Spartan Race has been such a powerful and positive force for my family and me as well as the many others founder Joe DeSena is touching with his mission to rip 100 million people off their couches.  Well beyond just the physical challenges and benefits, the sport offers benefits in mindset, mental toughness, positivity, emotional control, and an incredible team and community spirit.

This week is a really fun look at all the good, bad, and ugly of Spartan Race 2019 and with excitement at the start of the 2020 race season just days away. We’re doing it panel style with three of the biggest personalities in the sport – Nathan Connolly, Renalto Hardin II, and Scott Knowles. These guys share what brought them to OCR, what they love about Spartan, and what they’re looking forward to in 2020 and beyond.


  • Suicide awareness and prevention
  • Favorite Spartan race venues and format / distance
  • Most and least favorite obstacles
  • Tip on running multiple races same-day
  • Best and worst of 2019
  • Is Joe DeSena selling or retiring from Spartan?
  • Grading Joe and team on their job in 2019
  • Is Tough Mudder folding or being bought?
  • Favorite OCR races besides Spartan


Coach Nathan Connolly works with adaptive and able-bodied athletes locally in the Los Angeles area and remotely world-wide, specializing in adaptive OCR athletes – ranging in skill and experience from beginner to expert – and includes training in both fitness and nutrition. He’s currently expanding a coaching presence through a new YouTube channel and you can keep up with Nathan’s race schedule and coaching tips via the Instagram link below. He’s aiming for 4 Ultras and 10 Trifectas in 2020.


Renalto Hardin II hails from Detroit, is a Michigan Wolverine, and has served a career in the US Army. He has represented that branch of the armed force in numerous Spartan race events on his way to racking up 21 Trifectas to-date. But the best still lies ahead with numerous Ultras in Renalto’s plans for the 2020 race season and upcoming retirement from military service allowing even more focus on fitness, racing, and his work in suicide awareness and prevention.


Scott Knowles discovered Spartan racing in 2015 and since then has racked up 20 Trifectas and over 100 total Spartan races. He now races in the top tier of the Elite and Age Group classes with multiple podiums to his name. Nonetheless you could not meet a more humble individual who loves to compete but is always out there to have a great time. He is always the guy putting up fun pictures like this one as he rips it up on the course, cheering on fellow racers. Scott is definitely a “glass half full” type with a contagious positivity, gratitude, and love of the sport. He is usually on the other side of the microphone as host of the I Am a Spartan podcast.


Coach Nathan Connolly

Renalto Hardin II

Scott “The Fayne” Knowles


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Speaker 1 (0s): At the end of an ultra if you're not just totally just rekt, you know, that's my favorite. But you know the Ultras also the race you love the most and you hate the most. I mean, I love just racing all day doing what I love to do.

Speaker 2 (30s): Men of Mastery podcast episode 36. Happy New Year guys this week we have the 2019 Spartan Race after action review as well as a look ahead to the upcoming Spartan 2020 season, welcome back to the show where we are exploring actionable ways to restructure our mindset and compound common actions into remarkable results. The mission here is to learn from the success and failures of men and women applying this concept. Depth of Mastery and it's lifelong journey to many different areas of life. So as you think about goals for 2020 and really accelerating into the new year. Here's a reminder about an event coming up in June called Relentless MV. This is something we heard about from Laval Saint-Germain and Patrick Sweeney the fear Guru John Kane and his team at Relentless MV put on this event for people who are really dedicated to the pursuit of self improvement and growth with right up our alley the other thing that sounds pretty interesting about. This one is it's a little different maybe growth contacts to what I've done this year and what I've talked about pretty often this one set in Martha's Vineyard. So this isn't rolling around in the mud and an overnight boot camp. This is an intimate setting to learn from some of the most inspiring Minds in the world and then kick back in the evening with a dinner reception. So as far as I know Patrick, Sweeney is on tap to be there again this year. Perhaps Laval again and John and the Relentless team have just announced Ryan holiday as a keynote for 2020 you may know Ryan as the author of ego is the enemy obstacle is the way and his latest illness is the key John and the Relentless MV team organized a 20% group discount for man of Mastery as a community friends family. Anybody who wants to take advantage of that just get in touch with them at Relentless Ryan holiday added as a keynote this one sure to sell out so jump in there fast join Patrick screaming the fear Guru Ryan holiday and me in Martha's Vineyard June 2020 Relentless MV as you probably know Spartan Race has been such a powerful and positive force for my family and me as well as so many others that founder Jo de Sena is touching with his mission to rip 100 million people off their couches and well beyond just the physical challenges and benefits. The sport offers benefits in mindset mental toughness positivity emotional control and incredible team and Community spirit this week with the excitement of the 2020 Race season just days away. We're going to have a really fun look back at all the good bad and ugly of 2019 Spartan Race. I'm doing it panel style with three of the biggest Personalities in the sport Nathan Connolly Renault to harden and Scott Knowles. These guys share what brought them to OCR what they A love about Spartan and what they're looking forward to in 2020 and Beyond. Let's do this thing. Thank you for being here both to the guests and and the listeners just by by doing so you really proved that you are uncommon being ready to learn being ready to grow and I hope there's a bunch to learn from from today. I'm super excited. It's it's two weeks from the official kickoff of Spartan 2020 season here in the United States. I think we're only days away from the first Spartan 2020 race in the world. In Austria, and today I've got the call it an after-action report on Spartan 2020 by way of a panel. We're going to talk good bad and ugly of 2019 and then look ahead to Spartan 2020. So whether you're a Spartan fiend, like probably all of us on this on this call or during your Roux. There you go. We're looking for your first race. You're going to get something of value and inspiration out of this. And so with that let me tell you who we have on today Renault. Oh Harden, I know Renault. Oh, I think going back to 2018. I saw this guy walking around with the biggest Trifecta metal. I'd ever seen at least at that time, and he rocks everything from stadiums to Ultras and other ocr's. Definitely got to give him props for being a Michigan Wolverine, and I know he has served a career in our US military. So thank you for your service Renault. Oh, thank you. Scott Knowles, thanks for jumping in you. Yeah runs the I am a Spartan podcast. He and I talked to recently that. He started Spartan Racing back in 2015 and kind of like me. He's got a two plus our Sprint to his name back in those days. He has been tearing it up since then number of podiums and I think he's got some Milestones under his belt and he'll talk about here today. And then Nathan Conley Nathan, I think so only about a year into the sport. But man this guy he was born with spina bifida and doctor said he may never even walk. He's aspiring to be the first adaptive Athlete on to the able-bodied Spartan pro team. And this guy he may be one of the one of the role models for me on mental toughness. I see him out there working through hypothermia and no matter what's going on. He's always got a On his face and give them a little bit of a little bit of a pump and a jab here. Nathan may be my only friend who's won a first place and a last place in the same race. So weird that gentlemen, thank you for joining me here today. Why don't we just go through I'll go through in that order again and lets you add anything. I might have missed on your call your Spartan resume Spartan credentials Renault.

