John Cain is a father and serial entrepreneur living his passion and empowering change-makers through Relentless MV. John and team have created a truly unique event that marries keynotes of world-class achievement, epic experiential adventures in a renowned location, a limited and referral-based attendee list, and a 3-day format to foster lasting connections. John visits the show to share more about his success-built-on-failure journey that led to Relentless MV and where it is going (literally) in the future.

“I grew up in a very low income setting and learned early on that…we’re in America…if you have a good attitude and work hard, surround yourself with the right people, and have optimism, work ethic, determination, resourcefulness you can reach great heights. You can accomplish amazing things.”

– John Cain

John is also the father of a young daughter and baby boy. We collaborate on parenting tips and John’s girl is joining my boy’s 2020 burpee challenge!


John Cain is a serial entrepreneur who has built, turned around and scaled various companies including a FinTech business, boutique hotel and whimsical, farm to table restaurant. His current passion project is Relentless MV, a unique keynote and experiential based event on Martha’s Vineyard for entrepreneurs, executives and change-makers.

John has a self-professed low tolerance for excuses and a lifelong passion for self improvement. As the proud father of a young daughter and as of just recently a baby boy, John is now not only working on himself but doing so from the perspective of a parent and coach of two Relentless children.


  • Unique and exclusive networking
  • Epic experiences
  • Empowering service to others
  • Purple cow extreme value
  • Failing forward
  • From nothing to everything




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John [00:00:00] I grew up in a very low income I grew up in public housing. So I grew up in a very low income setting and environment and just you know, learn early on that. You know, we're in America. All right, and you know, if you having an attitude and work hard and stuff and surround yourself with the right people and all of that. I think he must have that like with optimism and work ethic and determination resourcefulness things etcetera.

John [00:00:26] You can reach Great Heights. You can call pushed amazing things. And you know, I just overcome a lot of challenges in my own life personally and professionally.

Michael [00:00:39] Man of Mastery episode 38 with John Kane serial entrepreneur founder of Relentless MV Hi guys, welcome or welcome back really super appreciate you guys being here and hope I can continue to just bring you incredible stuff that I discover find that really works for me.

Michael [00:01:13] It's all about figuring out what gets you to that next level gets you out of the rut takes you forward and progress and whether that's a book a product a service a philosophy and idea in this case. John is kind of all the above packaged in an event that he runs. And you've heard me talk about because I've gotten so excited about it Relentless MV something happening in Martha's Vineyard every summer coming up again summer of 2020 so much.

Michael [00:01:42] So to the point where I wanted to get John on the show hear more about his background his passions what drove him to create this event in the first place and what's so unique about it. So that's the topic for today and without any lengthy wind up. Let's just jump right in with John and hear about it right from him himself Alright guys, I am super excited today to have on with me the founder the head the curator of an event that you guys have heard me talking about Relentless MV John Kane.

Michael [00:02:16] Welcome to the

John [00:02:16] show. Thank you so much Michael. He's so happy to be here.

Michael [00:02:20] Yeah, man. I've been looking forward to this. I know you guys have something really special going on out there. Tell me just let's start right into it with Relentless MV. Tell me about your mission what's unique about this event. Let's just start with that and then we'll go a bit more of the backstory. I just want I'm so excited about it.

Michael [00:02:41] I want people to know right away. Tell me about Relentless

John [00:02:44] MV. Absolutely. Yeah got so much to say. Yeah. It's a passion complete passing project of mine. I think, you know either I packed it said of these things. I wish I could work on it all day every day. But basically it's you know, the official sort of mission statement is to empower changemakers.

John [00:03:04] And the way I Define to Makers is, you know, maybe your you want to change, you know yourself and you want to change your business. Maybe you want to change your community maybe want to change the world, right? People with goals and typically big ones who are ambitious and you know, I feed off of that like to be around that it's a, you know, a place like the DVD players and so we're trying to create an event that really empowers these these chain maker maker.

John [00:03:30] So that's sort of officially but really it's, you know, when event that just, you know, aims to bring amazing people together in a really unique way really fun way and it leads to you know, amazing connections. And outcomes for everyone that that attends that we saw last year and it's just something just something special about just bringing together maybe like minded people or a lot of positive and vicious people who, you know want want to learn want to develop and want to help others.

John [00:04:03] That's part of the key really want to help others, you know, learn develop and grow right but amazing things come out of that. So it's just really an event that's supposed to be very unique. Lot of fun that people just get a lot out of and hopefully get you know, and I would say that's gets really exponential return on their time and on their money, which those are two things.

John [00:04:25] You know, I think we take very seriously right you time is the most precious of all like resources and you know, people have a lot of competing interests of their money. So we want to take that really seriously want to develop something that is really unique and you know people people leave the event saying, you know, as one of the best experiences of my life,

Michael [00:04:43] I really like to do you got At service aspect to it. The part of the mission is looking for people who are there to empower change and themself but really in service to helping others. So this is this is this is an event in June on Martha's Vineyard, which is a pretty unique location in itself.

Michael [00:05:06] So just tell me tell me a little bit more about the the location where you host it because I think this leads us into what your backstory and I feel like you're living the dream here and I want to know more about that. So tell me tell me where you are for this

John [00:05:22] event. Yeah, yeah. So the vineyard the location is a big part of this it really is, you know, and Martha's Vineyard is a very special place that has a lot of cash a thing that has, you know wrecked their people are sort of brand recognition, you know, folks have heard of it and for good reason, it's just it's a place that's an island in Massachusetts that you know, sort of like I like to say, it's almost Frozen in Time like so much.

John [00:05:53] Nature great beaches great hiking trails six adorable little towns. One of them's a fishing Village and others just like a quintessential New England town was great shopping. There's great restaurants. There's great art galleries. It's just it's a very family-friendly place. You see folks, like walking down Main Street Wicked ice cream cones, you know that sort of thing.

John [00:06:18] There's a carousel that the oldest Carousel of the country and and you know, there's just a lot to do but it's also laid back and there's not a speck people shop. There's not one stoplight on this entire Island was on a stoplight. There's no chain restaurants or basically chains. You're not going to see a Starbucks in Massachusetts where well, you know, I'm out right now, you know, home of Dunkin Donuts, right?

John [00:06:44] That's where I started and you can just walk in and directions and not one but no Dunkin Donuts and no change really so It's just a beautiful special unique place that that folks just really enjoy coming. I have a special history with it. You know, I've been going there for over 35 years.

John [00:07:06] I got engaged there. I got married there and ultimately, you know, if I sold my last company I bought I bought an inn and restaurant on the vineyard and so that's the location. It's basically it's a beautiful Serene basically. Orm and end it's on 8 acres in the woods in a town called West Tisbury and it's you know, it's just it's a property with a lot of woods and Gardens and Lawns pool hot tub and it's basically a restored Farmhouse from the 1700s and the event is held outside inside outside and have this big beautiful.

