressful question. You know, the one point I would have said no way but look, although we're talking about men and manhood and being as being of service as men and fathers. And in that role I said it on my very first podcast one of my greatest teachers has been my wife and my wife loves a good Hawaiian pizza.

Chad [00:17:18] So I have you know, she's helped me grow in a lot of ways and I will say she has opened my mind to Pete's Pineapple but you got to balance out with something Savory. All right. So throw some some salty mushrooms or jalapeno. There's something on there to balance out the sweetness. So I'll say yes.

Michael [00:17:38] There you go. Alright, it should be on PC. You heard it people you heard it. You're Michael from a man of Mastery said the pineapple should be on pizza. So it's all good. Exactly Hawaiian pizza. Just tear it up

Chad [00:17:51] tear it up. All right,

Michael [00:17:53] so let's let's get into some Questions that will sperm in to become stronger if we can and I was I was wondering this question. What does it take? What does it mean to become a man of

Chad [00:18:06] mastery? Yeah, good one, you know somebody somebody asked me that recently and I would say the first thing is let's not take it too seriously or take ourselves too. Seriously, and I did come up with the name as a little bit of a tongue-in-cheek, but I would say what it what it really is about is if we go back to for me that that it's not about success as a destination or Final point in time.

Chad [00:18:38] It's usually all about the journey and I got inspired by a book on Mastery which talks about it's really about the the two steps forward one step back and the plateaus and the focus on all the little things. So I'm a big believer in the the little things compounding into big results in life.

Chad [00:19:01] So when I created this thing this idea of being a man of ash-tree we were all meant Mastering right whether we're idling right now and need a little bit of a wake-up call, you know, or were Meandering and we need some some some guidance. We're all starting wherever we are and just starting to take action is the most important thing.

Chad [00:19:23] So, you know, I don't I don't purport to be some Guru sitting on a Mountaintop kind of going like hey, you know, come on up I figured it all out, you know, maybe I'm maybe I'm a step ahead or a day ahead or a month ahead of you on the path, but we're all on the same path. And so I look at this is a way that you know with what you're doing with your mission what I'm doing can bring guys together and we can all we can all share with each other.

Chad [00:19:49] Yeah, we're from each other as we develop as man as humans again as fathers Sons husbands in service to again that that sort of Greater purpose and what our unique value is to the world.

Michael [00:20:03] Yeah, that's gold. Yeah, I wrestled with this. Lee I believe that I've been connected with you through Instagram probably since I began a new kind of man on the Instagram and I was challenged with a man of Mastery Mastery and I just kind of I've been wrestling with it and I've come to terms with it, but I just going back and because I think people can get into into extremes where no it's just Mastery where I become the master of this thing and then and then life I think the logical conclusion that people draw as well.

Michael [00:20:40] I'm the master. I can relax now. Hmm. So I've mastered it, right so so I've you know now I'm the now I'm the wise Sage you never has to work on this again. And now I can sit, you know sit in the Ivory Tower Soldier speaking. Everybody can come and sit at my feet or whatever and I love how you explain that because that's not it

Chad [00:21:01] at all. Not at all. So sure a little anecdote if you haven't heard this particular. Said that I recorded probably back in September with a guy named Greg amundsen is a crossfitter and he's done a bunch of amazing stuff career-wise. And and now he is in the Seminary. He had seen him speak and I asked him to recount the story.

Chad [00:21:24] He says true story about a martial arts master who's getting on late in life and he gathers together all these top, you know, black belts and instructors from Come from all over the world and it's going to be like his last teaching session of his career and his life. And so they're expecting him to impart some wisdom.

Chad [00:21:45] Right? Like if anybody has a master is this guy right? It's up in front of the group and he starts practicing this movement which apparently is this blocking movement or something that you learn in like day one of his art and he's doing it he's doing it. He's watching himself doing it and and he says, I think I'm finally starting to get it right.

Chad [00:22:12] So so here's a guy with a lifetime of pursuing this art and is seen as the top and the World by far on may be the last day of his career looks back on the first day of his career and is still working on it.

Michael [00:22:28] Yeah, that's fantastic. Wow. Yeah, that's a that's humbling to you know, if somebody if a man listening and you think I've got it together and I've mastered this thing and I mean it's at that. I mean if somebody gets in that posture, of course then you know, it's it begins to been become ego speak and it's pride and all of the things that are really corrosive to to themselves and their relationships and then there again, you won't be able to serve them.