Speaker 1 (391s): Oh, Once again Renault. Oh I've done I've done some of those long Sprint's when I was 245 pounds on my first part, right? So I know the struggle of being out there all day as well and I've done the trifecta World Championship, which was in Sparta Greece, which was just just a blast and that one was probably my my favorite time out there and I've done it, you know represented the Army and I'm still in the Army as I retire in a few months. It's and you know just representing soldiers and still preventing suicide with suicide prevention. So that's that's all I'm doing now

Speaker 2 (429s): good stuff. Thanks brother Scott.

Speaker 1 (434s): Yeah, so, you know it all started with me. I had some friends at work, you know, I was already running 5Ks and stuff and some friends at work or like Hey, we're going to do this Spartan Race and you know, and I'd I'd already knew about what a Spartan Race was. You know you go out you get muddy you doober. Because you know and do obstacles and I was thinking man. I really don't want to go out there and trash trash a bunch of good running gear. But I figured you know, they're asking me to do it. I said I'll do it this one time. I went out there and did it once and I was hooked. I man, I just got that feeling like a kid at the playground again and you know, it's way more fun than just running a boring 5K, you know, and you just get such a rush from it and I ended up getting a triple Trifecta the first year, I guess I Started doing the race. And I mean I was I totally drank all the Kool-Aid and I think probably a year and a half after that. I started listening to other obstacle course I'd cast and I figured you know, I'm going to try to do this in my own redneck kind of way and you know, so I just do it at my own Leisure, you know, I don't put out a lot of episodes maybe one a month, but it's just something I do for fun. You know, I don't want it to turn into a job, but I've really enjoyed it and A sport is really took me to places I probably wouldn't have traveled otherwise and man. I just looking forward to another year of it and trying to do it without hurting my body too

Speaker 2 (524s): much. I know that story super cool. All right, and Nathan and I missed on you

Speaker 1 (532s): other than being a pro at getting hypothermia twice. He

Speaker 2 (539s): not really.

Speaker 1 (542s): Join, Spartan this year 2019 and finished off with four trifectas after not even knowing that I could do one.

Speaker 2 (555s): Yeah, I mean you really covered everything with me.

Speaker 1 (560s): I'm just looking forward

Speaker 2 (561s): to my goal of ten trifectas this year. Wow,

Speaker 1 (566s): and then I'm registered for for Ultras currently.

Speaker 2 (571s): So that's one big that yeah will tell you what let's let's do something fun here to get us rolling break the ice a little bit and pick up the pick up the pace with a few quick kind of Rapid Fire questions. So I'll start back through this with you Nathan since you mentioned your goal for 2019 on the on the 10 trifectas for Ultras. What are you up to now just in total on on race count overall Trifecta count and whatever you're tracking the today Trifecta count. Yeah for okay got it. And then I

Speaker 1 (608s): don't know. I'm sorry 5 because it well.

Speaker 2 (611s): All time 5 because of the crossover with 2019 2020. Yep, right. Yeah and Scott you got some big numbers

Speaker 1 (620s): man. Yeah, so I've got 20 traffic that's so far and I've done a hundred and one races total but a lot of that it's like, you know, I went to Charlotte one year and it was just a long time between my last race and my first race of the year. And I was getting ready for an ultra at the end of that month and I hadn't done a lot of long run run. So I did like four laps of a Sprint in one day at Charlotte. So the lot of this is multi

Speaker 2 (653s): elapsed. Gotcha. Yeah. I think I looked up some of your time and results and yeah, so I want to ask you about that. I know that when you run multiple laps, it doesn't mess would account for the trifectas. No, but if I look at your time, I'll see you like, you know. Two sprints in a day is that re running a lab or is that running age group and then running an open category? Are you paying for those of you're paying for the lap rerun?

Speaker 1 (680s): So, you know, I always get an age group past mainly because the elite passes like three hundred dollars more. So but what you do is you can sign up for your first heat of the day online, which that was age group for me you run that race and then you go back to the race day registration and you just pay the $14 Insurance fee and then they give you another time and Chip and another, you know headband and you just go and run another lap. So and I just did that four times in that one day, but here's the kicker to this. So whatever their system is with athleanxx, you can't claim but two races a day and they have to be in different Heats. So if you run to open Heats, it's only going to let you I am one of them. So one of them has got to be either Elite or age group and then another one can be open unless you're colder. Oh son. You can run Elite age group

Speaker 2 (740s): and open all the interesting. All right, that's a good kid Pro tip. I appreciate that one. Yeah, man, I would I would also do Elite except I'm not a leave the place only problem I Renault. So, where are you at man? Where you at on your totals

Speaker 1 (755s): total was 20 21 for some reason my Lebec Ultras and showing up so As of right now, it's 20 on the system, but I know I did Lebec Ultra because of my body still paying for it today. So, you know, once they get that fixed, I'll be a 21 total till this day last year. I kind of took it easy a little bit this year coming up. I plan on doing a lot more Ultras this year and we'll see where that goes by next year will be my year.

Speaker 2 (786s): Yeah. I know you fought through some some injuries and you keep it. Next time you go back to Sparta you may end up on the the wall of fame at they're creating over there. That's

Speaker 1 (796s): the goal. It's amazing.