John [00:07:50] We call it the Great Lawn we put up a tent this Really like fancy Sperry plant and you know what you go to the website get you some images of it, but that's where the Keynotes are. So, you know, I like to tell people this is this is your anti conference, you know, like a lot of folks go to like a ballroom and Marriott or Hogan and what's fine in a city, but this is really about you know, totally different location that is like connecting with nature is very seen you're sitting under this tent and you're hearing the birds chirp, you know, the And it's just a really lovely special unique place to sit there and listen to Keynotes and then the experiences we have we can get into the format, but they have all these crazy epic experiences which are designed to kind of push you and help you grow and or a really effective way to network and bond with other attendees and those are sort of held around the property or around the island or inside the am if it's a workshop.

John [00:08:51] So so sort of in summary. It's Some of it is just a beautiful special place and our location is kind of on this like restored Farmhouse from the 1700s that sort of like makes you just you know, kind of it makes it easy to unplug and really focus, you know, and you're on an island. So we heard that a lot last year.

John [00:09:11] It's just all of that sort of helps, you know, folks really unplug and focus focus on the event and the people are

Michael [00:09:17] there, right? Right, right. Yeah. No, I'm super excited about the nature the connection to Nature aspect. Of it. I feel like from talking to you and there's a number of reasons we're having this conversation. But I feel like from talking to you. I can already Envision what it looks like just comes it comes through in your passion. And so I mean some of the reasons we're having this conversation.

Michael [00:09:40] I have trouble now you remembering exactly how you and I got connected, you know, was it, you know, you connected me with Laval and Patrick or Patrick with you or I don't even recall this point, but you know, we've had several conversations you And I kind of hit it off right away. You know, we ended up we scheduled this this call to record a podcast for an hour and you and I ended up talking for 45 minutes off are hand and probably could have gone a lot longer.

Michael [00:10:05] So one of our challenges is going to be just timeboxing this conversation because your infectious passion for what you're doing comes through and what another reason we're having this conversation is because you sold me and it wasn't a sales pitch. It was just like this is something So unique and so interesting and maybe so powerful that I want to be a part of it. I

Michael [00:10:29] jumped in I registered for myself and for my wife and my son so my as a family we're looking forward to going and I am so excited about I just I want to share it with others and one of the things that struck me one of many is and so let's talk about the format a little bit like we've all been to these kind of events that maybe have even an amazing setting and They all aim to have incredible value and incredible guests and you know, you hook up with it with a keynote and you walk away a day later or three days later super pumped up and then you get home and there's a little bit of a letdown of like, you know, so I kind of heard it but now I'm not really sure like how to put it in motion.

Michael [00:11:14] So what I'm really looking forward to experiencing and I haven't been to too many events like this is my understanding of the format is there's a big as experiential component to it. So maybe Patrick's going to talk to us about about fear management and the mental and physical manifestations of that and then you know, hey that all sounds great until I got to go jump in the ice bath and do with off breathing, you know, those kind of things and you know, maybe somebody's not like my wife's probably not in line for that.

Michael [00:11:47] But there's probably something else that she's in line for experientially plus the diversity of A style of guess I think you tend to line up. So yeah, tell me a little bit more about the

John [00:11:59] format. Yeah. Oh my God, that was a great summary and segue. Thank you for saying all that. And again, I'm so excited. You're coming you bring the family. And yeah, so, you know, I am obsessed with trying to you know, create unique businesses and their experiences and material entrepreneur, excuse me, and you know distant, This event is inspired by events.

John [00:12:26] I've been to and I tried to sort of take different aspects of different events and kind of create like a mega event, you know in my eyes or even a try to stay true to that if I think this is something really unique really amazing that delivers tremendous value to people then you know, then obviously I can make and share that passion and that's what it's about and it will resonate with other people.

John [00:12:48] But yeah, so how do we make a unique event what I say we structure in what what makes you unique is this Culture which basically has three parts so part one our Keynotes, right? So we get world-class Keynotes expert Keynotes Patrick and labelled are amazing people.

John [00:13:08] If you have not anyone's listen to this part of town, I don't listen to those make sure you do right away there and follow those people they're amazing. They got me know them very well. They're amazing people that have done, you know, amazing things and and they're really great guys to great great guys.

John [00:13:28] So basically, you know, we have these key notes with with that sports like that. This year will also have you know, Ryan holiday a lot of people know hand written a bunch of books bunch of bestsellers obstacles. That is the way I think is maybe the most famous One Stillness is the key.

John [00:13:50] He's unbelievable. So, you know, he'll be there and in some Mother so we have these amazing Keynotes and then you know, that's part 1 part 2 are these experiences this experiential component? We call them an epic experiences because we really try to create something that's epic and just kind of crazy and different that you might not be able to buy your do anywhere else that you're going to get a lot on it.

John [00:14:16] So the Epic experiences and the bird are these like we call the rocking dinner parties. So at night we have You know these amazing dinner parties that are just a lot of fun a great opportunity to join in line blow off some steam and you know and bond with the other people there. I talked about the day talk about you did talk about that ice bath and whatever so that's the structure to dig into those, you know, and I think I alluded to it but they're they're designed to help you grow.

John [00:14:49] Right? They're designed to push you they're designed as you said you would You're a bunch of Keynotes. And like that's awesome. I'm the guy that's sitting there taking a million notes and learning a lot and referring back to those notes maidens a cocktail party and you're bonding with other people and get some murmurs or emails or whatever and that's great. You get a lot of that, but we wanted to go much much deeper.

John [00:15:09] And so these experiences are designed to push push you help you grow and help you develop Frameworks, right and the case of a lot of these workshops Frameworks that you leave with that. You can apply to your life. Can one example and you and I talked about this is one of our key note. Is this lady doctor Allah me Rebecca, and she's and she's one of the most impressive human beings.

John [00:15:33] You'll ever need. She's top 20 most influential women in the world. She advises, you know, heads of States all over the world. She's advised Richard Branson the Bill Gates. She's going to deliver a keynote and she she also wanted the experiences. He does eight strategic planning session and I sat through it last.

John [00:15:53] And they just I got I can't even tell you how much I got out of it, but she really helps you map out your goals and go really deep and when you think you've gone deep you realize you have to go like 10 levels or a hundred levels deeper and get more specific. She kept saying it's not going to steal her Thunder, but if it's not specific it's not going to get done and I agree whole heartedly Michael like I just do I think you need smart goals right that a really specific time based and all that and then you need what I think is what most people like this is where the admit maybe they fail why they don't use their goals meeting super specific plan.

John [00:16:29] And again like you need someone pushing you is that specific enough like is it granular enough? And I think you know that that session was really Illuminating from folks realize that and we had folks that you know could develop their goals every year for decades and they realize wow it wasn't getting detailed enough. So, you know to your point you leave with an event, you're all jazzed about this like next what you know, now what what's next Best hopefully you're leaving with a bunch of Frameworks and lessons and skill sets that you can apply to your life and get real value whether it's you know, Joy or meaning or financial or whatever so you can see the Aggregates panties on the website. I

John [00:17:08] mean, there are con there's ice bath, you know for folks that want to do physical staff are the workshops. Like I mentioned that folks that don't want to I like to say Choose Your Own Adventure, you know what I mean? Like 2:01 Venture some folks, you know want to go and explore the Siren and your physical stuff, you know and some want to do, you know more intellectual, you know Workshop type of things, you know one crazy experience an amazing experience.

