“Going and serving people in a way where you’re not getting anything in return – there’s something special about that”

– Chad Zueck

Chad Zueck is the founder of A New Kind of Man podcast and community. We reconnect in Part 2 of this episode to explore the 4 Pillars underlying the mentoring and coaching that Chad offers his tribe and now more broadly through the launch of his new podcast. Timed with wrapping up 2019, we take the opportunity to cover the importance of big, scary goals and share a few of ours from the years past and upcoming. In talking about goals and growth, Chad shares more about each of his pillars and how hiding in our strengths can neglect other developmental needs, ultimately undermining pursuit of purpose and meaning.

“It’s my routine, but everyone else has a routine too. Sometimes my routine has to revolve around the family routine instead.

– Chad Zueck


Chad and Marla have been married for 25 years, and they have two kids, Austin, 23, and Gracie, 16.

Chad grew up in rural Illinois before going into the Navy at 18. He spent four years in active duty and was forward deployed for much of that time. He worked on F/A-18 aircraft onboard two different aircraft carriers. His time in service gave him the opportunity to explore different parts of the world.

He and his wife went to Southern Illinois University where they finished bachelors degrees and headed off into the workforce. Chad worked in the aviation industry for years until he went through a complete change of course. For the last 14 years he has been in full time vocational ministry. Since then, Chad has finished a masters degree and continues to learn by being an avid reader, practitioner and carnivore of useful wisdom. Chad loves the outdoors, sports and good coffee. They currently reside in Dublin, Georgia.

Chad founded A New Kind of Man in 2018. His long journey into manhood and his study of masculinity began after the birth of his son decades ago. His own limitations led him to exploring the bible and other men from history to find better examples of what it means to be a man.

Chad Zueck, Founder of A New Kind of Man, is an avid fan of good coffee and hiking. If he isn’t holding down the fort in Dublin, Chad may be lost on a trail somewhere around Georgia (literally… he has a habit of that).


  • Big, scary goals for 2020
  • Father-son time in nature
  • Crucibles sought out or presented to us
  • Intellectual growth outside the comfort zone
  • Approaching emotional & relational growth
  • The couch is way too comfortable
  • Taking action, not expecting perfection
  • Hiding in our strengths
  • Shock the system to get unstuck
  • Purpose & meaning in the 4 pillars


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Speaker 3 (0s): Emotionally, it's more through questions a question that the rolls around in my mind when you're standing before so may just ask yourself. What do they require of me? So like what do they require of me right now and to sit in it and it's not a matter of fixing the person it's just answering the question. What do they need? You know, sometimes they need, you know, 3z three easy steps. Sometimes they just need three easy minutes. Man of Mastery podcast episode 35 part 2 with Chad's cook. Welcome back to the show where we are exploring actionable ways to restructure our mindset and compound common actions into remarkable results. The mission here is to learn from the success and failures of men and women applying this concept of Mastery and it's lifelong journey to many different areas of life related to growth in all areas of life today. Chad talks to us about his four pillars concept. It's a great reminder that we tend to hide in our strengths and neglect. Weaknesses we do that we can overweight get out of balance and ultimately it undermines and affects all areas of life our pursuit of meaning purpose and impedes that growth is a great time to think about that in context of moving through the last bit of 2019 into 2020. So as you think about goals for 2020 and really accelerating into the new year, here's a reminder about an event coming up in June called relentless. V this is something we heard about from Laval Saint-Germain and Patrick Sweeney the fear Guru John Kane and his team at Relentless MV put on this event for people who are really dedicated to the pursuit of self improvement and growth right up our alley the other thing that sounds pretty interesting about. This one is it's a little different maybe growth contacts to what I've done this year and what I've talked about pretty often. This one's set in Martha's Vineyard. So this isn't rolling around in the mud and an Right boot camp. This is an intimate setting to learn from some of the most inspiring Minds in the world and then kick back in the evening with a dinner reception. So as far as I know Patrick Sweeney is on tap to be there again this year perhaps Laval again and John and the Relentless team have just announced Ryan holiday as a keynote for 2020 you may know Ryan as the author of ego is the enemy obstacle is the way and his latest Stillness is the key. And John and the Relentless MV team organized a 20% group discount for man of Mastery as a community friends family. Anybody who wants to take advantage of that just get in touch with them at Relentless MV.com with Ryan holiday added as a keynote this one sure to sell out so jump in there fast join Patrick screaming the fear Guru Ryan holiday and me in Martha's Vineyard June 2020 Relentless MV. Are guys with that being said let's jump into episode 35 with Chad's shook the four pillars intellectual physical spiritual and relational growth, you know, I was listening to one of your podcast the Gratitude and gravy podcast that released around Thanksgiving and you had mentioned be hags and big hairy audacious goals. What are some what are some goals that you have for