Speaker 2 (799s): Well speaking of Greece and we'll roll back through the group here Rinaldo. What's your what's your favorite venue? And what's your favorite Race distance

Speaker 1 (809s): hands down has to be spot of Grease the venue that the community the local community. They were so supportive the little children out there if they wasn't trying to take your head. They are not you had them. Each wrist bands they were giving you oranges as you were running along the course up the mountains. So it was just amazing. The community was great and the food was outstanding as well. So my favorite of all would be the this part and this part of the world championship. So that was pretty fun. And the second question you

Speaker 2 (839s): ask your favorite Race distance or format.

Speaker 1 (843s): I would have to go with the Beast the third naturally not 13 the Beast and and Sparta was I think 17 or 18 miles it was hard. It was challenging and I wasn't prepared for and that sometimes when I'm out there racing and I don't know what's to come what to expect. I like that the most because you know, what a lot of times you can do it venue and you know exactly what's coming up. Sometimes it's not as challenging but the grease the sparta Beast that was it was 17 18 miles and it was

Speaker 2 (874s): brutal, but I love it. So it was real and they get those different obstacles in Europe to so there was some fun stuff that I hadn't seen

Speaker 1 (882s): before definitely the balance as

Speaker 2 (884s): well balanced. How about you Skye you got a favorite place to race and favorite distance.

Speaker 1 (890s): Mmm. I would say I love the ultra distance. I mean, I hate the way, you know at the end of an ultra if you're not just totally just rekt, you know, that's my favorite. But you know the Ultras also the race you love the most and you hate liars, and if you ever run Killington you can You can kind of you know understand what I'm talking about. I mean, I love just racing all day doing what I love to do. So, of course, you know, the ultra distance is my favorite, but you know, sometimes you get those crazy aches and pains through the race and that's the part. I don't like about it, but the Ultras definitely my favorite

Speaker 2 (932s): distance. Yeah, it's one of those kind of events. I love it coming in and I love it the day after but then you know you get out there and you're like, why did I do this? Again,

Speaker 1 (942s): I guess it's just fun, you know nerd and out all of your nutrition, you know coming into the drop being area and getting that second wind, you know, it's just that's just exhilarating, you know to me.

Speaker 2 (955s): I agree. It's good stuff. How about you Nathan favorite place favorite distance.

Speaker 1 (960s): I'm a little torn on the venue because I loved Los

Speaker 2 (964s): Olivos. I loved Tahoe Tahoe was a whole different element of just

Speaker 1 (973s): it was a whole different

Speaker 2 (974s): world, especially this year with all

Speaker 1 (977s): the There are issues.

Speaker 2 (982s): Well the snow and the freezing water and I can see that because you're a little sick in the head. I think when it comes to that. Yes, I am. But honestly, I loved those two venues

Speaker 1 (995s): and I love beasts. I love just being able to do as many obstacles as possible. Yeah, definitely Los

Speaker 2 (1004s): Olivos with how beautiful it was

Speaker 1 (1006s): out there. Can't wait to get back there this year.

Speaker 2 (1012s): Cool. Yeah, that was a good one. It was so nice green everything. How about favorite obstacle least favorite most favorite obstacle. Where do you where do you to your Nemesis and your favorite obstacle Nathan? so

Speaker 1 (1029s): I would say right now. My

Speaker 2 (1030s): Nemesis is the Olympus the new style of it that they have with the slippery material

Speaker 1 (1039s): my favorite obstacle. It is. I don't know why but I like the spear throw.

Speaker 2 (1051s): It's you know, it's straight and to the point but

Speaker 1 (1054s): it's for me. I never know what I'm going to

Speaker 2 (1057s): get as far as kind of day. I'm gonna have and I'm kind of on a skid right now love not Landing my Spears.

Speaker 1 (1068s): So I'm hoping to go into Chino with a hundred percent

Speaker 2 (1073s): cool. Yeah. There you go lean into your weakness, right? How about you Scott? You gotta one you love to hate and one you just love.

Speaker 1 (1083s): You know, what kind of agree with Nathan on the Olympus? You know, the it Carolina that was my first time seeing the Olympus with that new material on it. And I think what threw me off more than the material itself was is because I'm an all-time all holes. I use nothing but the holes but you know, the old wall had a certain pattern to it and it seemed like these like when you got to the last sheets of the whatever that material is The holes were in a different location and it just kind of threw off your whole strategy and you had to kind of Scramble for something else to get to it. So but yeah, you know when the weather is bad, you know Olympus could be a pretty tough. As you know, as far as a favorite obstacle goes man. It's it's really hard to choose a favorite one. I mean, I love tumbling down a frame, you know, I guess that's probably be one of my favorites that or maybe be some carries, you

Speaker 2 (1142s): know, that's cool. Yeah, I the the Olympus so tough for me to we definitely got to get you out West Lake Tahoe or something in the in the elements and the cold out from the East Coast you get the rain but we'll get you out here. Maybe next season Reynaldo is giving me some tips. We're up in Vegas on the Olympus. So I'll throw you the question. And also what are your favorites? What do you like and I'm curious if one of these is

Speaker 1 (1171s): is well Milestone with my least favorite and then I'll go into my my favorite my least favorite all already touched upon it not the balance but the Slackline I have to work on my balance and I've been doing a lot of training with that the single leg lifts and bend over and stuff like that. That is my least favorite because my balance is terrible and I most of the time I made it halfway through and I have to jump off. So that's my least favorite. My favorite is the spear. Reason why I'm growing up. I played football and it to me. It's like throwing a football or really big Dart. So yeah, I look at it as if it's just a football I grabbed it from the Middle the spear and I throw it like a football and it is sticks. So that's one of my things. I just I really like the spiritual

Speaker 2 (1223s): I can buy that yeah, I was thinking about this question myself and the Olympus pen that that new material. It's still it's still got me. I think one of my favorite u.s. Obstacles right now is the Twister just because that one was was killing me for a long time. And I finally got it. I feel like I'm rocking it now. So I look forward to it now, but Greece, I know you went Renault. Oh Nathan you were thinking about going this year. He's got if you haven't make it make it happen man. The the way that they that they put the river into play for the course where you've got like River barbed wire that that was one of the coolest

Speaker 1 (1260s): things.