John [00:17:35] We have this year's Lance Armstrong is coming and he's doing a bike ride around the island. So the island is just so beautiful and picturesque, you know, you ride your bike or drive your car and you see all these like it was cute towns and beaches and stuff but farms and stone walls. It's just a very again Frozen in Time quintessential New England really pretty really charming and you know, he's going to he's going to have you know lead a bike tour around the island for folks that like that sort of thing.

John [00:18:05] You know, I'm not sure who's gonna be able to keep up. We'll see so it's probably not for everyone but the best pretty pretty epic and crazy and I think will be kind of fun and something that you know, it's almost a bucket list out. Some of these things are bucket list items and there are so many of them so It's really a cheesier and adventure and you know, there's so many others.

John [00:18:27] We did the by plane rides last year. We're doing those again. That was that was really popular. We have Amelia Rose Earhart who completed their around-the-world trip and she's kind of the host for that and takes folks to the airplane and it's just exposed cockpit kind of Snoopy plane that goes all around the island and it's just crazy.

John [00:18:48] It's like it's beautiful to see the kind of get that bird's eye view and Economist on and something Different so, you know there's that and we have an aerialist folks went to like learn how to be an area where stood the hang upside down to do all these crazy things. We have a woman who I won't go through all of them, but you can see it on the website, but we have another lady who like award-winning author who became a professional poker player and she teaching folks idea how to play poker.

John [00:19:19] We have Professor from Brown that runs the center for entrepreneurship there. He is a fantastic guy and he's been teaching this class. Actually. He was a book on it called the entrepreneurial process and it's a three step process to starting a business and he's going to be you know, teaching teaching part of that all kinds of crazy stuff.

John [00:19:41] They're sailing and fishing and paddle boarding and just just a lot of stuff but it's all designed just to have a ton of fun and form deep relationships with people because you know, we've all gone to these, you know, Networking events where you know, you ain't a name tag and you're going around for an hour and you're walking up to people shaking their head. That's fine.

John [00:20:02] But I don't like I don't know. I'm very friendly and I don't like that. I don't like that Short Round like that for me. It's to me it's much more effective and meaningful for everyone to you know, go out fishing together and you're you know, you're talking to someone for two hours, you know, or or out on a sale or whatever it is. It's just a much more effective way to form those relationships lot more fun.

John [00:20:25] It's a lot more effective. So it's like accomplishes so many goals. And so those that's kind of a summary of the optic experiences and you know, it's got to include in the ticket people can kind of sign up for multiple ones. There are some that are that are there's a premium but most the most stars included with the ticket and that's something we got a lot of great feedback on last year.

Michael [00:20:46] Yeah. I know you potentially have some other stuff that is either still not still in the works or maybe coming along this. Sort of surprise stuff so we won't we won't ruin that surprise today. I think if I got to pick one thing I don't like about your event John. It's like choose between the Epic experiences. Maybe I can get a couple of them in but it's going yeah.

Michael [00:21:10] It's going to be real tough to choose and if you know if this thing is ultimately about and I want to we use this to segue to maybe a little bit more of your back story because I think you described to me originally A about your that you called it your passion for Relentless self-improvement. So I'll just make a bit of a smart comment here that you know, if this thing's about self-improvement. I

Michael [00:21:35] don't know who can keep up with Lance maybe and I don't know that Lance has the has the ability to slow down. So maybe this is his self improvement opportunity to dial back his own intensity and live at the Pacer restaurant. But with that Tell me just tell me a little bit more about your background as a serial entrepreneur and personally and that passion for self-improvement that created this event.

John [00:22:03] Yeah, I mean so, you know, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur I went to school out here called Babson College which is known for entrepreneurship. And that was always my goal my end game it took me, you know, I like a decade to get there. I worked in corporate finance and New York City and Island, Florida.

John [00:22:24] I lived abroad Europe South America, but you know basically spent a decade in corporate finance and Constantly looking for opportunities to start a business because I've blown a business plans. Finally. I made it happen maybe like eight eight, you know eight years ago just over eight years ago and started my first company through that scale that up to be pretty, you know, we scaled it out those pretty large learned a lot total roller coaster epik High's epic loads learn how to you know, build a culture, you know higher software engineers and build Offshore call centers and you know and all of them stop raise money and all these things.

John [00:23:09] It was tremendous ten lifetimes of learning and I exited that and then basically bought Oculus in on the vineyard because it's just you know, and I sort of was the very serendipitous like I stumbled on the property online and when saw it and fell in love and it's just so Charming, it's Hidden Gem and it's all the potential and suspended.

John [00:23:32] Years, we renovated the whole thing, you know branded the restaurant with a fantastic restaurant amazing Shadow amazing food. That's another cool thing about this event is is that part is includes all this like great food and meals but so serial entrepreneur now focused on this is in and restaurant and Relentless, which I think are sort of three businesses with different goals and different business plans.

John [00:24:00] So it's keeping me very busy, but you know, Where the Relentless you know kind of comes from is, you know, I've always been like big believer in having the right mindset and being optimistic and then determine and not you know, working hard and just being relentless, you know, I grew up in a very low income I grew up in public housing.

John [00:24:23] So I grew up in a very low income setting and environment and just, you know learned early on that. You know, we're in America. All right, and you know if you Having an attitude and work hard and stuff and surround yourself with the right people and all of that. I think he must have that like with optimism and work ethic and determination resourcefulness things excetera.

John [00:24:45] You can reach Great Heights. You can call Push the amazing things and you know, I just overcome a lot of challenges in my own life personally and professionally, you know, we really could get into everything but but but really the mindset got me. Me got me forward and so I hadn't have a high tolerance for people complaining of people being lazy.

John [00:25:08] It's like just go get after it, you know go get after it and you can always you know change your attitude to have a positive attitude, but that's in your control right into your control to work hard and stuff and it's your control to like be relentless and just that mindset being relentless carried in and got me the think I've accomplished things because of it just because of that and so I'm just a big believer in it.

John [00:25:32] So I think at the heart of Relentless it's about you know, it's about that and I will give a shout out to like, you know, if anyone Falls Tim Grover he was Michael Jordan's trainer turned all these Elite athletes amazing guy. He spoke a lot with last year huge fan of his he wrote a book called Relentless good to Great to Unstoppable and and an amazing book best seller and that is sort of where the name originally came from to it resonated with me because of that.

John [00:26:02] Everything I just said and I thought this is awesome. He was the first person actually I called to come to the event. He was a big keynote last year and a terrific guy and he's all about that that mindset that mental toughness. And I don't know I just feel like that can that can get you really really far? That's a key component. So it's something that I've used in my own life.

John [00:26:25] And now I'm trying to create this event around that could be based on that,

Michael [00:26:28] right? Yeah. That's that's a huge piece of the the And puzzle. I really yeah from what I focus on across a number of areas of life on this podcast mindset obviously is a big piece of it and you know, I love to say in after head. So I love hearing you say that but some of that money and I said, you know, he John's, you know, living the dream you made that maybe that gear shift from your last type of business Endeavor to this one and I think of it as from what I know of you so far and and what I know of the event is really Seems like you've stepped back and figured out what really drives you and that mission for Relentless.