Speaker 1 (224s): 2020? It's an interesting why I've got I'm a big believer in trying to set scary goals. And even better when you have some kind of forum like this to just make them public and use that as a way to hold yourself accountable or throw on Facebook. You tell your family friends, whatever it is. I would say a couple things. So one is I've had I mean, I just had a very very very fortunate year and I've had a great opportunity to do some really fun stuff. There's some stuff that I went out to do that just for one reason or another can can happen or didn't happen the way we imagine maybe happened even better other ways. So I'll pick one which is in the summer my son and I went with a group and the intention was to camp and spend some time in the mountains for a week and to hike to the summit of Mount Whitney, which is the tallest peak in the lower 48. So it's done as an out and back day. Hi. Hike, it is quite a long way. I think it's 22 miles and it goes up to over 14,000 feet. So it was going to be a fairly audacious goal, especially with you know, with an eleven-year-old until with the amount of snow, California got last winter. We want to be as far as we could. I don't know maybe 10,500 feet and that was it have you know, people were going up past that with crampons ice axe stuff like that. So we want as far as we could. Could make a run at the summit. So that's back on the list for 2020 for sure. But nonetheless we had an amazing time just unplugging and turned out to be a bit of a talk kind of about manhood sort of a rite of passage event for my son. So it turned out to be amazing in ways that they didn't anticipate I'd love to go back and go after that particular goal this year. And so that one to me in bodies some some physical stuff it embodies. Better than nature and the spirituality of that and a lot of things, you know more than just hey, I want to take this Summit off my list. But the other thing I'd say is I go back to my statement that the Physical Realm is probably a comfortable place for a lot of guys to focus, right? You know, I'd like to lean back into some other areas that are not as comfortable for me sort of embrace the discomfort not to say that the a service Is uncomfortable to me, but it's probably just one that I have not focused on as much in the past. I think it did mention that I spent some time in 2018 and a bit of 2019 doing burpees to raise money and awareness for the courage foundation and their burpees for vets. This is for vets with PTSD. So I'm become at about 21,000 burpees. Which for me seems pretty good. I mean, there's some guys that are into the hundreds of thousands now, Now that are in the same career people doing it, but that I mean that's just it's just super powerful to have a reason like that that you're going after something or even as simple as my wife and my son and I recently went and packed meals at the local food bank that it's great people in need. So things like that are just so rewarding that I think I often get caught up in so much of this other stuff, you know, big goals big trips big Yeah, big big mountains and things like that that just bring it back to the simple local service oriented things that are so rewarding and hopefully important to other people as well. So yeah do some of that in 2020 for sure.

Speaker 3 (449s): That's awesome. Yeah in say kudos to you. I know that you going out and doing the races with your son. That's a big deal and man. He's going to remember that forever. And I think it's fantastic and and it sounds like he's on the track to surpass. Is anything you're doing to these if he's doing what he's doing it 11 going to the is it worlds or the Nationals for Spartan?

Speaker 1 (475s): Yeah for sure. He's way ahead of me but not about it. I'm happy to admit it. I think his parents that's kind of goal. Anyway, but yeah this this coming I don't know one. Will Air this but here in December he is. He's qualified for the Spartan Kids World Championship and it run they split it up now, I runs. For him the 1011 age category. So he's he's at the old round of 11. He's been training hard. He went out there and got crushed last year. So he's used that to fuel himself and work on his work on his physical training work on his mindset training and and he's ready. So we'll see how it goes.

Speaker 3 (515s): Now. That's great. He's gonna do he's gonna do awesome and he's got a good training partner to so you guys are both going to kill it. It's gonna be

Speaker 1 (522s): awesome. So

Speaker 3 (524s): yeah, you know you Talking about service and that it's interesting how sometimes in life we need to go out and look for opportunities to serve and then sometimes opportunities just stares right in the face. And you know, we saw some of the same opportunities that you have and going out and you know serving people and who you know in a way that's that you're not going to get anything in return. There's just some really special about that and so my wife had kidney Disease a few years ago and she ended up going on dialysis and doing all of that. So that was one of those instances where I was put in a situation to where you know, the opportunity gave me it was presented to me meaning, you know caring for her and doing the things around the house that she couldn't do and and to chip in to do honestly anything. So sometimes we have to go out and find ways to serve and sometimes life just presents the naturally and I'm thankful that she's not on dialysis anymore. She had a kidney transplant. She's doing fantastic and you know, so things are going great. But there was a season there that required a lot of serving, you know, and to me it was a it was a it was a joy to do it. I mean it was incredibly painful to to go through that with her and to see her do that but it was a joy to me to be able to serve her because she spent you know, we've been married for 26 years now and she's spent so many. Years serving myself or others. So it was just a small thing that I could do to give back to her in just to be the man that I know that I'm supposed to be and that it could be its honor in that so

Speaker 1 (630s): the last job she's she's lucky to have you Chad and I'm glad to hear she's doing better. You know, I'd also say if you're thinking about your own 2020 goals. Starting the podcast. Yeah, the new man podcast. This is believe me and you know, some of this already is it takes a lot of work and you're you're doing this on a on a weekly or multi multi times a week sort of cadence to try to get something useful kind of out into the ether and and and really it's for asking nothing in return you trying to provide something that can be a value that you have to offer that you've learned in you want to share. And it's a considerable effort that goes into that service. So, you know kudos for doing that and committing acts for the to get that out there. That's an awesome thing in itself.