Michael [00:22:57] Well because you're so busy trying to serve yourself as what Pride As is kind of it creates that that inward Loop, but what I love about that is there's no room for Pride. It says no. No, I'm just now starting to get it when everybody else thought it was like no no. No, you got this a long time ago. You're the master he fries. Oh, it's humbling.

Chad [00:23:19] It's super humbling. And I think you know maybe part of the challenge in this is the analogy or maybe our Western way of thinking which is very linear. Is it is it a path with a start and an end? But this I think the whole journey is very much cyclical and evolutionary, you know yet always kind of come back to the start and do it again and get better the second time the third time.

Michael [00:23:45] Yeah, I absolutely agree. So I struggle with with perfectionism. I just do I struggle with it in many areas of my life. I've been stalled out in many areas of my life because I could make it perfect and I didn't want to you know, just kind of Put something out there that I knew that could be better.

Michael [00:24:08] So I would always hide and say well it's just, you know, it's just not good enough for excellence in everything, which is a core value of mine. But yet what I really was saying is it needs to be perfect. And so how does Mastery differ from Perfection?

Chad [00:24:25] That's a great question. Well, you know, I'll quit one friend who said that 80% is perfection. So I think that that puts it in some perspective. Yeah, but but maybe the way I think about it and I have the same tendency. Look I one of my degrees is in engineering so and another is in economics.

Chad [00:24:46] So these are these are things we think to be sciences and we think to be exact so I totally get by my nature the desire to to aim for perfection. And you know, I think you probably do it and I think I probably do it in not as an ego thing. But again in service to I want this to be the best quality product that I can put out.

Chad [00:25:10] Absolutely. I think one thing maybe I would hit on and I go back to kind of my premise is is just start wherever you are and finally is to take action even in the simplest little thing. So for me this this concept of a Mastery journey is about Out taking steps. It's about taking action. Whereas I think the pursuit of perfection or the idea of perfection can be so overwhelming that it tends to be paralyzing and it's kind of the opposite of action.

Chad [00:25:41] Yeah.

Michael [00:25:42] Yeah. I can definitely say that. I mean that's been part of my story is analysis paralysis is what I

Chad [00:25:48] call it. Yep. Exactly.

Michael [00:25:49] It's just looking looking at it and from you know, I look at it from you know, 350 degrees, but Yet I still have 20 more and then it'll be perfect. You know instead of just saying No, this is the best thing and just go from the gut and do what I know I need to do so what has been what's been one of the hardest things for you to master like in your journey as a man wonder what have been some some great challenges that you've had a difficulty in mastering your seek to seek Mastery

Chad [00:26:22] all of it. Yeah. I got a long way to go man asked me to give him five. Years or yeah, yeah, like like the rest of us and and I would say, you know, I I feel like I'm just a student. I like to learn and share what I learned with others, but you know, I have some ideas of pillars as well and material I've laid out and we may talk a little bit about this.

Chad [00:26:49] But I'm I'm a I'm going through a coaching certification right now in with somebody who kind of brought me too. Some of these Concepts and they break it down a little differently than you do but they do talk about the emotional genre the intuitional genre and I think for me is a guy I and again I go back to being steeped in kind of the Sciences.

Chad [00:27:16] I've always been very fact-based very, you know in my head and not as in tune to some of the the heart based emotions or My gut, you know, I've been I've made some bad probably life and business decisions about ignoring gut feeling so I'll give you a little bit more of what I'm alluding to with the coach and training and this kind of goes to some of the back story as well.

Chad [00:27:44] And it also Embraces. This is principal of being transparent about failure and about about weakness. So on my website talk about some of my personal challenges with some crippling back injuries and surgery. I had and trying to come back from all that physically but physically the physical area is something that I think a lot of guys have a comfort level.

Chad [00:28:09] I won't say it's easy but have a comfort level and focusing on you go like okay. I want to make some changes in my life. I'm gonna get back to the gym. I think it out and running to go hike or whatever right physical kind of comes naturally well to share a story. I'm not sure I've shared very frequently one of the other things that led me down this path. Path and you know, it's kind of the universe works in weird ways.

Chad [00:28:31] Sometimes you don't really know how these things conspire or Worlds Collide for about four years ago a little more than four years ago. So I did I also talked a lot about stuff. I've been doing its part in racing which is a great metaphor for a lot of things. I did my first Spartan Race some friends talked me into it. It was out here Inland a little North of San Diego.