Michael [00:27:09] I think is right in line with your own mission and and you're following a passion and that's something that I think seems to be fairly unique for people to really find their their passion or they're calling early in life. At least in this country. We've gotten so structured about you know, you do this you do this you do this and you know, not enough.

Michael [00:27:32] It may be about the chance to uncover what you know what your passions and what your purpose are in life. So I think it's and they're just you know myself included there a number of people that come to that crossroads and they finally come to a place where if they hadn't previously they have the opportunity to sit back and figure out what that might be.

Michael [00:27:52] So that's something that I try to share guest stories to inspire like your story and your event inspires that and it's also interesting to me that you were use the word serendipitous. So the when I started this thing almost a year ago now the very first guest I had on was a buddy of mine who started a brewery of a what's what's starting to be a growing Niche but is very unique for he's the knee started which is a hard kombucha kombucha combined into an alcoholic drink beverage and and he described on and off are to me a number of things.

Michael [00:28:32] That happened in growing. His business is growing like crazy. So I don't think you have it all the way out in Massachusetts yet, but you will and he kept using the word serendipitous as they ran out of space serendipitously a larger space across the way opened with the same landlord and they really will expand and then they hit a financial barrier and then this happened and he used that word several times which to me was it's sort of you know when he Had his eyes open and a focus on the where they wanted to go.

Michael [00:29:08] But you know that mindset and that openness to opportunity somehow the path suddenly opened and I think that is the case for a lot of people once we get in the right mindset these doors these paths, you know, these these Futures start start to open. So I love hearing you talk about that. And I know one of the things that is is opening up for you personally, not just the business.

Michael [00:29:33] Is is your family life fatherhood now, you've got two children and and one of them just two months old. So tell me about about a little bit about that journey into in the fatherhood how that fits together with the passion that you're living out there on Martha's Vineyard for part of the Year through Relentless MV.

Michael [00:29:53] And and just how's that going so far two-year-old. Sorry two-month-old, baby, right?

John [00:29:59] Yeah, two months. Oh man. It's amazing. It's great and chaotic, you know, especially the infant disrupt your sleep and your day all day long. But yeah, so two kids nine-year-old daughter and two months son.

John [00:30:23] We're done with good for us and You know, it's I mean, it's amazing. Right? I mean, it's such an opportunity we have kids, right? If you're a parent it's such an opportunity to learn things about yourself, right and to develop, you know, the introspective and to develop things and find areas you have to develop and you know, I think it's important and we were kids that I mean we did my wife and I joke like, you know, it's I think it's important to be like honest and realistic like kids are really hard and they I fuck like half the guy right.

John [00:31:00] I mean they're you know, they're they're they're you know, they're selfish. They're difficult, you know what whatever it is, but obviously, you know on the whole and that they're amazing and you're great and it's important to be honest and about that that kids are just really difficult and hard, you know, half the time or whatever it is, but, you know, I wouldn't trade anything for in the world and I absolutely love it, you know.

John [00:31:29] It's it's definitely you know makes it makes it more difficult. I know women chose especially like managing your career and professional side when you have a family it's hard, but my wife that I could support of a partner where your you know, your other team approach or trying to you know, you know, I didn't conquer a bit and find a little slow there.

John [00:31:54] So so we try to do that and then just just laugh and be there. Are times where with the two big toes were these crying non-stop? You don't know why you're trying to feed them. You know, you can check in the diaper. Right? Like you're trying to figure it out and then the down comes along and like she's like barking or digging into the bed or something crazy and legit.

John [00:32:17] We look at each other just start laughing, you know, we just start laughing because it's just it's just ridiculous. We put Don said that comes along with it seven times and God remember like how that because short life is and how fast the kids grow up and me, you know, your son's going to be 12 this weekend.

John [00:32:43] I mean you write the 12 years. I'm sure of just snap your fingers and that is so true. And I think what helps put it in perspective you hear this sometimes like when any just last week I was having Lunch with somebody and he says we're talking about you know, the newborn and everything and he's like, okay. Just remember you have 18 Summers, you know that you had right and then a lot of the house in the doing their own thing and you don't see him much and you know, so with our nine-year-old half ago, right and so I just happened so fast and if you start figuring out how much time you spent with them, which is how much time you have left with them or we'll see them and all of that, you know, and I was Why I tell her this and she's like I don't want to hear it like that's depressing and it's just hard and in a lot of this is baby just ties to stoicism and philosophy and you know, we have Ryan holiday coming who does all the stoicism stuff.

John [00:33:41] It's important to remember this, right and remember that we're all gonna die and life safe mode. So it goes by quick. It's just important to remember that and so, you know control what you know and react to that and embrace your life and enjoy your life and find as much Meaning and purpose and don't take your kids for granted and try not to waste. You know, you don't have to go crazy about, you know managing every minute, but try not to take them or the time for granite and waste it right like embrace it and took bets that's kind of our philosophy and I just, you know, I just love spending time with them and I don't take it for granted and I really try to appreciate it and you see and you see him like like when you have a kid and probably just they grow up so fast and and it makes Realize it's almost like a mirror makes you realize how fast time goes.

John [00:34:28] So it's just it's an opportunity really Embrace that and try to just live life to the fullest. You know, that's kind of my philosophy on it. Oh,

Michael [00:34:38] yeah for sure. It's funny. You mentioned the 18 Summers. I think part of the challenge that a lot of us have is is your hearts in the right place, but it's easy to sort of make that excuse of like, wow, you know, I'm super busy and I got this and there's just that churn of life. I've got a buddy long time buddy.

Michael [00:35:00] I just caught up with recently after years. He built a very successful business over in Europe and had the fortune to exit that and and retire at about 40 years old and he's retired back to British Columbia wife for kids and all the, you know, all the freedom in the world.

Michael [00:35:21] You know, now he plays tennis plays golf involved in some some Joel activities and board and you know the rest of the time it's about being a husband and a father and shoot over to watch Liverpool games and you know, nonetheless. It's like time can just blow by you with the kids if you let it and so he actually mentioned something really similar as he sat down with his daughter and I think he you know, he said something like he look, you know, we've got got five more Summers or five more Winters until you're off to school.

Michael [00:35:55] So So let's not let that get by us. Let's literally plan out, you know what's on our list we want to do and let's walk those and and you said earlier like make a plan so they sat they sat down and made almost like an annual plan with the

John [00:36:09] kids. Big fan of that. I'm a big fan of that. That's so funny that you depend on conversation with I'm a big fan of that. I think that's exactly what you should do. Like just be aware that you know at the time what time you have and by the way, hopefully you have that time. Right? Right and you're guaranteed obviously by any stretch of the imagination.

John [00:36:30] So I'm a big fan of that. That's awesome

Michael [00:36:32] here. Yeah, as long as we're around we all have that time as long as we make it, but if we don't make it it's going to get away from us. I also really liked what you what you said in terms of I guess I sort of took it as we talked off are little bit about authenticity and right and people, you know, it's always fun to talk about the success stories and you look to those for inspiration.