Speaker 3 (683s): I appreciate that. Yeah, it's it's definitely a pretty steep learning curve, you know talking is not a difficult thing but recorded conversations and all of the administration that goes on before and after steep learning curve, but it's worth it. Yeah a lot of things.

Speaker 1 (701s): This a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff. But yeah exactly what to meet some really cool people and you're going to kill

Speaker 3 (707s): it. Thanks, bro. Yeah, so I wanted to just give you opportunity. You know, we kind of talked about the pillars of my work or their questions that you wanted to ask about about those pillars or something you wanted to say about those about the intellectual

Speaker 1 (726s): growth emotional

Speaker 3 (728s): emotional side of things spiritual side of things that were relational. Sorry. Two things.

Speaker 1 (732s): Yeah. No. I mean, I think just just in terms of understanding a little bit more about how you're applying those principles and you know, you've had a chance to listen to some of my material and kind of now I'm headed so really just a chance to to ask you to share a little bit more and maybe you know from what you've heard of me taking the way you approach things which is a little different any any advice you've got from for me or how I might apply some of your pillars and what I'm

Speaker 3 (763s): Yeah, so the intellectual side of things to me. I this is this has been a discipline that it was really difficult when I started in this journey because I it doesn't come naturally to me. So for me the intellectual side of things I try to surround myself with people who are smarter than me. I I'm to the point now where I want to read and this would be maybe something that would be helpful for you A lot of times we read things that were comfortable with and that way, you know, our brain is in challenged. It's just kind of like that predictable bread and it's like okay that makes it easy but yet to grow intellectually. I was want to read five to ten percent above my current reading

Speaker 1 (808s): level. So I never

Speaker 3 (812s): grew up reading biographies. I'm not a science fiction reader or fantasy reader. This is not my thing but biographies, you know, they're they're challenging the way that you read it. Some people may think it's boring but I don't I think it's fascinating. There's nuggets there to be, you know to be gathered read a couple books on Theodore Roosevelt which you know is well, Study their history got a couple books on Abraham Lincoln on the shelf right now. These will be challenging read and I still have another Roosevelt book. Those are challenging reads, you know, it takes time. There's a discipline aspect of it and yet these are the types of things that I want to get into and and even where the seal I knew that I would disagree with the book but I Knew by that challenge that it would spur me intellectually and in other areas too, but I knew there was something valuable there. So I knew that I would disagree with some of the stuff but yet I walked into it. Anyway.

Speaker 1 (877s): Okay. Yeah, I'm usually that's a really good point to not only do things that are challenging to us may be intellectually, but be willing to maybe consume something that we know is not really an agreement with us, but get get another perspective on it right instead of that.

Speaker 3 (895s): Yeah, and I'm reading thorough right now. I'm reading Walden and I I agree with some of his theological view points, but yet some of the other things that he says makes absolute sense. Yeah, you know, yeah. Okay. And so that's just another, you know, another perspective. I like fun reads to don't get me wrong, but so not everything is like that but that's one aspect of it podcasts that I may Listen to I listen to Fresh Air has stuff from had I've been listening to a series I think. Think I think it was from Stanford. So just trying to Spur me

Speaker 1 (935s): intellectually,

Speaker 3 (937s): you know, I've been

Speaker 1 (939s): out of college

Speaker 3 (940s): for years now and went to Seminary myself and I've been out of Seminary for years. So to me, I have to maintain the discipline to grow intellectually emotionally. It's more through questions a question that that I that rolls around in my mind and the guys that I coach and Mentor this is Question that always comes up pretty quickly when people weren't when guys specifically want to know. Hey, what should I do? And I don't know how to address my wife or my kids or my friends. I just don't know what to do and just ask when you're standing before somebody just asked yourself the question. What do they require of me? So like what do they require if they right now? And when you do that and especially when this accompanied with the breathing things that we've talked about and observing anxiety and the tendency for us to pull away because maybe we're afraid of the difficult conversation. We're afraid of emoting or or we're just afraid that may we may get in over our head where I may have to have a conversation that I am absolutely

Speaker 1 (1005s): ill-equipped for.

Speaker 3 (1008s): But yet to sit in it and it's not a matter of of fixing the person it's just answering the question. What do they need? You know, sometimes they need, you know, 3z three easy steps. Sometimes they just need three easy minutes.