Speaker 2 (1263s): Or school when you failed to spear throwers River

Speaker 1 (1266s): burpees. Yeah, what a burpies river burpees that listen. That was amazing.

Speaker 2 (1272s): Well, that's that one's definitely a highlight for me. So why don't we roll into that was last year, but in terms of 2019, I think there's some some great stuff they sport continue to advance their making moves now in terms of maybe acquiring of the races. They're clearly doing Things to try to standardize and know they've talked for a long time about Olympic sport. So I would say there is a lot of good going on probably a lot of good bad and ugly. So let's let's pretend we were given Joe to Senna and his team a grade, you know a through F what Reynaldo what do you think Joe and team get the highest grade and this year where they get an A for and what did they

Speaker 1 (1318s): fail? Well, as far as a failing grade out, I don't know if they failed anything. My honest opinion. I would give him a B+ or b - for the reason of some of these obstacles or some of these venues or just different races. They have such a following such as example Warrior that I did it before and it's it's an amazing race. So I thought that they were going to incorporate a little bit more Warrior - or some of these other venues that that they've taken over the I thought that they were going to Continue to have these races and it seems as if they're taking over these races and that's the end of them as we know it. So and I would like for them to incorporate more Warrior Dash and even with you know, Tough Mudder, I'm sure we'll talk about that later. It's a lot of cancellations going on with that. So I just want to see these races that people have grown to love just continue on.

Speaker 2 (1372s): Yeah. That's a that's a great Point anything that you think they did particularly. Well this year

Speaker 1 (1379s): the trifecta World Championships not try fact that the spotter World Championships in Tahoe every year I go there it's amazing and it's they Incorporated the the Walk of I think it was the the parade which was it's always a blast to be a part of that and old have the countries represent themselves. And I think that was that was done pretty well out there at Tahoe. Tahoe was amazed. I think Scott said something about Chaco earlier think I think that was

Speaker 2 (1407s): so yeah her Nathan may have it. Yeah. Yeah, it's amazing. Tahoe. Tahoe has been great. I've been two years. They so looks like World Championship will be in the Middle East. So Tahoe looks like it's on the on the on the race format for this year, but just not World Championship. Yes, leave it to National its Regional Championship this year

Speaker 1 (1431s): Regional croquet got National.

Speaker 2 (1434s): How about you Scott? What where's Joe get an A. Where's Joe get a low Mark in 2019.

Speaker 1 (1441s): Well, I agree with Ronaldo. I'd probably give them a b-plus. I mean Spartan is a well-oiled machine as far as doing their obstacle course races and doing you know, I think everything's gone according to plan they're adding a lot of stuff which kind of scares me because I don't want I don't want them to take their main site from their main race, you know, they're grown into this trail series and from what it looks like and what I understand it's done done fairly well, and now they're getting into this deck of fit which is kind of like a knockoff of high rocks and that I mean, I mean like I mean, I've never done a stadium. I mean it just I mean, I'm a trail guy. So the the OCR Is that are in the trails those really appeal to me more than stadium and more than this deck of fit which I mean, I'll probably never do one just because it's just it's not my cup of tea. I mean, it just doesn't really appeal me and I just don't want it to take away from what you know, the Spartan Race is and now, you know, you've there's all this talk about them buying Tough Mudder and still keeping Tough Mudders its own separate entity and you know for the Our community. I think it's a really good thing. If Tough Mudder stays around, you know, and somebody, you know save it, you know, but from another point of view is if it's going to bring Spartan down by purchasing Tough Mudder. I'd rather them not because you know, when you've got two huge companies like that and man it's just seems like that's that's a lot to have. On the plate but you know overall I think that Spartan has done very well with their races. I'm a little bummed but I understand why they want the Sprint to be their entry-level race and I get that because there's there is some harder obstacles and you know, you have that Sprint distance for you know, the newbies that are wanting to get into the sport, but from the and I know that you know the open Heats and the people the Timers those the ones that keep, you know Spartan alive, but she when you're being competitive in a Sprint nowadays. I mean if you're not missing the spear and the weather is pretty nice. There's not really much to fail in a

Speaker 2 (1597s): Sprint. Right?

Speaker 1 (1600s): Right, and I wish that and this is my probably like a controversial topic, but I wish that they would bring the ultra World Championships to the US. For 2020 I think that would be great.

Speaker 2 (1617s): Bring something back after this ship Claire. Yeah, that'd be interesting. Yeah, I think you know see what was what Nathan has to say. I mean just my take I completely agree with the keeping the focus and not diluting the sport maybe, you know, maintaining some of these other races that the people love having the diversity to OCR, but I think I'm in love. I think they're doing great stuff glad to see them growing and and this mission of ripping people off the couch. You know, I think we're all better physically and mentally and emotionally for having discovered this thing and going out there and doing it and making new friends and all that. But I you know, I'm probably far behind all three of you guys in terms of my racing. But if I speak like from my son's perspective a bit running kids competitive and that's also growing they've got huge participation in that side of the sport. But the one of the biggest issues I see with that is and and this I mean this translates back to the adults as well as is just rampant cheating. I mean, yeah call it what it is. It's to talk about the Integrity of the sport is even just to be a bit nice about it. I mean everything from I've Heard age group adults talk about people opened in the bucket and pouring rocks out, you know, and and in the kids category Don't think exactly with the kids. I don't think it is, you know, the ones that are running competitive they're trying their best to get out there and win and I don't think they're doing things like that, you know to cheat per se but the way Spartan is organized with a very few number of paid staff and then a few people that are willing to give their time as referees who really know the rules and really do enforce. Everything else is a volunteer run or you just have obstacles that aren't even man. And and it kids just don't know and they're not doing the right way or they're not doing their burpees right way or the right number and then it showed that point. I don't even know how you can how you can have integrity to the results and the who really want. So sorry Nathan I jumped in on his soapbox there, but all I so with that let me let me throw it back to you. Well, you're spot-on about all the you know, the integrity and I know you and I have talked about it on multiple

Speaker 1 (1762s): occasions. And yeah, I mean there needs to be a lot of changes as far as you know, I don't know. I really don't know how to fix it either. Like I've

Speaker 2 (1776s): been thinking about you know, what if they had

Speaker 1 (1780s): paid staff be the course Marshals. You know instead of volunteers who are

Speaker 2 (1788s): you know, let's face it inconsistent at every single venue, you know, it seems like there's a

Speaker 1 (1793s): different rule for every obstacle. And that's kind of where my

Speaker 2 (1799s): grading comes in

Speaker 1 (1800s): like. I give Spartan, you know

Speaker 2 (1805s): Joe and stuff like a C4 just going based off this past season. You know, there was just too many discrepancies. You know changing the rule

Speaker 1 (1817s): book right before championships sir.