Michael [00:36:57] But yeah, you mentioned Ryan holiday who's going to be at your event obstacle is the way as is one of the big ones and it's all about it. Don't avoid the challenges those. Those are the gift that give us. Learning experience from failure and you mentioned the introspection that comes with with being a being a father to me that we've all got opportunities for failure in life and the choice to learn and apply from them.

Michael [00:37:24] But Parenthood man, that's a whole nother level of not knowing what to do. Lots of hopefully smaller failures and lots of learning about ourselves as much as about how to help our children.

John [00:37:41] So true it's so true. I mean, you know and like, you know, I think what at what I try to do, you know is you know, what the kids like I did my thing to do is I'm going to talk about having the right attitude about that goes to that that's part of my parenting sort of ecology or style and priorities or value system, you know with my daughter right for example, and so lucky.

John [00:38:06] This is such an amazing kid. You know, I tell her, you know, she'll get the bad mood or get, you know, pissy or lazy or grumpy or over something small or whatever. It is. Look you can control your attitude. You could control that like so so I don't have a high tolerance for like a bad attitude and I want her to get in the habit of of my shifting whatever right like so I tell her like okay, you know, you're upset your bad attitude look sometimes that which is warranted cry without and you don't run away from your feelings, but with kids a lot of Kinds of small stuff right?

John [00:38:42] It's small stuff. They get into a bad mood quickly over something small and I just tell her look like like you have the ability to change your mind into something positive right go to a happy place turn on the music and dance like shift your energy like in shift your attitude and you can control that so, you know for me it's like that gets sent to the kids.

John [00:39:02] Like what could you don't have to be happy and have a great attitude all the time. But like, you know, I do expect that, you know, you understand you can control Your attitude and it's good to have a good attitude, right? That's that the healthy that's going to lead you to two places. You need to go, you know with that and also just work hard. That's also something that you can control so, you know with the kids.

John [00:39:25] It's like have a good attitude work hard and sort of, you know, give them as much love as possible. I think that's the key ingredient and then and then a lot of autonomy of control, right right and then you let let them live their

Michael [00:39:39] life. Give him some rope. That's so incredible that you you're working with her on that. I myself think a lot of people don't really learn that such a valuable lesson. So maybe maybe a little bit later at some point in life that that ability to disassociate from emotions and realize that you have a choice and you can change

John [00:40:01] it. Excellent.

Michael [00:40:02] One of the things I was I was talking to my son about I think this and this might even come from it's dr. Eggman. Who studied these micro expressions and there was a show or maybe Paul ekman's the actor and remember now, but it was all about studying the facial expressions and and the muscles that are kind of the output of feelings and being able to interpret those and ultimately it was up, you know people telling the truth or not is his whole thing is study of variety lies and truth.

Michael [00:40:35] But what I was talking to my son about it is the, you know, the face is sort of the The output if you will in a lot of cases, but it's actually an input device as well because what do you mean I go well think about it like sometimes you smile unconsciously because you're experiencing an emotion of Joy or happiness, but the reverse Works to if you force yourself to smile, you make your muscles do that.

Michael [00:41:02] It will affect your emotions. So it goes both

John [00:41:04] ways exactly. That's such a great point. It's true right and challenge yourself. If you're in a bad mood here, you know angry or whatever. It is. Like just start smiling. You might look a little crazy at first you already left.

John [00:41:41] I'm 41 now, but you know and I try to share that with my daughter and that's that's the idea right is look like don't be like Dad or Mom like we learn maybe it took us 30 years to learn like I want you to learn this now like, you know and start planting the seed nothing to do as as a parent you're trying to see what your kids have a better life than you and all that and a lot of emotionally and, you know just learning things at a younger age and developing those soft skills and Stuff it up their earlier age.

John [00:42:12] So I think it's great. I think it's great to talk to kids about trying to manage their mood and mindset and understand that they can choose their thoughts and everything and then those thoughts lead to be emotions Etc, you know to go overboard, but but it's good to know. It's good to plant that seed and kind of start, you know, helping them develop good habits and and and it translates into everything.

John [00:42:37] I just feel like I have a bad attitude or bad habits. You're not going to Yes be great to do that. Are you not going to you know beat someone that other folks want to hang around them? You're not going to feel good. Right? It's all connected and all really starts with with the mindset. And the good news. Is that Se?or you know, you're controlling large part.

Michael [00:42:57] Yeah, and you know, none of us are going to have control complete control over my emotions all the time. It goes back to the friendly right thing, but it's sort of like failing, you know, maybe having the awareness to fail fast, and then correct Corso. Yeah, I'm 3 years or so ahead of you in terms of the age of my son and your daughter and you know, my son's get he's right on the edge of Team preteen now and so in talking about the mindset stuff, we also talked about those emotions and those hormones and everything kicking in and their teenage years that are going to get a little crazy in the brain chemistry.

Michael [00:43:34] And so yeah, he definitely still has or starting to have you more of those moments where he loses it a little bit but That's going to happen and happens to us as adults to but our goal is to help him with the understanding that he can recognize it as quickly as possible and then and then reel it in so I don't know. I don't know if it's going to work. We

Michael [00:43:55] haven't lived through his teen years yet, but I'm a few years ahead of you. I'll keep plowing the way and try to let you know.

John [00:44:01] Yeah, let me know exactly's do

Michael [00:44:04] I will say though that you know, you've been doing awesome about supporting keeping up with my son doing his 2012. 20 20 burpees a day challenge so, you know better warn your daughter. We're going to get it on the Burpee program.

John [00:44:19] Yeah. Oh my God. No, I'm not going to want her to be funnier. That way I want to just to just to be surprised by I love that idea. Yeah, he's we talked about it. He's like, you know that I'm proud of you. It's just awesome.

John [00:44:42] And then seeing him get his friends involved and it's like again back to the parenting right isn't half of it. Like, you know, maybe Chris Rock has some funny jokes about keeping, you know, you one job is des keep your daughter of a bowl and stir it. So have you had these that they can achieve comical way of saying it but you are trying to like keep them on the right path and you're trying to keep your kids away from bad kids and you know, folks kids that are going to corrupt them and you want them to have good friends and good.

John [00:45:11] any and all that stuff and it's just awesome to see your kid, you know doing these great things which he they're just awful developing great habits, you know, great physical, you know, they physically see benefits and he's bringing his friends into it and there are so lucky lucky that their kid is hanging out with your kid and you know, Right kids in the right crowd and you can't control that entirely but like you can always put them in certain situations and I think that's awesome.

John [00:45:50] And he's following your lead, obviously and so, you know, I think you know, you're doing a great job setting setting an example and point him in the right direction and it's inspiring me, you know as a parent and everything and so it's fun to it's fun to watch it and I see from following him on social that expired other people and I'm just excited to keep Following it and it's like dude like get a turn 12 and it's just going to be so exciting to see you know, where life takes him and I don't think they're great places.

Michael [00:46:21] Thanks, man. He's rocking it. And yeah give I'll give my wife all the credit on that one. You never know as a parent in foresight if you're doing the right things, but you know in hindsight I can only think that it's going to prove out that helping him with physical health and his relationships.