Speaker 1 (1025s): Yeah like that. It really goes back to that to that theme more broadly of considering different perspective and and also trying to take ourselves out of the center of the universe a little bit about ourselves so much as what can I do here to be in service?

Speaker 3 (1041s): Yeah. Absolutely. And yeah, absolutely and the physical Out of it. So there's it's interesting because the emotional side in the relational side go hand in hand. So I kind of those to me those

Speaker 1 (1055s): pillars are really in a woven. I would say

Speaker 3 (1058s): physical physical strength. I don't have to really talk about much about that with you because you're already doing this but but it is it is putting your body in situations to where there's there's movements and you're stressing your body to develop your body. The couch is way too comfortable. The chair is way too comfortable. The bed is way too comfortable and if if left to our own devices, we will most of us anyway will become really inherently lazy and out of shape and every part of our of our body our physical body is is directly connected to our spiritual self and also the emotional and the relational self. So if you're in a slump in any one of these areas is affecting all these areas. So that's why I'm a huge proponent of oh don't just spend I'm spending the season where I'm just working on the intellectual side. If you if you neglect the others, you're not going to see success in your life success in your relationships, you know, just more purpose or meaning. It's just not going to happen. So you have to have growth in all these areas not Perfection but growth so you're taking steps in these areas. So the physical side of it. I know it's a big part of your work. I'm not going to camp out on that too much but the spiritual side of it there to is is understanding for me and my perspective as being a Christian man is that first I'm serving God and then I'm serving people. So it's every man wants to be great. And the way to be great is by is the way to find greatness is in service to others and service to God. So spiritually again, all of these things are connected. I believe that one thing that I'm passionate about with my work is the fact that Christian men are not known as men who are physically fit. There instead they fit The Stereotype of the guy who's you know, who's sitting at the table? He's already had seconds. He's waiting for Desert his wife as serving him doing all these things and he's kind of like, you know, just kind of just going through life and he's generally tired he's not taking care of himself physically in yet to me. I want to break that stereotype for the men that I'm around or that I have the opportunity of leading. I want to challenge them to do things physically that way they again they break that stereotype and it affects every part of

Speaker 1 (1219s): your life. Yeah, I'm completely on that program its it is very much inner woven synergistic. So I guess the cliche would be well-rounded completely in agreement that that there are definitely times that I overweight a physical element myself. And again, that's that's a that's a comfort area. But yeah, we really we need to develop in all these areas and I'm I would my son I just had this conversation. Station the other day. I think we're we're definitely spiritual. I would say less so than organized religion. But you know, however, however you tie that back I think any we can both tie it back to if we're neglecting applying our unique talents fulfilling or working towards our unique offering or purpose in the world then and we're you know, we're falling short, right?

Speaker 3 (1276s): Yeah, absolutely. And that's what you know, we'd said at the onset of the other recording that is really what the these pillars that's what they help support is purpose in a man and identity as a man and calling and the destiny and all of those things. So these pillars help reinforce that and if one of these pillars is cracking or is just not where it needs to be you feel it in every other area. Area, you know just you know real life example if I'm not emotionally connected to my wife. I'm probably not going to be serving her very well. Instead. I'm going to be avoiding

Speaker 1 (1318s): her. Right,

Speaker 3 (1320s): right, you know as soon as as soon as they're becomes a difficult conversation or an emotional conversation if I disconnect in that moment, I'm not serving our well, I'm going to withdraw and I'm gonna okay, I'm gonna go in the other room and and I'm just not doing what I ought to do. And I think you know in one of the pillars that I have as well is relational Integrity is being honest on the outside about what's one of the inside and there's a big aspect of men that they don't have the freedom or the tools to be able to do that. So so men and I put myself in this category to We tend to hide in our strengths. You know if we're Carpenter we talk about work and what we do we work with our hands and what we build and what we can build and where we're going and all these things if it's working out we talked about all these are my gains or I I did this and I did you know, whatever it is. I mean, there's obviously there's a whole pile of things that we could kind of Stack up as as things that are actually used to avoid. What we're supposed to do as men. So either we what we use as a crutch instead of actually embracing issues all that to say that these to me are so connected. And and when I'm growing in these areas, I'm I'm serving people better better in my sphere. I'm a better neighbor. I'm a better friend. I'm a better podcast host. Not just down. I'm a better son. I'm good. Better father and a better husband, you know when I'm growing in these areas and if I'm not growing these areas and I'm not taking care of myself. I'm going to feel it and it's going to show through in the rest of my life as well. So, I'm sure that's Probably not that different in everybody else's life, too. So,

Speaker 1 (1443s): yeah, I think we're all we're all pretty similar in that if we're overweighted or unbalanced or just you know, completely in attempt to across the board. It shows through in every area, right?