Chad [00:28:53] It's a very dry Dusty sort of area so You're out there just you know running around for me for a couple hours suck in this dust into your your sinuses your nose your lungs and the next day or the day after I did jump on a flight from work and fly across country and it turned out it was going to be like a three-hour flight in a little Regional Jet. I

Chad [00:29:18] had no idea was a Regional Jet. I'm like six five. I don't do well on on this little tiny little seat on a tiny little plane, right and I sat at down a flown those planes a million times, but I sat down on that particular day the way I was feeling after that race with my just my sinuses lungs everything the way they were feeling I sat and I felt like I couldn't breathe and I had you know, I don't know what the clinical term is an anxiety attack.

Chad [00:29:45] I don't know what but I was like I was that guy like where I stood up and I was like guys open the door. I'm getting off this plane and I'm doing my goodness I was playing and I just I went looking for You know, I felt weak. I felt broken. I felt like something was wrong. They like what just happened and by the way, like if I have to travel for my livelihood, how's this going to go down?

Chad [00:30:08] Yeah, and I think I just started Googling for I don't know what you know mental toughness or something and I found this guy here in San Diego who is a retired Naval seal Commander Mark Divine and he has this book called unbeatable mind that I picked up and it it's It's about you can't pillars like on pillars he calls them mounts the five mountains and and what he calls the emotional mountain and intuitional Mountain those of those have been things that have taken me a lot of time to work on and believe me. I

Chad [00:30:43] think I'm just starting that that Journey towards understanding and better embracing controlling my emotions getting better in tune to my intuition how to apply that in my life. That was a long answer. But yeah intuition and an emotional control.

Michael [00:31:02] Yeah. Yeah. I actually recently I have never read the unbeatable mine, but I read the way the seal and finished it. I don't know couple months ago really good book. I did see a lot of you know, like crossovers from his work to mine. Mine is you know, its it is a Christian way of looking at it where his becomes not Christian but spiritual and in some ways but yet I've adapted some of the same things that he's talked about.

Michael [00:31:33] So I definitely see some value in his work and the perspective I love the visualization part of things and I believe you've talked about this in your podcast to just visualizing the goal instead of getting caught up in what you're doing and in pursuing that said, yeah, he's had several different things have been helpful for me.

Michael [00:31:54] So I do appreciate that. I'm sure we'll probably get into maybe some more. That too because I know that's it. That's a big part of where you're going through your coaching and stuff. So I'm interested to jump into some of that. Okay, so, you know, mine said has become a very popular word these days. It seems like everybody's hashtag mindset hashtag, you know, whatever just different things around mindset.

Michael [00:32:19] So but but there's still there is value in it. So I don't want to displace it just because it's popular but what kind of mindset does it man? Need to reach

Chad [00:32:29] mastery. Yeah, I'll pull out my kind of my tagline again of having a growth mindset, you know, not not being willing to not being willing to abide by staying in one place being idle being being complacent and I mentioned a couple minutes ago Spartan Racing and how impactful it's been in my life and and and with my son and not just because we share a sport the The guy who founded it Joe de Sena wrote a book and and I think the philosophy is in his book and what he's trying to do in creating a an athletic event are very similar to an author.

Chad [00:33:18] I like a lot Ryan holiday who has a book called The obstacle is the way and and so these obstacles become a bit of a metaphor for life. So I give you a quick example on this and this kind of talks about this sort of mindset. Set of being willing to not only expect obstacles but embrace them because ultimately they make us better, you know being willing to attack them and find out what you learned from it whether you get over it, you know bounce off of it go around it, whatever it is.

Chad [00:33:49] So recently I had a buddy go. Hey, I'll do one of these races with you. In fact, I was going to do two of them back to back Saturday and Sunday about 13 miles each and this guy had never run more than 10 kilometers six. At a time of life and so you came out here thinking like, you know, I got this and I'm going to blow this thing away.

Chad [00:34:11] And and we you know, we finished both of them, but we ended up doing very slowly ended up getting some some issues with like an IT band or a knee or something that we're we just accumulation of some some distance and some stuff that he hadn't built up to and train for but the interesting thing was not the physicality of it.

Chad [00:34:34] But the emotional stuff he was going through during it. So I was kind of looking around he started getting really hard on himself like how to be better at this or I should we kill him this or you know, I'm only going to do, you know only going to do these, you know hardcore from now on or or even like starting to compare himself to other people, who knows. How's that guy or girl doing this and I can't instead of and I think it took him a few days and he finally kind of sunk into you know, it's not about anybody else.