Michael [00:46:41] Is his mental awareness and and discipline and and you know, as you said he's got a passion for sharing it with his buddies and trying to inspire them and you know, who knows maybe becomes a coach because he seems to really like helping teach other kids to do what he's doing is she never really know where it's going to lead it. I don't know if we're creating a little bit of a monster, you know, because it is Backlash, you know, it's like Dad has your burpees yet, you know, or Dad, he told me the other day.

Michael [00:47:13] It was like that comment was inappropriate and he actually said he's like I'll be the father. I'll be the father in this one dad and that wasn't

John [00:47:20] appropriate.

Michael [00:47:41] Going to continue to challenge ourselves. So, you know, we talked a little bit about failure. I don't know if you have any any particular failure and learn from failure. And so see that a failure stories. You want to share about the business or personally love to hear it if you do but maybe that ties into whether it's Relentless or otherwise, what's you know, what's out there on your horizon?

Michael [00:48:06] What what's been challenging for you? And and what sort of talk about? Be hags what what scary stuff or talk about Patrick Sweeney? You know the fear Guru, what's what's scary stuff. Are you leaning into for 2020?

John [00:48:23] yeah, man, in terms of failures, like literally too many to count right it got so many I read so many and you know as an entrepreneur obviously and no one has a perfect record and you know, it's so true and I mean a lot of people talk about it down, but you know, you just see the success or the outcome right of folks and you know, you people think you know, they They don't fully appreciate all the failures and then you know my last company it was one of these entrepreneurial stories where you know started the business.

John [00:49:01] I borrowed $1,000 from my sister and then fat people will see six years later the businesses, you know, making, you know generating tens of millions of dollars of Revenue and and you know folks that are joining the company, you know later on. They just see kind of the success if they don't see kind of those early.

John [00:49:22] Years, you know me sleeping on my sister's college or my friends College, you know, you know work not paying ourselves, like just you know that side of it just really humble and and it's just a real that was a roller coaster and it's a roller coaster of all kinds of near-death experiences and all kinds of failures.

John [00:49:43] There's just there's just there's so many, you know with Relentless. I think, you know one of the things We didn't do well and is originally we were going to have this event a couple years ago. It was going to be in September. So Not Jus now that was asked earlier for so many reasons wanted to know people really want to be on the I it's beautiful be on the island.

John [00:50:11] Honestly, like almost all year long other than like the dead of the winter. It's great Spring ball or great summer is really like the peak season and it's great and you know, so we were trying to do with that ember and people really want to be a cavitation out of it may be a long weekend out of it or do you just want to be there in the summer? And so September wasn't smart and then you know, we were we were but we were going to do it in September and we decided just to plan to start planning like two months before so wasn't nearly enough time.

John [00:50:44] It was the deal you decide and Ed were advertising the people of the summer and whatever. Laughing thinking about it guys. It's like such a failure in so ridiculous waste of the kind of time a ton of money. We are marketing, you know, we were on billboards and we were on the radio and we did all the stop. It just fails it's just failed and we reschedule the event, right?

John [00:51:06] We learned and everything got the advice. We reschedule the event to June, right? So it was given the first one was last year and the good thing is at that point, you know, so now we were planning not to months in advance, right? But you know, whatever that is on the Nine months in advance. And then we started planning 2020 as soon as 2019 and then so that was a big failure.

John [00:51:30] We learn from that and you know, and now, you know, we've been planning this that you know where I was and we were planning the next one and in terms of marketing, you know, I think talk to you I'm a big fan of you know, you know Seth Godin and he has a book called Purple Cow, that is really, you know about putting you know, Even is marketing goals putting it into the product of the service and making it so amazing that you create these super fans that he called him seizures that start spreading the word to everybody and that's so that's what we've done and that's what we learn.

John [00:52:04] So we try to keep you know, minimize that you know that marketing spend and put it into the end into having awesome speakers and just an awesome experience and we spend a lot of money on the event and you know, so we invested in the product and then and then I think people just have one much better time and the way we found and make sure we have a high-quality attendee is it's very it's a relationship-driven approach.

John [00:52:29] So we find great people and they spread the word and so last year they came a lot of folks came and they'll come back and they'll spread the word and it just it's like a movement and a community that that builds and so that was probably a long a long answer to the failure question, but the best but there was a big failure there and luckily we've adjusted Came to work in well big goals for 2020.

John [00:52:56] Do you want to get into that? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Michael [00:53:05] I'm really glad you touched on something I think about a lot which is that success. I think of as a process rather than an event and for people who are just kind of on the outside looking in it looks like a point in time binary sort of thing where somebody arted and and went from unknown unsuccessful to known and successful and you just don't you don't see unless you dig deeper or you find some way to get the transparency on it.

Michael [00:53:33] You don't normally get perspective on all those reps that somebody had to put in to get there whether you know, think about it and sports you think about a business thing about any area of Life getting better succeeding is all about the repetitions and and mostly what that means is lots of fat. There's like you said more failures than you can count.

Michael [00:53:54] So, you know, thank you for emphasizing that point that it's like yeah, it is important to kind of look back at those failures because they really are the building blocks of the of the

John [00:54:05] success. You still got four? Well, you said that so well, yeah, I told I totally agree. You know, I think I've gone through it personally, you know, professionally and everything and I totally I totally agree I and again back to the parenting stuff. I always try to try to tell my daughter that you know, I try to tell her that like, you know, you just it's putting in the wraps, you know and and putting in the time and I'm a big fan and believer in like the 10,000 hour.

John [00:54:37] As in all of that stuff. It's just true. It's so much of it is just behind the scenes and putting in the time and the good news is it can you know, if you're smart about it, it can definitely pay off and it could pay off in big ways. But yeah, you got to realize that it's so it's a good stock clerk. You know, we have this on just like kind of a funny comment. I

John [00:54:59] mean we had this, you know, and I say we might wife and I and the family had this farm and in on the vineyard The school band where event held and it's a beautiful place. It's just it's such a nice place and and you know, when they're all summer long and we're meeting all people from all over the world all over the country all over the world.

John [00:55:20] And you know, they they are we always hear this. You know, I always wanted to have my own in. That's my dream one day. Oh my God, you're living the life and living the dream. And I mean we joke about it earlier. And yeah, we love it. We do we love it. And we appreciate it was very intentional and all of that. Collated and it's on again on the whole internet.

John [00:55:41] It's great. It's finally with the passing. But of course there are failures within that and their sacrifices and most of it is not glamorous. Right? And so someone will come into the restaurant on a Saturday night have an amazing meal and then, you know, we'll bring them all to see the alpacas and your little farm area and you know what it's like oh my god with your here every day.

John [00:56:03] This is your life and it's like well, yes, but you're getting a little slice of it. And so it's obviously life is not like all perfect and that you know, there's just so much failure or so much, you know non glorious.

John [00:56:37] You have to understand that it's not always about the younger and it's interesting.