Speaker 3 (1458s): So as we wind this up, I want to just if I could ask you a couple questions. And then if you have any questions for me, I'll answer those two for sure. What does it take to be a man?

Speaker 1 (1472s): Yeah, I mean for me I am sure it's a little different for everybody and go back to everybody having some unique way to make their own impact, but for me, you know a lot of it is about about fatherhood. So you mentioned coming from from a broken home and my my family my parents divorced was the other way around my mom stuck around to raise me and my brother. so for me the fatherhood focus is is about You know, it's not all negative. Right? It's repeating in carrying forward the positive but breaking breaking the negative patterns reinvent it which so that goes back to the mindset that you know dates being aware not just taking our view of the world and our mindset and the things that got ingrained by behaviors or learned behaviors are not staying those things for granted really being able to reflect on why we think the way we do. We have the assumptions we make and why we conduct ourselves the way we do maybe that's emotionally maybe it's the way that you think your relationship should work. However, that might be yeah to me. It's that manhood component is certainly certainly as a husband but having having a son and believing that one of the best things we can do is is leaving the world better off and certainly a big component of that is through children fatherhood to me. Me is what one of the biggest things about being a man is all about.

Speaker 3 (1570s): Yeah, that is so powerful. I literally had a conversation on Sunday night with my son and we were talking about he was talking about some things in his life and goals and stuff and he's engaged and looking at his future. He's 23, you know, so it's just it's exciting and I'm observing all this and he's kind of he's saying hey I'm going to do this and this is what the decisions that we're going to make and all of this and In you know, I kind of stopped and it was very surreal actually Michael because I'm just kind of sitting there listening. I was like, wow, this is incredible, you know, and but I didn't say a lot so I had to let him talk and then at the end I clarified it and I said, I just want you to know I wasn't threatened by anything that you said at all because he was talking about way things he would do things differently and it's not the way that my wife and I have done. And I said, I'm not threatened by what you said it all I said it excites me because I believe that one of my responsibilities as a dad is to see you go further and I said it would bring so much joy in my life knowing that my son and the my you know, my son and my daughter-in-law and my grandkids and my daughter and you know, hopefully son-in-law and gets her through my daughter and years to come. I'm like, it would just bring so much joy to know that they don't have to walk and live with all the

Speaker 1 (1653s): I guess that I did. Yeah, that's super cool. That's a great story really powerful that you're able to step back and say Hey, you know, you're looking at this a different way than I have and I'm okay with that and I would say, you know, maybe even to take that a step further. This is something that coach of mine challenge me on recently is is having the self-awareness to challenge your your own routines or your own maybe way of doing things. So I example she had was maybe you and your wife have Is done something a certain way. I don't know make up a silly silly example, like, you know, I cook and you do the dishes or something like that. Maybe you've fallen into some routine without ever even talking about it by Design, you know, and there's an always nothing is static, right? There's always opportunity to go back and go like is this working for you? I'm not sure if it's working for me, you know, maybe we redesign the way we look at something in life. Yeah, that's gold.

Speaker 3 (1715s): That is gold. Thanks for

Speaker 1 (1716s): sharing that.

Speaker 3 (1717s): Absolutely. So who has made the biggest impact on you as a

Speaker 1 (1723s): man? Yeah, it's it's that's a tough one to right? Well, I'll say I'll say a couple things. So my son we gave him his middle name after my grandfather who you know, I talked about Veterans Affair before before we got on my dad's generation. My dad served my grandparents on both sides. Both with grandfathers were involved in the World War II era and So yeah, my kind of kind of a cool quirky little story my my grandpa that I called poppy for whatever reason that sure his recalled. And Tony name was Tony and then when my wife and I got married my wife grew up in Mexico, we had a wedding in Mexico. So my grandpa went to get his passport to come to our wedding in Mexico. So you goes to find his birth certificate, which I'm sure you hadn't looked at decades finally pulls it out. Goes to get his passport and you know, he'd been called Tony because he thought his name was Anthony and he looks at his birth certificate yet. A very Italian name was Anthony. It was unto me. No, really. He never knew so we thought that was not only a cool story but a cool way to honor this this man that was a really big influence on Me growing up and so my son's middle name is Anthony. No

Speaker 3 (1810s): right on that is

Speaker 1 (1811s): great. But I'd also say so my Family is Irish and Italian my mom's side of the family is Italian who are certainly known for strong women and I like being Mexican. This is also a strong sort of mattress Central sort of culture. So, you know, I think as men one of the things we can can can do to be strong as to admit admit our weaknesses or admit where others are stronger and you know strong women have a really important role in our lives too.

Speaker 3 (1844s): Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, that is very well said so as I know we're coming up to a hard stop now, but is there any way you could just kind of shoot out the top three books that you think that every man should read?