Chad [00:35:02] It's kind of it's about what I got out of And what you know what level I was at and what that means for, you know my journey or my you know, what maybe I want to work on. So, you know, we talked about mindset and particularly a growth mindset. I guess. I'll say two things.

Chad [00:35:21] So one is I would say don't you know don't compare yourself to drastically to other people so they spend time on social media or whatever. Ever it is, you know, it's really just gonna it's potentially a paralyzing connect to the analysis paralysis. I would say, you know, when you set goals when you look at objectives, when you look at progress, you've really got to compare yourself only to yourself.

Chad [00:35:49] Yes, and I guess the other thing I would say about mindset and I'll go back to my own education here and and yeah things that maybe I'm learning that I wish I'd known earlier is is I talked a little bit recently got a podcast about about metacognition about thinking about thinking yes and starting to become aware maybe through some of those things.

Chad [00:36:13] We talked about like time and silence and morning routine starting to to be aware of what thoughts are cranking through your crazy brain from a mindset perspective starting to have some objective view of how you're thinking and how you're thinking affects everything around you whether it's your relationship.

Chad [00:36:34] Ships whether it's your physiology so that that's another element of mindset as well.

Michael [00:36:40] Yeah, that that is something else that I wanted to talk about the the thinking about your thinking that is man that has been something for me. I'm back. I'm back into running and trying to build up more mileage. I broke my foot. I don't know. It's probably in four months ago.

Michael [00:37:00] So I'm just I've been cleared by the doctor, but now I'm just trying to get back.

Chad [00:37:04] Came in

Michael [00:37:05] slow the kind of build two miles up, but it's difficult. You know, they're just paying attention to what I'm thinking even in the middle of a run in a distance that may not even be that as it may it's not even that long. It's only a couple miles but yet it's just that you know that not just the time of not running and now I'm trying to run again and then you know, your mind is like, oh, well your knee hurts just slow down or why don't you just walk or you're tired?

Michael [00:37:33] It's okay. You're tired. You haven't been in this like you all these things that just become so corrosive your mind. And now I'm trying to be aware of this thinking and I did this just the other day to where I was like, yeah my knee hurts, but it's not going to hurt. It's going to feel really good when I hit the Finish Line when I finish this run, I'm going to feel really good about overcoming this moment right here.

Michael [00:37:58] And so it just kind of capturing those thoughts and then surrendering those thoughts to something positive and that is a big part of the growth mindset to have that sure

Chad [00:38:09] is that's awesome. Sorry to hear about the foot but that is great the way you attack that.

Michael [00:38:15] Yeah, I try to and if I could only apply that in every aspect of my life, I'd be fantastic. I went with the low-hanging fruit. So we're not going to talk about the ones no, no, I'm not excelling in right.

Chad [00:38:27] Well, we've got 4 episode 2.

Michael [00:38:29] Yeah. Yeah, we just don't have enough time today guys. So we'll get to that eventually so, you know, I know you talked about your you morning routine or your ritual and I know that Mark Divine he talks about that at length as well in again. I've adapted some of those things and I'm trying to incorporate those into my life.

Michael [00:38:50] So and I know that the guys listening would want the same thing. So what types of things have you added into your morning and Ritual and why?

Chad [00:38:59] Sure. Yeah, we let's start with the morning because that's that is sort of the start of the day. You mentioned hydration. I I've got water sitting by the bed. So I try to crank down a good bit of that as soon as I get up and we sleep we breathe or spelling paper. So we really do wake up somewhat dehydrated.

Chad [00:39:21] You can see if you jump on your scale at night and then the morning so that's a that's a great way to start, you know, a lot of us want to just We got such a busy day plan. So we want to just get after it and and jump right out of bed jump right to to the phone to see what's going on to the kids. So whatever you build into it and you mentioned a few things that I've built in around breathing around journaling or gratitude.

Chad [00:39:50] I think it's important to try to get those all in some form. So ideally I would say you get up early enough that you can you can leave yourself some time. Time for those things maybe also some movement. So for myself with the back issues I've had in the past and just getting yes how old I am. I usually just a damn near 50.

Chad [00:40:10] I like to do a present. Yeah exactly. I've got like a little bit of a yoga routine that I go through to just try to get like the blood flowing and it's amazing how much different I feel if I do take the time to not turn on the cell phone and not like turn on the Wi-Fi on the phone just Set aside it's been a few minutes of a breathing exercise spend some time.