Speaker 2 (1825s): But and now they're trying to do too much. I think, you know bringing in Deca fit

Speaker 1 (1830s): and you know, I'm right there with Scott, you know, let's not take away from the main

Speaker 2 (1836s): sport of

Speaker 1 (1837s): OCR. So I like that they're

Speaker 2 (1842s): trying to bring in more money. I like you know the marketing but it's too much I think.

Speaker 1 (1849s): So overall, I think it's a see. I would like to see

Speaker 2 (1857s): you know, just more consistency in 2020. Yeah, imagine. I don't know if this were an Olympic sport or imagine. Imagine. This is the NFL Super Bowl and he had volunteer referees. Like how did that go down or let's say we swap out the refs every every quarter exactly just can't maintain that consistency. So I think One of the things I want to ask you guys about is some of the changes we got coming up for 2020 and what you what you'd like to see the most one of the things we do have coming is the change of Sprint to a 5k format super to 10 K. So they're supposedly locking those in we'll see. I mean for me that's that's seems absurdly short for a Sprint and I get the point that it's in it's a it's an entry-level race. But if you're still running at leats Pros through a 5k course we're talking about a 20-minute race.

Speaker 1 (1920s): Yes quick. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (1923s): So let's roll back through Nathan. What do you what would you like to see most in 2020? And what do you think about those formats?

Speaker 1 (1931s): I'll

Speaker 2 (1931s): - I kind of like them it gives it more consistency.

Speaker 1 (1940s): More standardization,

Speaker 2 (1941s): but at the same time I realistically don't see them sticking

Speaker 1 (1945s): to

Speaker 2 (1948s): exactly 3.1 and 10K and half marathon. I don't see it. It's just

Speaker 1 (1955s): not possible

Speaker 2 (1958s): unless they're going to really Mark the

Speaker 1 (1961s): course.

Speaker 2 (1965s): And I mean, let's face it. We're going to have the elites coming in 15 minutes 20 minutes at most and it's a little too fast in my opinion that people want to you know pay to see and

Speaker 1 (1980s): enjoy but I'm excited to see what they do and

Speaker 2 (1985s): you know if it's

Speaker 1 (1986s): successful.

Speaker 2 (1988s): Yeah, I mean, let's think about Greece again. So when Rinaldo and I were over there 2018, I guess that was it was three races in two days sort of the typical Trifecta weekend and what it looks like for 2019 is if spread it across three days. Yes, you know, you're going to travel somewhere and deal with hotel and all this kind of stuff to go run. On Fridays hated then and then what? So I mean to me it it's as someone who likes to travel around these kind of things. I think it's it's tough when you end up with like let's say a Sprint super weekend you go somewhere take the family out of town and you get you know, what maybe a total of an hour of racing. Yeah, or maybe maybe I don't know. I kind of almost wish it were I like the standardization goes along with my Integrity point. I like Getting more people into the sport. That's just yeah good all around. I just feel like it's opened a big gap between super and Beast, you know, maybe maybe there needs to be a something in between. It's like 15K or something like that. You know, what do you think Scott you like it? You're so fast. Dude, you're going to run these things in 20 minutes.

Speaker 1 (2067s): Well, I doubt that. I mean, I don't really have a problem with it. I think that you know, and they've got this thing where they're calling. the Spartan Max to wear certain races are going to use these helmet icons or the Spartan helmet icons and to be one two and three of them and if there's three of them that's going to mean it's a harder course like and I assumed like Killington and Palmerton would probably be like a three because of the elevation there, but it makes me also wonder too if there's going to be extra mileage in the races that are called the max or you know, or has the Rating to but yeah, and I mean I'm glass-half-full type of guy. So I just figure shoot it's a lot easier to run to supers and the day if there are only 6 miles.

Speaker 2 (2119s): Yeah. I'm a been on the multi lap program yet. So I like that I like that got you

Speaker 1 (2125s): got to take advantage of that pass man.

Speaker 2 (2127s): That's true. I need to the max that out. What's the deal? I'm glad you mentioned the three helmets is that I got the concept. I saw it. Published but is there somewhere to go look for that as I'm registering for races,

Speaker 1 (2141s): you know, I haven't even tried to look and see if it's on any of the races or not. You know, I'm pretty much doing all the same venues for 2020 that I did in 2019. So I know what to expect.

Speaker 2 (2153s): So another another hundred races.

Speaker 1 (2156s): No, no. No that's hundred overall. Not in one year it took me four years to do that meeting.

Speaker 2 (2162s): Did you guys all see the guy that did the 30? Try factors this year which was over a hundred races in

Speaker 1 (2168s): 2019 acid cycle dragos. I think that's his name. Yeah. Yeah dragons that guy's amazing machine. Yes, and he had been limping through some of those races. Oh, yes. I

Speaker 2 (2184s): think he's he's a he said he's got a good number of things to heal up. But you know, what what what one of the things I saw him out in Los llevo Santa Barbara and I I don't know if he did it all age group, but he was an age group that day. So I have the idea that he did which which I love, you know, again, it's like you're going to go out and try to put up a new a new standard raise the bar in the sport, you know do it with Integrity. So I'm assuming you had there and did it following the rules versus you know, I get like my wife's about to try her first Sprint do her first front and they'll be obstacle she can't do and she'll do as many burpees as she can and you know great like you got to start somewhere but For me like it bugs me when I see people let's say do an ultra and just walk right past every obstacle like yep when you just go for a hike like I don't know to me that's not really earning the Buckle. Anyway, I got on my soapbox again Rinaldo. Where are you at with with 20/20 and what you think about the new