Michael [00:56:42] Yeah, quick funny story for you. You'll find it funny as somebody running in but but you know, I think about and hopefully this guy doesn't listen or maybe I'm going to get blacklisted again, but you know, I think about it is as you know, you got to lean into those failures and learn from them if you just sort of ignore them and as a business person you want the feedback right?

Michael [00:57:04] Because that's how you're going to get better and that's how you're going to figure out. How to satisfy that customer next time or deliver better value or B or better be of service in a more valuable way. Well, I went snowboarding annual snowboarding trip of the body last year tried a new Lodge and and and like some stuff went sideways a roof leaked and etcetera.

Michael [00:57:26] So I posted my honest review on Expedia. But you know, my thinking is feedback take the feedback, you know improve on it. Do what you can this wasn't like. Hey, I'm never coming back here. This was like Hey, you know honest feedback. Hope you guys can improve on it.

Michael [00:57:46] And I want to book the same place this year. Like I want to take my business back there again, and the lady on the phone goes, hang on. Yeah, the system wasn't letting her make a reservation. The owner had to come on the phone and go. Hey, I got you flat. Lagged here because you put a bad review in

John [00:58:03] last. Oh my God. Oh my

Michael [00:58:05] God, like instead of value of that.

John [00:58:12] Oh my goodness. That is so funny. I've never heard of anyone.

John [00:58:32] Leave, you know if you're around you're talking and let me let me tell you and they're nervous. I'm like give you food. But of course we want the feedback. We reason we're doing this is to give everyone an amazing experience it, you know at the end we have something we call 10 star service. So we want to like five stars the best way that we want to go above and beyond for their clients again your time your money like you can't keep you can take that for granted like you can't like people have options and choices and you want to deliver and of course you weren't the back and you know and look most of the time it's there.

John [00:59:05] There are only God when you have it in a restaurant and oh my God, some people are just so unfair and and you know, the bad part of the review system is that I mean the standard like someone will leave you a one-star review for just like like I'm very minor minor thing and it's and that's unfair because then it's there but but the majority of people are very fair and very, In fact, like literally like 99% of the people, but then I don't know how you could be in business like in any business or not, like want the feedback, you know, and be able to record.

John [00:59:42] Of course you need it so that you want to you need it to get better and if you're not getting better, you know, then when you know kind of successful business, so

Michael [00:59:51] you need a yeah. Absolutely. Yeah, I think she described running three businesses the event the and the restaurants and all three of those are reasons. I'm excited to experience it, but I threw you off track Give me let's spend just a minute on something scary or big or goal wise that you got on your Horizon and then and then I want to be respectful of your time.

Michael [01:00:12] So we'll wrap up after that with just a little bit more about how to find you in the event.

John [01:00:18] Yeah, so, you know talking about be hags and that's just you know, you're not like we're on the same wavelength and some of the ways originally Relentless. You know, what big part of it were these beehives I wanted everyone to come with the be. Hey guy. I love these moonshots. We transmit everything to call it. Right. I love these beehives huge obnoxious at daysius goals.

John [01:00:40] Like I love that. I love folks that are trying to change the world and you know, I opened up on that was last year. Like, you know, you just welcoming everybody in thanking them and just saying, you know look like I'm told them a daily basis. I'm crazy. Right? I mean, you know, I'm not and they know I'm not that as an entrepreneur in is like, you know, someone who tried to have the vision and think big it's crazy.

John [01:01:02] You are told you're crazy. You know, there are haters out there you deal with that all the time and you know, so we talked a lot about beehives. But definitely, you know important part of her levels to I think there are a lot of folks just have big goals and they want to meet other folks and collaborate with other folks and so they can help each other reach them, you know, and I'm sitting here thinking I had my whole plan for 2020 and my goals and everything and then thinking jeez. I

John [01:01:32] don't know if I really have when he beheads 2020 and that's that's g with my hypocrite here. I have goals are very specific goals, you know, I'm a personal side of my weight loss goal and a detailed Look aggressive and a detailed plan on how to get there and on the business side to talk about the and restaurant. We have very specific financial goals and their aggressive and there's a detailed plan to get there and on Relentless its last year.

John [01:01:58] We didn't sell out it was your one we came close this year, you know, the goal is to sell out and we're on Pace for sure to do that. We're still DePalma ticket way more than last year already. And and that's exciting and encouraging and so the goal is to sell out and sell out early, you know, we want to sell out as early as possible.

John [01:02:22] We one thing that makes the event unique I didn't talk about her earlier. But related to that is it's the intimacy. This is like a critical part of it. We basically Capital hungry, you know attendees. So that's an intimate of N and these speakers and the people who come there, you know.

John [01:02:44] Bill fly in and out and do a keynote in Las Vegas in front of 10,000 people right or somewhere else in front of two huge crowds of people and you're never talking to them. You're never you know, getting to know them and that's another thing about Relentless. It's just it's intimate. So you have unprecedented access to you know, the folks that are there other attendees and speakers.

John [01:03:06] So our goal is to sell out and we Capital hungry 817. So everyone has this sort of like amazing experience that could goes along with anything to see such a big goal there and on the qualitative side of it is to create an even better experience the last year last year was great. It exceeded my expectations.

John [01:03:27] I'm not opposed to the story once but like someone on the way, I will try to pay more pay more money because they felt guilty how much thousands of God and that is an absurd absurd absurd thing that hat like that's crazy. Right who has bought like tries to pay extra for the On their way out because I felt guilty how much value they had. But as a testament to like how you know, how much value was there and the experience.

John [01:03:51] So the goal is to visitor to raise the bar and make it even better and I feel really confident we're going to do that. We you know learned, you know, you know, you know learn from year one and you know, lots of like, you know, small things you can you can change between will and and that's the goal is to just to sell out have an even better experience and then beyond that it's to expand Relentless. So

John [01:04:16] like we're going to talk about you and I earlier technical Chiminey offline but chamonix France and we're going to bring Relentless to chamonix France next with her and the idea is to decide to cut a replicate this formula of you know, hosting this intimate event right for these changemakers people big goals.

John [01:04:38] I don't want to help others and host it in gorgeous locations. And have this mix of awesome key in a world-class Keynotes mixed with these epic experiences, right? That's very experiential component that allows you to enjoy the location right where you are where you're at and then also grow and develop and in other ways and then you know top it off with these like really fun rocking like dinner parties.

John [01:05:08] So so that's sort of part of the vision is to bring this to other locations. Ian's and and so that's part of it and that's what happened in 2020. So I'm cheating a little bit by my 2020 goals because that's 2021 and 2022, but that's definitely that's definitely something we want to do is just grow it and have it in, you know, not just in and not just in the US but forgetting their National and just replicate property that formula.

Michael [01:05:37] Okay? Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I'm glad you touched on both of those. I just from some of the things we have talked about and the way I've Describe it. I inferred that ultimately had a vision for not just Relentless MV but Relentless, you know fill in the blank really was Global and then, you know, just also the the and I gotta tell you yeah shammi for a future event, but just this year Martha's Vineyard, there's so much that's excited me about this thing to keep talking about it and want to air this episode, but the got me signed up right away myself.