Chad [00:40:36] As you mentioned just being grateful. What am I grateful for today? And and what I try to ask myself, you know, what's the one thing or might be one or two things that I absolutely need to do today the move the ball on on my my greater purpose my greater Mission and there's a million tactical things.

Chad [00:40:57] We do as a million. People one-on-one or time for something. But what's one thing I can do today that even by a little bit, you know moves me forward to the bigger picture to start the day with with that and you know for me, you know, it can collapse or can expand so this could be if I have a lot of time.

Chad [00:41:19] Yeah, this could be anywhere from half an hour to an hour and a half. But if it's if it's Ultra compressed, I'll do you know. He might happen, you know in the shower or sitting in the bathroom, right and and the movement might be sort of a minute or two instead of 20 or 25 minutes.

Chad [00:41:41] Just something consistently to try to get my head right going into the day and and yeah there are days where I miss it. I skip it but being aware of it now, I realize like how big of a difference it makes and then just the couple of the things I would add to that is. You know, whether whether you get it done or not, you still use the same tools during the day?

Chad [00:42:05] Yes, you know if we talk more about things like a calming breathing exercise and that being, you know, you're guideposts in a storm type of thing. Yeah, if you're getting getting pissed off in traffic or you know, you get upset with somebody at work or just stressed out going into a phone call or anxious about something you can go back to those things during the day or you know, Rock out knock out a couple push-ups or something.

Chad [00:42:34] Just just bring you to the body or the Mind back to those places intraday. It's is a super powerful practice. And then the evening routine is really just kind of the bookend to quiet the Mind before you go to bed. So I think a lot of people have that experience of either having trouble falling asleep or you fall asleep, but you don't feel like you are you know, your mind is racing about the vs do or you wake up thinking about this thing.

Chad [00:43:01] So if you do spend some time, you know where you've gotten off the TV screen the phone screens or whatever and give your body a chance to wind down maybe read maybe journal to do the dude, maybe some gratitude practice at night. Ideally if you can do those things and you can write down a bit of what your plan is for tomorrow.

Chad [00:43:22] I feel like getting that on paper allows my mind to let go of it and just let me just let me Relax for the night. But at a minimum what I'll say is so I'm personally I'm a lot better at the morning routine that I am at the evening routine. But the one thing that I try to keep in mind about my evening routine is that it sets up my morning routine.

Chad [00:43:44] So even if I just get to bed on time then I'm TDOT to get up early and attack tomorrow morning, whereas, you know, if I fall into the Netflix couch lock trap and I'm up till midnight watching some some crap series then as Nothing to do with routine. I just failed on the bed time and my morning routine is going to sell and if

Michael [00:44:04] you had to finish that season man, I totally

Chad [00:44:06] understand every time it's probably the second time. I washed

Michael [00:44:08] it. Yeah, I was actually going to talk to you about the the midday thing as well. I've found it very helpful of even if you know, you know that you're going to have whether it's a meeting or whether it's you're going to walk into something that you know, that could be full

Chad [00:44:25] of

Michael [00:44:26] energy or you're maybe just a little bit of If it's difficult conversation or just sensing and feeling some anxiety, it's good to just leave yourself enough margin before you go into the space to sit and to breathe fill your body with oxygen. It's going to it's going to wake up to the rest of you. You could calm your emotions.

Michael [00:44:48] The anxiety has a way of going away, you know for me I sit and I'll breathe and then the breathing actually allows me just the ability to open up and prayer is what it does for me rather than just shotgunning it in. So it just slowing all of my mind and my body and I can literally, you know when you do it and you know this because you're more experienced at it than I am but you can literally feel your body release that tension because you're breathing is under control and in just your body will naturally release that and with me I usually hold all that tension.

Michael [00:45:29] Up, like in my chest area. So that's that's when I can I can feel it release. So it's it's really helpful.

Chad [00:45:37] Yeah. I'm right there with you. I think I care a lot my back. Maybe that's where my back issues come from. A lot of guys probably do but it's a real thing. I don't know if I believed it before but I'm gonna believe her now. It really can have not only a calming mental effect, but it's got a physical physical release as well and it just since since you mentioned it on, you know on the spiritual side.

Chad [00:45:59] Of things we're talking about morning evening rituals. You know, I talk about things like gratitude for me. I might be forming some certain questions around gratitude may be in journaling it but if other people that that same practice is embodied in prayer as talking about Patrick antonucci about down in his podcast. So, you know, it takes it takes different shapes, but I think the point is to kind of get your head right at the start and the end of each day and it makes for a pretty powerful practice

Michael [00:46:29] Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, it's it, you know my morning ritual I get up and pretty disciplined with this but I'll get up and just kind of sit in my study sometimes with the light on sometimes with the light off and just sit for who knows.