Speaker 1 (1860s): Yeah, and and I'm actually I'm doing okay on time. So if you want to keep going a little bit do that to had something that will push back a little bit but action. Yeah, I think you'd ask me previously and some stuff we exchanged about books and and or places that people should visit every man should visit so I'll do a combo. So I mentioned earlier Ryan holiday and and the obstacle is the way so that's actually a Trilogy. The obstacle is the way Way yo is the enemy and his newest is called Stillness is the key. So I love the first two. I've got the third one sitting here to read but to me, they're quick. They're short reads. He pulls a lot of stoicism into them and in the braces that whole concept of not avoiding the obstacles expecting them preparing for them and using them to strengthen us while having egos the enemy having having a humble approach to things. And then you know, you know living in the physical challenge realm David Goggins is that's it's a hard individual right? But but I'll take it back a generation or two to Viktor Frankl Man's Search for meaning the people who went through what he went through and particularly survivors and Holocaust. I mean doesn't get any harder than that and that is an Incredible Book. To to read and be inspired by if you have a chance or if you have it. And then this is were all throw hybrid in on the Travel side of things rather than the third book is is, you know, a lot of people just get either comfortable or isolated and I think there's just so much value in traveling internationally particularly places that may be going in seem unfamiliar or uncomfortable because they just really not only break your some things about your worldview and open your mind in new ways. Which can be an incredible education, but then to me they also make you come home. Maybe hopefully with some some ideas you're bringing back of new things you've embraced, but they also really make you appreciate what you have and you come home whether it's whether it's Freedom whether it's a toilet, you can sit on rather than squat over clean water and sometimes it's the simple things and getting out and seeing the world and seeing how it is for other people. Places better or worse is really inspiring and educational.

Speaker 3 (2016s): Yeah it is. I've had the opportunity to go to several places in the world whether it was through my time in service. So getting to go to see just a bunch of different cultures in you know in a really in an odd way because sometimes it would be two weeks apart. So you would go to Italy which has a defined culture and and then you know You just drop into France, which is completely I mean, it's Europe, but it's not the same so, you know and then just a couple weeks later, you know, then you may you know end up going into - Israel you talk about culture shock, you know, and then going into Jerusalem and then seeing seeing all that. So I've had the opportunity to go to Jerusalem a couple times and and Bethlehem, and it just It's just so surreal and sometimes it's only separated by like two weeks sounds so you you work really really hard and then you pull into port for a couple days and you're like what in the world, you know, it's just a totally different experience but it does shape your world view it absolutely does it just it shapes so much of the way that you see the world and really to gain a better understanding for the for what we have in this country. I mean for me that's one of the shocking things and The opportunities I've had to leave the country over the last couple of years was to do missions work in the Dominican Republic and while it is an island paradise in some in some areas. It's clearly not in others and it's still a third world country. So so yeah, I totally understand the value of seeing things outside of your context and culture. I mean, that's that's another aspect of a growth mindset I

Speaker 1 (2128s): suppose. Yeah, I suppose it probably is I that's that's super cool that you're doing Mission work. I did a podcast with a buddy of mine a while ago who started doing missions to Brazil and he was not a missions kind of guy first was the first guy to say it but he's brought back some really interesting stuff. Some of it is just about power of again power of service of you know, we are there for her. No reason other than to try to make it a better day for who we interact with. Right, so we're not here for anything right here to ask you think we should do that and then he thought he could bring corporate world lessons in organization to this whole this whole process which in some ways probably works otherwise doesn't because you know, you're just dealing with deal with unknowns can't set a schedule things like that. So he's probably bought he's brought more back to the business World lessons. He's learned here in the paper about it things. He's learned on his mission. Mission that he's applying now and it's professional world. So it's probably another good example of call it probably growth mindset call it service mindset going out into the world in that way enriches Us in ways that we can't even foresee.

Speaker 3 (2206s): Yeah, absolutely. And we all you know, we all just tend to get stuck in our own nine to five kind of life and what we do in our normal rhythms, and it's good to shock the system. I mean just as it's good. Have this system physically and go out and you know hammer out 15 more burpees and you've ever done to shock the system. It's good and grow in that area. I'm saying that for you. I hate burpees. But you know for you 15 more I have a love-hate relationship with burpees. I know they're incredibly good. So I love him for that. But I hate him because well they're burpees but still you get