Speaker 1 (2250s): formats? Well, as far as a formats, honestly, I like them until you just brought up the 20. Then I'm not the fastest runner, but I have a little speed to me. And now that I think about traveling I like prime example. I'm thinking of going to the winter Sprint Cup winner Greek Peak and Jersey the Jersey area and it's only a 5K and now that I think about it like I could be done in less than 30 minutes. So to do all that traveling for 30 minutes worth of racing. That's yeah, that's not you know that can that made A lot of people's decisions as far as traveling for some of these races at least now that I'm thinking about it until you said something about the 20 minutes being, you know, completing it in 20 minutes that may change my mind with some of these races. I grew it would definitely it will make some of these Spartan these Pros. I don't some of these guys like Robert He Ain't Met Robert killing he may do a Sprint and 14 minutes and 30 seconds. So these guys are moving out there five or six minutes. And I think that that it's maybe they should change it for maybe the pros and the the age group. I'm not sure but for the competitive actual competitive ways, they'll be doing their Trophy presentation or metal presentation. So everybody's getting

Speaker 2 (2331s): started. Yeah when Nathan oh said that about marking distances. I was kind of wondering about that too. Because if you really have a fixed distance, it seems to me like the court the distance markings on the courses have usually been bad and I just always assumed it was by Design to mess with you. Mentally. I don't know if that's if that's fact or not. I mean maybe one of the things we could do is is its change that rule to wear when you run an extra laps, they count towards trifectas or something like that. That would really go. Okay, you know, maybe you go out and do a 20-minute competitive Sprint, but you know put up put up to three more laps and and and have it move the bar.

Speaker 1 (2376s): Trifecta numbers Yeah, that would be cool. But man, the trifecta numbers would go out of the sky and they would they would

Speaker 2 (2387s): they would ya although I mean, you know, the the tortoise left left Tahoe with a with a Harley for for doing 300 and a lot of that is based on two three four laps a day.

Speaker 1 (2403s): Yeah, I remember seeing Joe in North Carolina and 20 maybe even is 2016 and he had his arm in a cast and he was still out there and he come from Dallas because he did want to Dallas on Saturday. He did a beast there and then he flew to North Carolina and did the beast on Sunday there so he could get to beast in a weekend and he had a cast on his arm.

Speaker 2 (2434s): And there's there's some commitment there. I tell you what just thinking about as we're talking about how 2020 may play out and Scott you mentioned some of the quirks like with Chrono track. I wonder what's going to happen. If you notice you get somewhere like the middle of 2020 and the race registration flips from from Athletics Chrono track over to the Spartan website itself. Yep. I Hope they've got all that sorted out. So totals don't get lost halfway through the year.

Speaker 1 (2463s): Yeah, no, I was looking ahead and they may have already fixed it but I was signing up for the ultra Killington and it was not except in my whatever the 50 or 55 percent off because I already have the past it wasn't taking that into consideration.

Speaker 2 (2483s): No, hoping they have that worked out. They don't yet. I just tried it today for Carolina Ultra and the year and it's it's still broken. But yeah, I mean, yeah, yeah exactly man. Hoping hoping these things ultimately are for the better. Nothing's perfect. At first they seem to be really good at innovating and then kind of working it out over time. You know, how much of that is is Jose philosophy and Leadership. So maybe that's a good segue to a lot of rumors swirling around support right now is Joe to send a leaving the sport and Nathan have you heard that?

Speaker 1 (2523s): So I I looked into it today and I feel like it's just a rumor. I know they posted something April 1st for April Fool's Day that he was look he was leaving and they were looking for a replacement, but I really couldn't find anything else. To validate it.

Speaker 2 (2548s): Yeah, that was something going around Instagram again here recently Scott. Have you heard anything or

Speaker 1 (2553s): Renata? The only thing I saw was just where Bill Brown book from one of the bro see our guys he had did a little live video one night and he said that and I want to say it was more or less his assumption just because of the way everything was going that he was trying to you know, kind of build Build the brand up so he could sell it, you know and get out of it, you know, and I would say that I don't think he's got his maybe his hand in the pot as much as he has in the past, but I don't I would I don't I don't think to see him leave anytime soon. I wouldn't think

Speaker 2 (2598s): I wouldn't hear Reynaldo anything.

Speaker 1 (2600s): I agree. Totally with him II think that he's not going anywhere. He has his hand in so many different things these new different Fitness these days Echo Fitness and when they introduced these stadiums and the New Meadows and I think he has his hands as so many of the things. I don't think he's going anywhere, you know, I at least I hope he doesn't go anywhere. I'll follow him on Instagram as well and you know it every day. It's something else a little bit more motivational and I'm hoping that he's not building it up. To sell it because and I think he's done a pretty good pretty good job dispatch. This is past year. He's done a lot more from what I've seen online, you know, then then within the previous year, so I don't think that is I think that's just a rumor or at least I hope that is just a

Speaker 2 (2645s): rumor. Yeah, me too. I think that was the same thing. I saw was the bro see our live, but I mean, it seems like a labor of love to the guy and he's such an inspiration and motivating personality. So Any people he seems to really enjoy it and I mean he's like, you know, he's like an icon to this group of people whose lives. He's helped make better and doesn't I don't know to me doesn't strike me as a guy who wants to cash in and sail away on a yacht, you know, he's got his farm. He's doing something he loves. He's running his life and his family the way he wants to he's got a clothing line big enough now that he can get all of his his clothes household products food and everything else. Through Spartan brand itself. He can live off of everything Spartan and be good.

Speaker 1 (2693s): I think that he likes torturing people in a Death Race too much to sell Spartan.

Speaker 2 (2700s): That's a good point. Maybe he'll maybe he'll make that one bigger again. I was that was the focus early on he can just spend some more time on that and it Gogi.

Speaker 1 (2709s): Yep.