Michael [01:06:11] Haven't been to Martha's Vineyard before. And that you know, that's definitely the the location is huge as something unique about it. But I'm glad you also brought up the the format the intimacy not only of the experiential piece of it, but just kind of the the keynote sort of keynote to participant ratio that in the end, you know, it is going to be a fairly small fairly exclusive fairly intimate type of type of event.

Michael [01:06:42] There's only going to be you know, a hundred or whatever. To cap it at and I know you talked about just extreme value. I mean, yeah for sure but I think the person offering to pay more is indicative of you could still charge a lot more and still be delivering extreme value for cost.

Michael [01:07:02] I think about it. Like there's this guy I talked to on one of my early podcast. It's become a good friend of mine Brian Daugherty who founded this small batch watch company American made watch Kyle Declan James watch company and as we talked about and I'm kind of watch guy and I found out the quality of this Swiss components that he uses for his movement things like that.

Michael [01:07:24] I go Brian like between between what you put in the inside and what comes through from you in the design on the outside. You're crazy to charge this price like you got to charge a lot more and you know, maybe ultimately will and I you know, I'm a big fan of your Success in your business and I hope ultimately you will do you will as well.

Michael [01:07:47] So I kind of look at this is now I want to get in early and I think this is I think this has a heap of value now, but I could also see it costs a lot more later. So I'm all-in

John [01:08:00] well I did thanks for saving my brother. So I'll say we did a survey last year reminds me. We did a survey after the event right we send these and and one question was you know, what would you pay for this event, you know? No, and basically sort of what people most people run with $3,500.

John [01:08:20] So the that's basically double that that's doubled up full price ticket right now and we have liked early bird going and whatever so my point was like that was last year and this year there's a lot more value. So that was that was like from feedback from a survey.

John [01:08:40] So so that was good to see, you know, that was really to see and yeah, it's all about it's just all about delivering delivering that value and I think I'm not going to name names obviously, but you know, I see who buys tickets and stuff and it's there are some definitely like very influential but people like there are there but you know, they're influential people that that better calming is attendees, you know, people that are tycoons, you know, that sort of thing that will be there, you know the vineyard has Is still a lot of folks own film bombers, but I was there right recently. I

John [01:09:17] mean, there's just there's just a lot of a lot of very very like high-profile or influential people that have summer homes there and you know, and some of them will be at the event. So that's good kind of subtracting and you can see totally acceptable being in the room with people and stuff like that and it looks like there will be a mix there will be those people, you know.

John [01:09:43] Thank but on the intimacy definitely is like is a key component to for folks to get on

Michael [01:09:49] it. Yeah, but you can let people know I'm coming. I am definitely a tycoon of at least like yeah tooth to get around myself like kind of a space for sure

John [01:10:02] when I talk

Michael [01:10:03] to little Laval is extremely accomplished. Right and he talks about going on stage or appearing in an event like this and he you know, he's like, what am I doing? With these other speakers, you know, I'm not even in the in in that realm that's kind of how I feel it going into the audience of this thing, but I'm super excited for you know, who the peer group ends up being to hang out with you some more to hang out with with a guest you mentioned.

Michael [01:10:32] So again, that's one of the reasons I really wanted to get more of this story out to to our tribe and I know you and I have talked about will do some kind of a group discount for for man of mastery. Folks that are interested in reaching out to you and attending I hope we can fill up a decent percentage of that cap and we might even do you know some kind of a meet up before or after for my for my

John [01:10:56] career and hopefully so what make it happen,

Michael [01:10:59] let's do it. What's what's the next step? How do people get in touch with you if they want to reach out to John and Relentless MV and make this thing

John [01:11:05] happen. Yeah, well, thanks for that. And again, thanks for the opportunity. It's just this is so much fun the website Relentless and You can buy your tickets. You can see the agenda. You can see the speaker's, you know, click through all those epic experiences. I recommend watching this a two minute video on there from last year that gives you a sense of it.

John [01:11:28] So take the website is a great place to start and then following us on social we're going to you know keep Put some content there announce things. There may be you know, so yeah, I would follow us in Social Instagram. Anyone Instagram Twitter Facebook LinkedIn, I'd probably do I'm partial to Instagram personally Relentless MV and all those places.

John [01:11:54] So I'm false and social and I would go to the website and it's pretty comprehensive. You know, it's a little tricky sometimes people ask questions on getting to the island and where to stay we put all that on the website. There's a lot of information on on the logistics and getting there. Will you get it taken you can add in a hotel room if you want.

John [01:12:15] So to make it easier you don't have to would you make it easier on people for people and there's people in chat and you know, there's you know, there's ways to get in touch with us a phone number there. So I think the websites pretty comprehensive and following us on Social Web, you know, I know you're you're you're doing an awesome job with the podcast and I am sure.

John [01:12:37] Listeners are like like just a

Michael [01:12:39] great now. We'll keep it rolling. I hope some of them can make it as well. So at Relentless MV Relentless and yeah again, you know, I've become a huge proponent of this thing and I haven't even been there yet. I'm just as excited about it. So I'm gonna offer if this is already happened.

Michael [01:12:59] But any less listeners that you want to kind of pick my brain more about why I'm going or have questions about it or I jump in and work out part of the group discount. Yeah, people can feel free to reach out to me as well and or Relentless MB. So John I super appreciate the time man and and more about the backstory and wish you all the continued success in the world with the event with the with the family with the kids and look forward to meeting you in person here in June.

John [01:13:30] Thank you, Michael. Thanks

Michael [01:13:31] again. Yeah, my pleasure. Alright, have a great day, John. Euclid Alright, yeah, super cool event. I'm really pumped about this one. I just think it's so unique what John is doing what he's created not only with the location and the type of guests. He has and the format that the keeps it so intimate and Sprint spans over several days combines the experiential piece of this all that in itself is different, but then you throw in the the element of capping it at a hundred people keeps the crowd small and it's all about not only experiencing.

Michael [01:14:08] the Keynotes and then the the activities around the key notes, but really forming relationships with a high standard of people that are there in the crowd is your peer Group which really the way John's doing it sounds like it's happening really by almost by not not so much invitation only but almost because it's all sort of networked into so again, I think this one sounds like a blast looking forward to I will be there and I know

John [01:14:38] A

Michael [01:14:38] few other people from the Mastery tribe have already signed up as well. So if you want more information reach out to John check out his website social media follow to see what they're doing and the latest on keynote speakers and feel free to reach out to me. If you got questions about what got me involved. What what brought me and John together the couple guests Laval and Patrick that I've had a chance to meet on this podcast already and then also thinking about You know several of us going and doing a meet-up before or after so if you want to reach out on that front, I'd like to organize that as well.

Michael [01:15:15] So hope hope this was inspiring to you gave you some ideas and if the event is interesting to you as well. I hope to see you there meet you there in June 2020 Relentless Martha's Vineyard. All right, guys, that's it for this week next week. We have somebody coming up that I think I have mentioned and promise to you around concentration.

Michael [01:15:37] Cavity productivity mindfulness just kind of being present and tools for productivity around that based on his own experiences own challenges his own life cam night coming up next week and episode 39 km night on the man of Mastery podcast. See you guys next week.