Mark Divine is the New York Times best-selling author of Unbeatable Mind. In his newest book, Mark reveals and drills into the seven key principles it takes to foster and lead elite teams. He shares lessons learned in his own businesses and on the battle-field to apply to top-tier teams, but approaches the topic with humility and transparency. The book builds through his own leadership failures to exemplify the right way to go in unlocking the tremendous power of teams. And in more than just anecdotes Mark’s book provides assessment exercises to apply the principles.

I’m honored that Mark, as one of my coaches, offered the opportunity of a pre-read of this one a couple months ahead of time. And I’m pleased to bring it to you and share an early preview.

“Too many leaders fear transparency, hiding behind convenience and the comfort of silence or inaction. Stare down your fear wolf and admit your mistakes immediately, and don’t say you’re going to do something unless you have every intention of following through. If for some reason you can’t get that thing done, then you’d better have a damned good reason why and communicate it clearly. Be true to your word and maintain a relentless standard for transparency.”

– Mark Divine


Mark grew up in upstate New York, a degree in economics and an MBA from NYU. He prepared for life as a high powered CPA… and then left his high paying finance career for the adventurous life of a Navy SEAL officer.

At twenty-six he graduated as Honor Man (#1-ranked trainee) of SEAL BUD/S class number 170. Mark served for nine years total on active duty and eleven as a Reserve SEAL, retiring as Commander in 2011. His leadership of teams was so effective the government tasked him with creating a nationwide mentoring program for SEAL trainees.

Most people think mental toughness when they imagine a Navy SEAL. What they don’t expect is the thoughtful, yoga-innovating, joking and laughing, professor of leadership named Mark Divine. Mark lives with his family in Encinitas, California, where he continues to train, explore, learn from others and generate more resources to improve the lives of everyone he meets.


  • Resources to optimize at every level and area of life
  • Inspiration and catalysts to level up
  • Update on podcast format and plans for 2020
  • Preview of best-selling author Mark Divine’s newest book
    • Leadership, Elite Teams, and Facing Fear
    • Fostering productive and cohesive teams
    • Who absolutely needs this book
    • Risk-taking based on a code of conduct
    • Common cowardice in leaders
    • The bad apple effect
    • Leading with courage



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Speaker 1 (0s): Mayor of Mastery episode 37 staring down the wolf 7 leadership commitments that Forge Elite teams. We're jumping right in today to brief you on something a couple months

Speaker 3 (32s): ahead of the rest of the

Speaker 1 (33s): world staring down the wolf 7 leadership commitments that Forge Elite teams. This is Mark divine's latest book going on sale, March 3rd, 2020. I have the privilege and honor of getting to read an advanced readers Edition and preview that for you here today, but first real quick as we roll into this week in 2020. I've started building an Go to list of the

Speaker 3 (59s): resources. You need to optimize it every level and in every area of your life.

Speaker 1 (65s): So for example, if you're starting the new year off with maybe best intentions on a meal and nutrition plan. Well, if you're like most people you slip fast, it can become inconvenient or maybe you're just not sure how to sustain on

Speaker 3 (78s): those really busy days my solution

Speaker 1 (82s): ample Foods meal

Speaker 3 (83s): replacement the stuff rocks. I use it constantly so stuff like that you get the point and I

Speaker 1 (89s): only recommend resources that I use myself

Speaker 3 (92s): again, simply the very best

Speaker 1 (93s): products and services. I found to be

Speaker 3 (96s): essential and

Speaker 1 (97s): optimizing performance along your Mastery Journey products Services Events books Etc. You can find a list of those right on the website top menu resources or man of Master / resources. Another thing many of us wrestle with is not the desire to level up. But the how we need that inspiration the Catalyst that key idea. Well, I've got an upcoming guest John Kane we talked about the really unique nature of an event that he created and that I'm personally excited about and I've been talking about Relentless