Michael [00:46:49] I mean minutes and just again grateful for the day kind of, you know, waking me up to everything and then I'll settle in. Once I spent time in that I really don't get any movements in. I don't really I don't stretch your do those things. I probably ought to add that into my routine, but then I make a transition to sit in the in my chair and that's where my water is.

Michael [00:47:13] So I'll you know just kind of slow mode the whole thing. Drink some water coffee's already made. So that's one of my incentives to get

Chad [00:47:21] up is is

Michael [00:47:24] I can smell the coffee going through, you know Brewing so it's See the house. This is a little internal motivator for me. And so I can go in and I can get some coffee and just kind of sit in my chair drink my drink my water, you know do that maybe spend some more time in prayer, you know go through a devotion or something maybe on a nap or something in the Bible itself and just kind of take that time and then roll into everything else.

Michael [00:47:56] I'm going to do throughout the day and then my the evening ritual I don't really have one. There are times where I will do some form of the ignatian prayer, which I'm not going to go into the details of that. But but sometimes I'll do that in the evening or my wife and I will pray and but I'll read I do a lottery I read under a red light all the way up till the time I go to bed.

Michael [00:48:24] I typically do that about every night. I get about 30 minutes to an hour's worth of reading. You know after after everybody goes to bed and I'm sitting there and that's that's good for me. I can unwind and it doesn t seem to keep me awake either. So I I've held that as part of my ritual for 4 years

Chad [00:48:44] now. That's also white a Lord. Let me ask it so it sounds like you not to diminish that evening routine by any means. I know we all probably need to read more and that's a great time to do it the wind down. But if you if you get interrupted or something happens with your morning routine you do you notice a difference in your day.

Michael [00:49:08] You know, I would say right now in this season. It doesn't because you know much of much. I don't know who the who the quote is from but in this is a loose quote but it says who a man really is is how he how he reacts to interruptions.

Michael [00:49:34] So who a man is who a man is is how he reacts to interruptions. So for me, I am trying to be conscious, you know, I've got my daughter who is 16 still lives in the house.

Michael [00:49:54] My wife is here. They live here, you know this head this isn't just this my space. So if it if it's interrupted, I'm not always the cheeriest person but my day is it I do have some allowances for those types of things in real. I think that I'm not the only one here.

Michael [00:50:15] So I you know, it's my routine but everybody else has a routine to so sometimes my routine has to revolve around what the family routine is.

Chad [00:50:26] The that's great perspective as a great reminder.

Michael [00:50:31] Okay, closing out with morning routine evening routine. And even midday routine is a great place to break. In fact, it brings us to about mid episode next week. We'll are the other half. It's about another 40 45 minutes with Chad. I'm sure he and I could have gone on for a long long time and will certainly do another one of these in the future in the interim.

Michael [00:50:53] I would definitely encourage you track Chad down check out on social media a new kind of man. Instagram and Facebook, for example check out the podcast you can find it on Apple podcasts Spotify all your major platforms and hear or read a bit more of Chad story and more about him at be a new man.com the website I will put links to all those things in the show notes for this episode, which you can find at my website man of Mastery.com / 0:34.

Michael [00:51:31] So with that, let me wish everyone a very very Merry Christmas be safe. I've happy holiday next week. We'll be back with part to the conclusion of the talk with Chad zook from a new kind of man podcast and the week after that. I think what you're going to get as we roll into New Year's is a very appropriate look at a new book that releases here in q1, but I've got an early look at it for a pre read and review that I'd like to take you through its as with Episode it's great thought for closing out a year and not necessarily using that artificial barrier, but using the time as an opportunity to think about where we are where we're going and what we have in mind for tomorrow for next week for 2020 and Beyond.

Michael [00:52:18] Alright guys. Thanks again for being here. I just super appreciate it. I really appreciate your time and your interest hopefully you're learning from this and if you are and you enjoy it the the greatest gift that you could give. Is is really to refer somebody else. So if you think this information would be helpful valuable interesting than pass it along, you know, give it give it to a buddy.

Michael [00:52:41] I'd love to hear from them hear from you how it's made an impact how it's helping you maybe the Nuggets you've taken away and the things you'd like to hear more about. All right. So with that again Merry Christmas and we'll see you next week.