Speaker 1 (2241s): it. Yeah. I also have a love-hate relationship except. I'm not sure if there's any love in it. I don't like them, but I Yeah. Yeah, I agree that the great for you, you know the travel thing. I think this is a really cool story. So I'll just share it with you. I was never necessary inspired to travel internationally. So I have a roommate from New Zealand and this guy had he just had this wonderful book of pictures is back in the physical photo day, right? So you had a photo album and all these places. He had been we're yeah, we're like in her early 20s. It's like how do you go to all these places? So yours will look you know, I grew up on in this country, which is two main islands that are pretty much in the middle of nowhere and as it is not only we isolated geographically, but we're pretty small. We're like three or four million people globally and a bunch of those live over overseas for work and whatnot. So we're very self-aware as a culture that there's a real danger of becoming isolated and just having this homogeneous worldview. So they've used School is one element of their education for their kids, but another element is like kick him out of the nest like they call it. I think overseas expedition to part of it is whether it's after high school or its after University or whatever it is, you know in a backpack travel Europe travel Asia go to go to Africa like get out somewhere for a few months and you know get somewhere you don't understand the language just get places. You've never seen that are going to blow your mind. And and they really embrace it as part of their educational process. So I I got inspired by that I embraced that and that was that was something that kept me off on seven months of Around the World Travel that they blew my mind as a kid in his 20s and in ways that I hope I can maybe in part on my son. But but it's also it's left with me places that I want to take him to when he's a little bit older and share that with him directly. Yeah. That's great.

Speaker 3 (2368s): Yeah, we we made the choice to have my son participate in a gap year. So he spent nine months in the Dominican After High School and that was really informative for him. So living immersive, you know in the in the culture studying Spanish studying. It was college level classes, but yet every Friday they were out and actually doing missions work and they were all assigned to different tasks. Some orphanages some of the Farms. I mean a lot of times he what he did was he was helping a local missionary an American who's now a localized missionary there and in a village in biscuit is clearing this land so they can expand the village and so they can add other things to help build up the infrastructure of this little village. So he and it was a Sweat Equity man. I mean in the Dr. And he's you know using just hand equipment to clear all sorts of just got to see it

Speaker 1 (2437s): afterward. Just you know Acres of

Speaker 3 (2440s): clearing by hand just as somebody else can come in the future and lay a foundation for for other work that's going to help her infrastructure. So yeah, that was a really good thing that we really sat on and we knew that that would be valuable for

Speaker 1 (2456s): him. Oh, yeah. That's an amazing gift. The you given him and yeah, I'm sure that involves some hard days that are always happy moments, but he will look back on that with stories and and appreciate it and it's such a unique experience. Maybe he's walk away with some language skills. And that's incredible.

Speaker 3 (2475s): Yeah. Yeah, he has he has in so he's the he's the only one in the family who can speak some Spanish - - - a marginal at best even after going there to Spanish-speaking countries or times in service going to Puerto Rico trying to pick up something. It's like wow. I had nothing to offer. I was the clueless American and everybody knew it what?

Speaker 1 (2503s): Yeah, I mean it goes back to this mindset thing again, right? I mean, I'm I'm learning this a lot of this stuff for when I'm damn near 50, but there's real physiology to the brains adaptability. When were yes when you're younger, you know that neuroplasticity. The that it's fantastic if we can pick this stuff up challenge ourself in all these different ways earlier in life and maybe as parents that means the pass it on to our kids or our grandchildren to help them with a little bit of a kick start that will be easier for them to learn earlier in life. That is for us later in life.

Speaker 3 (2538s): Yes. Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. Well today's been a great conversation and I have a feeling that you and I could probably talk for hours more. And just kind of dig in take a whole different realm and maybe that'll be round 2 or 3 of

Speaker 1 (2555s): of a

Speaker 3 (2557s): podcast that will share again like this one, but I just want to give you an opportunity. Is there any new work that that you would like to talk about? I know the you have some coaching or something right that you're prepared to be a coach.

Speaker 1 (2571s): Yeah, I appreciate the opportunity Chad to give that a bit of a plug and I don't want to take too much of your time. So yeah, maybe. Do this again down the road? But yeah, you know the unbeatable mine stuff has been one significant influence on some of some of what I've done for myself and some of the philosophy. I'm trying to bring forward and share to the extent that that I'm actually going through their certification process with Mark Divine and his team to be cool. So currently I'm a coaching training but hopefully to achieve being a certified unbeatable mine coach so that I can and package some of some of his techniques some his methodology some of his really what he he and his coaches describe that they do and you said, you know, you don't agree with all of it or maybe how some of this package but I wouldn't I would say what they do is try to gather together what they would call best practices in human development from across the world when the it's it's an Eastern philosophy or western or a modern or historical. So I think there are pieces of it. that worker resonate differently with different people, but it's been valuable enough for me that I originally approached it from the perspective of going through the coaching certification to learn it at a deeper level for myself and for my son but in going through that part of what we have to do is coach others, so call it a sort of a pilot client or volunteer coaching client to practice the coaching techniques and it It affected me in ways. I had no idea. So coaching somebody else through a lot of things. I've been coaching myself through has been such an amazing and humbling and Powerful process. Hope I'm making some impact for those individuals, but it's been so incredible for me and so fulfilling and so much fun to do that that I want. I want to continue doing that. So yeah coming down coming down the road here, you know got the pod. Ask now on the website, which is somewhat static but I did start a private Facebook group and I'm starting to bring some of this stuff into and maybe like the fire a little bit. I've got a four-week coaching course that I'm sort of putting together as I get certified in the actual coaching than whether it's some of my own philosophy or through the unbeatable mind coaching that that will be something I can I can offer on a On a one-on-one basis and then yeah down the road. There's still some some more fun stuff. I've got I've got planned around the whole around the whole Matt man of Mastery and Mastery mindset sort of sort of philosophy. I don't think about too much of it. But but certainly I'll throw this one out there always on. The radar has been has been a book or maybe a series of book. So that's something I've started working on here recently for For 2020 asked about be hags. I'll throw that out there try to get the first book out and in 2020 as well. So lots of stuff happening. I mean really the best thing to do if I think we've got a probably a really good cross-pollination of audience and so if people are interested and not yet familiar and want to learn more is either jump on Facebook or Instagram, which would be at the man of Mastery or Hit the website man of Mastery.com and feel free to shoot me an e-mail shoot me a message or comment on those platforms and love to hear from people. I always liked the feedback questions and I can help with anything. I can be of service to the listeners or to you Chad as you launch. I'm happy to