Speaker 3 (136s): MV so much so that not only will I be a

Speaker 1 (139s): paying attendee at this Summer's event coming up but that we've moved into an affiliate business. Job, so I'm super looking forward to attending and learning from from John himself Patrick Sweeney Ryan holiday Lance Armstrong is going to be there and others who are relentlessly dedicated to Elite level light for Life performance and self-improvement. And if it isn't cool enough to learn from these guys and then go move and Learn by experience. How about kicking back at

Speaker 3 (168s): the end of the day and

Speaker 1 (169s): grabbing dinner or a drink with the same? Gurus? Well, that's part of the design of the you unique nature of the RMV format over 3 days and 2 nights. I'm also considering a Mastery Community meet up around the event so drop in and shoot me a direct message on Instagram or Facebook. If you like that idea, you're considering attending and would be interested in a

Speaker 3 (193s): meet-up. So that's at the

Speaker 1 (196s): man of Mastery on Instagram or Facebook. So if you're interested in the Relentless MV event, we have a 20% group. Count going just hit up John and the team at our MV let them know you're part of our tribe use group discount code Mastery for 20% off. You can also find that link on the same resources page of our website man of such resources or go directly to Relentless

Speaker 3 (224s): Okay, A little housekeeping and insight on the podcast and format.

Speaker 1 (231s): I've been aiming for a 45 to 60 Minute form. Matt and probably trending toward or over the upper end of that

Speaker 3 (238s): Target. So I just want to take a moment to share the thought process around

Speaker 1 (241s): it and where I may be taking it next.

Speaker 3 (244s): There are definitely those podcasts out there that chop and

Speaker 1 (247s): provide a rapid fire 15 to 20 minute

Speaker 3 (250s): format and I can really very much and personally appreciate the efficiency of that format that said I really like the richness and depth and insight that come out of a curious dialogue and that takes some

Speaker 1 (262s): time when I Survey feedback on what people get out of any particular episode or

Speaker 3 (268s): across guess and topics. I'm constantly amazed at the variety of answers different people take away different value.

Speaker 1 (276s): I suspect fitting probably their unique background context

Speaker 3 (280s): maybe current challenges. So I'm very hesitant to make my own judgment call on

Speaker 1 (285s): what to scrap

Speaker 3 (286s): versus what to are. I just don't feel I have that privilege or maybe skill or experience at the moment to really know what you want. Want to get out of these guests have so much to offer and that said I would love to offer both the full length and The Abridged version. In fact, I do plan to roll that out this year. I just haven't decided yet when where or how the mission of the podcast is to learn and share

Speaker 1 (312s): with a goal of

Speaker 3 (312s): providing almost an infinite benefit to cost ratio. Meaning that the design is to

Speaker 1 (318s): offer up extreme value, but through a free format. And

Speaker 3 (323s): finding quality guests topics information

Speaker 1 (327s): doing the recording producing

Speaker 3 (328s): publishing all that actually takes a good investment of time to do and I'm happy to do it's a labor of love and it's a blast.

Speaker 1 (336s): I love learning. I love

Speaker 3 (337s): being your guide to these gurus and synthesizing material into something that applies to the challenges you might face in mind body and soul.

Speaker 1 (347s): But as far as in a

Speaker 3 (348s): bridge cut at the same information

Speaker 1 (350s): what I roll that out, it's likely to be offered maybe a little more selectively with some of the other tailored offerings coming out like this year, whether that's the closed Facebook group or through one of the group or individualized training programs that I'm creating. I

Speaker 3 (366s): haven't decided yet, but I'll keep you posted when it's available. Let's also talk about upcoming podcasts incredible productivity Tools in time and

Speaker 1 (377s): Our mind runs wild our world is complex and volatile and external

Speaker 3 (381s): stimuli are non stop improving our attention memory and concentration. How valuable would that be? Well, that's the topic of an upcoming guests and podcast.