Speaker 2 (2710s): All right. Well, we know we're coming up on the top of the hour here in a few minutes. So I do want to hear from each of you guys. Guys able to spend a few minutes and go back through the the line up here start with Renault. Oh, what are your biggest plans goals whatnot for the Race season, whether it's Spartan or otherwise, I know you like some other ocr's to love to hear other ones that you'd recommend that I'd like to try some other ones as well. And yeah whatwhat's your 2020

Speaker 1 (2740s): plan my plan for 2020 as far as podrace. I plan on doing the one maybe four or five maybe six. Ultras and the other races we'll see where that fits in. I do want to go back to Tahoe. I'll be back in Tahoe again. And I think if Killington I did Killington I want to say in 2018. I definitely want to go back to Killington. The lady wants to go back. So I'ma go back. Yeah, as far as some of the other venues my favorite other venue outside of Tough Mudder is Savage Race. I did my first one I On to say in Dallas and it was amazing. I think those are the obstacles the closest obstacles to the OCR World Championship that you'll come across. There are a lot more challenging than people give him credit for and it was some of our best times doing obstacle course racing on the Savage Race. I did the Savage Syndicate and the blitz might be missing the name names of but it's the blue one and the Green Meadows. I can't remember the names one was a blitz and the other one was a Maybe it was just a regular Savage Race but it's a great

Speaker 2 (2810s): race. Okay. Yeah, super cool. I wrote that down. I want to I want to give that a try. How about you Skye know you're out east of you done bone frog or any other ones you

Speaker 1 (2819s): like? Yeah. I've done I've done one bone frog and I've done Savage once they do a Savage here in Georgia and they got pretty much they have obstacles that stood out there all year round at the venue. They use their it's actually in Dallas Georgia where they do the Savage Race here. And I did it and it was a good time, you know, and like Reynaldo said the obstacles are a lot harder and I just did an open heat. So, you know, I had a really good time being some friends just didn't had fun, but I could really see a lot of those obstacles becoming a problem. If you're running through their wide open, you know, you know, it's a lot of grip obstacles for sure and Savage is a good race, you know, and they put on a you know, they're their venue. Actually, the festival area is a good Festival area too. And I'm done the Rugged Maniac and you know to me like the Rugged Maniac is the perfect entry level into OCR. They got a lot of inflatable off schools that are a lot of fun a lot of obstacles where you'll fall into the water and they got this huge slides you come down at the end and it's just a good time and their Festival areas also great to

Speaker 2 (2894s): yeah. Somebody told me about that massive slide. I'm glad you asking that I just wrote that down because I forgot what it was. And what's your what's your biggest goal or what do you got? I know you're doing a bunch again. Yeah, 2020 says it just by volume or you doing a bunch of Ultras. You're going anywhere cool.

Speaker 1 (2910s): Well, I'm pretty much you know, I'm doing I'm taking advantage of the pass. Of course. I'm trying to do all the ones that are close to me and me and my buddy Michael. We usually talk ourselves into doing more than what we probably should we're

Speaker 2 (2927s): Do for altars this

Speaker 1 (2928s): year one in New Jersey and want to Killington. So those are two of them good mountain Ultras and then we're going to do a new one that's coming to Fayetteville North Carolina. And then we're going to do the other one in North Carolina that they don't think they've announced the venue for it yet. The one they do in November. So besides that, you know will probably go to Palmer and go to West Virginia again, because those are great

Speaker 2 (2953s): venues cool. Yeah West Virginia looks looks like a lot of fun. I haven't been out there but that's on my on my list for this year. I'd yeah,

Speaker 1 (2962s): that's a good time

Speaker 2 (2963s): if I had to ask for, you know, Uncle Joe for something for 2020. I'd like to see more Trifecta weekends in the u.s. I think we've sure we got West Virginia. We got Hawaii. Is that it that might be it? Right?

Speaker 1 (2979s): I think in the u.s. I think it is. There's a ton in Europe o yes,

Speaker 2 (2984s): so, how about you Nathan? What's biggest on the radar for 2020

Speaker 1 (2990s): 2020. I'm going more International as well. So I'm going to be doing six races internationally. I'll do 10 trifectas total for Ultras. Just try to qualify for Death Race do Death Race in 20, but I'm going to do Rhea coble's Slovenia race this year and then I'll go race Ireland supers. Well, cool. That's not good. Yeah, I'm just Looking forward to a big go back to Laughlin race than the pair of championships again. Hopefully not as an individual.

Speaker 2 (3042s): Hopefully they get you sorted out this year. I have never seen him like that. I saw your start group of one got released from the Corral Yeah Tim frame and I

Speaker 1 (3054s): it was a good time. You know, we were still up there with all the team. Eames and

Speaker 2 (3060s): And you know being a champion of my own heat, which was nice

Speaker 1 (3068s): the only time all year that I got to see all ones next to my name and

Speaker 2 (3072s): athleanxx. Yep all ones and I like I like to tease you about coming in first and last all in the same race, but take it takes nothing away from from the effort man. Congratulations on that first place. I

Speaker 1 (3086s): would also in all seriousness. I it was the Nicest to be able to leave with a fully clean race that Sunday so didn't have to do it bees and just wasn't as sore as I

Speaker 2 (3108s): would have been it any other great. Nice. Well, congratulations again sounds like it's gonna be an epic 2020. I were still trying to plan ours out and then my son's ready to get back out after it. His World Championship went better than last year but not as well as you wanted and I'm going to try to my goal is to try to be like Rinaldo and come out of Sparta with a shield. So I'm shooting for my 13x 2020 and get back on the ultra program work a few of those in there as well. Nice. Yeah. Well, why don't we just wrap up? I'll go back in order from Nathan to Scott to Renault. Oh, if you guys just want to spend a couple minutes before we wrap. A pond where people can find you, you know kind of what you do is either in terms of coaching podcast Suicide Prevention, you know your interests, you know where your passions lie where people can find you through social media or website. So if you want to talk a little bit about your mission some of the Charities you're involved with and where people should look you up.