Speaker 3 (2806s): help. Thanks, brother. I really appreciate that. Yeah, and you guys want to go out and check out all of Michael's stuff is website is podcast and stuff is great and just All people that you're having conversations with is outstanding and the things to be learned and applied through it is fantastic to so thanks for all your work and thanks for this time. I really appreciate you sitting down with with me and the rest of our audience and Distilling some of this information so we can all become better men.

Speaker 1 (2839s): The I really appreciate that Chad's it's really a pleasure honor to speak to you as you start getting launched here and now I've just been I've been so fortunate. It with with guys like yourself and others that I've had a chance to talk to through this forum. It's an amazing journey. I know you're going to love it. And and I guess I would ask the same of you you want to spend a couple minutes previewing what you've got coming up and where the best places are to find it.

Speaker 3 (2865s): Yeah, absolutely. So then new kind of man podcast will it's currently available on iTunes and Spotify and other places that people get Podcast. It's generally everywhere. And so far all there is is just a pilot episode and I will be dropping a few more episodes as an early Christmas present for all of you on December 16th. So this may be one of the ones that drops then but just in case you are yours earlier. So yeah, December 16th. I'm going to drop a few more of already got some some on deck and ready to go. So had some great conversations. It's ready to to get that information out and just a pool of different people some very like-minded some not which is great. That means just another opportunity to grow they can go to be a new man.com. That's my website and kind of see what I'm about get the inner workings of me personally some things I didn't share today. You kind of get the backstory of that and some of my blogs and writings are there to and then I'm more regular on Instagram at at a Kind of man and DME if you have a question, you know just want to have a conversation. I'm okay, you know, I'm up for that. I'm open for that and and I'm not just gonna shun you because you ask a question that I don't know the answer to so if I don't know the answer, I'll either find it or tell you the answer. So I'm not going to Bluff my way through it. So jump in there. I'm willing to help anyone that I can any way that I

Speaker 1 (2961s): can well, thanks for that Chad. Yeah, I definitely follow your stuff in Instagram. There's some great stuff out there. I'm super were psyched about the podcast starting to drop and I'm humbled and honored to be an early guest in that. I really appreciate you doing the this collaboration taking the time for it. Yeah. I feel like I did most of the talking so definitely would love to do it again soon and it's been a little bit more time on your philosophy. So what you've learned what you share

Speaker 3 (2991s): cool. Yeah, I'd love that and let's set it up will do in the

Speaker 1 (2995s): future perfect. Well, thanks again Chad and have a great day.

Speaker 3 (2999s): Yeah. Thank you too, brother. Bye. Bye. Thank you again to Chad for facilitating that conversation and sharing more about his four pillars of intellectual physical spiritual and relational growth. You can find links to Chad his website and is podcast at man of Mastery.com / 0 35 man of mass three.com slash 0 35 for all the show notes and links from this episode also out there on the site sign up for our weekly email so you don't miss a single episode or other things going on. unlike the discount to Relentless MV Additional to the email newsletter. Hopefully by now. You are subscribe to the podcast and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. If you're new and haven't done that yet. Please do so go out to iTunes Apple podcast leave a rating. Hopefully we've earned a 5-star rating and would love to hear a written review if you take a moment to do that as well, please Wherever you choose to connect with us, I'd love to hear about your be hags your big scary goals that you're setting out for 2020. Hopefully by the time you've heard this you've had a very very Merry Christmas or happy holidays rest recharge stay active active in the body quiet in the mind. That's it for this week start now for 2020 take daily simple actions and carry that momentum right across that January 1 threshold and

Speaker 1 (3086s): Beyond