Speaker 1 (3173s): Yeah. Sure. So people can really just find me on Instagram adaptive OCR Why is my handle you can find me? On YouTube as well under coach Nathan Fitness, but I'm starting to steer away from Facebook a little bit and just go more towards Instagram and YouTube. But really my goal is to still try to go Global with coaching adaptive athletes and just getting those people off the couch and just getting them out there and trying to cut excuses a little bit because really anybody can do this sport of OCR and it's just you know, it saved my life personally. depression and PTSD and stuff growing up with some other personal issues, but it really just you know shape of my life because of Spartan and that's mentally and physically so Just if I can just help one person this year. That's my

Speaker 2 (3254s): goal. Absolutely. Love it. All right, man. Love to hear it Scott. What do you got going on?

Speaker 1 (3262s): Like I said man. I'm just going out there and try and enjoy the sport for another year, you know and hoping for the best, you know, trying to get through these Ultras and try to stay injury free. That's the goal and for anybody out there, you know this thinking about doing these races and you know, I mean I understand that a lot of people are super competitive at it, but man just go out there and have fun, you know, make friends and if anybody's ever passed me at a race or I passed them if they can probably say that yeah, that was a dude come by me and said good job, you know and I don't care how deep the competition and what we're doing. I usually speak to everybody that as long as I can breathe at the moment. I usually talk to everybody that I see out there on the course. Even when I'm doing an ultra and to like to me the best part at the end of the day is I run a clean race. I don't care what my place is. I don't care what my time is. I just want to know I just want to do all the obstacles man and have a good time and I did to me. I just think it's just going out there and doing your best and to me that's what it's all about. And yeah, if you want to check out my podcast is I'm a Spartan podcast or OCR podcast, you know got a Facebook page and Instagram or on Ends and Stitcher and most of the ones you can go and listen to count check me out. And if you ever see me in a race, you know, feel free to come up to me and talk. I love talking to people at the race is pretty much the reason why I started a podcast. I live in a small country town in south Georgia where a lot of people don't do this Sport and I just wanted to find another way to talk to people.

Speaker 2 (3361s): That's awesome. I love the positive attitude. And once you're out there doing just having fun and helping build the community. So I appreciate it. And Renault. Oh, how about you buddy?

Speaker 1 (3372s): Well first and foremost as I get ready to transition from military to retirement life, I am really going to take a step forward into my Suicide Prevention. So I would like to address the number the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which is 1-800-273-8255. Once again, that's one eight hundred two seven three eight two five five teaching military. Vets, that's my my passion and civilians as well. We I teach suicide intervention. So I do suicide intervention training and hopefully we can help some of these military vets and civilians turn away from some of the thoughts that they're having. So that is some of the training that we do it's the one of the training that I do is called applied suicide intervention skills training some people know to refer to it as assist. So that's first and foremost. As far as the racing I plan on doing like I said a few more venues getting in there a little bit better states of personal training and just some some Fitness coaching as well. You can find me on Instagram at OCR underscore RH and it's I do have a Facebook as well. But I interact more through Instagram and that's OCR underscore RH.

Speaker 2 (3451s): Okay, perfect now on Kudos on the suicide prevention Mission and I know affects so many people. People and then the the cascading and Rippling effects friend of a friend lost him too that you're just a day or two ago. So particularly in the veteran Community, it's devastatingly common. I think you know, I was doing part of the courage Foundation burpees for vets last year and Mark and his crew are still on track to to knock out their 22 million burpees. I think we've got one point eight more to go one. A million more to go. So my son's on board now, we're doing burpees similar kind of mission awareness and and suicide prevention in that case. Particularly. That's with pts. Next time you're down here in San Diego. Definitely get you hooked up with those guys as well. It might be a good good crossover. But thank you again for your service as well as work you're doing with that. I know you got a lot of exciting stuff to come here in retirement super super envious of what you got going on and excited for what you have now. Next and Scott. Hope will get a chance to connect up somewhere Mid Country or out east here this coming season. It's yeah, man. Yeah, it's such a cool sport. It's such an incredible Community, you know having people like you said running along, you know, great job brother, keep it up sparring you got this almost there helping people over obstacles. I think it until you've done one. You just don't realize how uplifting it can be and and Nathan. You you said it really well, you know, it's incredible what you're doing what you've personally done and how you're helping other people through that but you know what you said in terms of making you making you better not just physically but better as a person I know for me and for my family, it's been it's been so uplifting such a positive force of change in the way that we look at ourselves and each other and and the world, you know, it's about so much more than than the race. It's those obstacles really A metaphor for life and I feel like I come out of every one of them better not just physically but but how I can go about my job and my life and my world every day. So I'm super appreciative of what sports given to me and hopefully it keeps going for a long long time. You know, we're talking about talking about this and that but it's a great thing. I hope anybody listening takes a chance to get involved reach out to the three or four of us on this call if you need any guidance and guys are Also Scott Nathan super appreciate your time. There's a lot of fun is going to be a blast. So you guys out there and they will do this again at the end of 2020.

Speaker 1 (3618s): That sounds good to me. Yeah, man, that sounds good.

Speaker 2 (3622s): All right, we'll talk soon and see you out there on the course

Speaker 1 (3625s): take care of you. Okay, rude aroo.

Speaker 2 (3629s): Like to say thank you again to today's panel Nathan Rinaldo and Scott. These guys are just such a great glimpse of the incredible uplifting and competitive Community that's out there in Spartan and it really is something whether you're looking for a Podium or you're going to try your first one. It's just an incredible experience show notes for this one are up at man of 0:36 where you can find how to get in touch with any of these. Three guys, Nathan Ronaldo and Scott as well as links to Scotts. I am a Spartan podcast and awareness and prevention information on suicide and the suicide hotline also out there on the site sign up for our weekly email so you don't miss a single episode or other things going on like the discount to Relentless MV. Additional to the email newsletter. Hopefully by now. You are subscribe to the podcast and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. If you're new and haven't done that yet. Please do so go out to iTunes Apple podcast leave a rating. Hopefully we've earned a five star rating and would love to hear a written review if you take a moment to do that as well, please Wherever you choose to connect with us, I'd love to hear about your be hags your big scary goals that you're setting out for 2020. Hopefully by the time you've heard this you've had a very very Merry Christmas or happy holidays rest recharge stay active active in the body quiet in the mind. That's it for this week start now for 2020 take daily simple actions and carry that momentum right across that January 1 threshold and Beyond