Speaker 1 (393s): Another is be hags. Well, my favorite topics 2020 be hags

Speaker 3 (398s): the importance of setting scary goals and stretching to grow.

Speaker 1 (402s): So I want to share how my 2020 plan is shaping up throw out some big fun. And stuff and see if

Speaker 3 (407s): others are interested again. Maybe do some

Speaker 1 (410s): meetups around those similar to Relentless MV. That's an

Speaker 3 (413s): upcoming episode. And in another I have the

Speaker 1 (416s): story of a man on the verge of losing his family business

Speaker 3 (421s): everything in his world and in the end he discovered his biological family and an abundance of relationships and love and caring and it's also a story of now how he's giving back

Speaker 1 (434s): and last as maybe a bit of a preview. I would mention the author of today's book Mark Divine. I'd love to see if I

Speaker 3 (442s): can get him on directly and maybe we'll get his Insight straight from the author on this new book and his other programs from time to time. I've also shared some insight on what I'm currently reading what I like and what I

Speaker 1 (454s): recommend and in

Speaker 3 (455s): fact that relates directly to this week's episode and that's where

Speaker 1 (459s): it's come from as I mentioned. I've had the

Speaker 3 (461s): honor of a pre-read

Speaker 1 (463s): on Mark Devine's new book He's a coach of mine and he's the

Speaker 3 (467s): selling author of unbeatable

Speaker 1 (468s): mind his newest book is called staring down the

Speaker 3 (472s): wolf the seven leadership commitments that Forge Elite teams. It's described as a unique perspective that will allow you to unlock the tremendous power of your team. I've also heard it described as marks best work yet. So this is about leadership Elite teams facing fear and what that means is a good teammate as a good leader and in a company culture that Fosters productive and cohesive teams. Let's

Speaker 1 (499s): start

Speaker 3 (500s): Through this book is

Speaker 1 (500s): for if you're a student reader fan of the unbeatable mind book or online training program. This seems to me to be the sequel or maybe a drill

Speaker 3 (511s): down. They leave off in an unbeatable mind with a brief discussion of unbeatable teams

Speaker 1 (517s): around leadership character and virtues. This seems to be the missing book to expound on that and then more

Speaker 3 (524s): globally this is for you if if you're not sure that you always Always show up all the

Speaker 1 (531s): time for your team and as a teammate or as a leader, if you've ever had the rare

Speaker 3 (536s): opportunity to be part of an elite team or experience Elite leaderships, then you probably realize how unique that was and you look for a way to figure it out and replicate it. Well Mark describes it in unbeatable mind

Speaker 1 (549s): as powerful teams where teammate serve each other and then as a

Speaker 3 (553s): result the performance of each individual is also elevated. I'd say this book is also for you. If you've been part of an organization that tolerates or even reward self-serving Behavior, if you know deep down that instead you should be aligning with teammates around worldview values and character. This book might be for you

Speaker 1 (574s): if you've participated with a business team or partnership with all the best intense and then get crushed by the constant operational feeders and challenges of cash flow or other critical but short-term emergency. He's if any of that sounds familiar. Here's a little preview of what Mark is going to cover and what

Speaker 3 (594s): I think you really going to love about it. And just to let you know, it's already available for pre-sale because you're going to want in on this you can hit up man of Master / 0:37. That's the link

Speaker 1 (610s): for the show notes to this episode. And also there you can find a link to pre-order on the hardback available now at the best price

Speaker 3 (623s): available in the market and have it in your hands as soon as it's released.

Speaker 1 (627s): The paperback I believe goes on

Speaker 3 (629s): sale March 3rd, if you want to wait for that one instead, so what's this book about and what makes up Elite teams and Elite leaders. Well, I'm not going to give away all Mark Secret Sauce, but here's some things I'd like to say about that and that you can look forward to in the book. If you've been part of teams that are flat-out dysfunctional odds are the team lacks trust in each other and they don't see each other their business their mission their customers and Employees in a compatible way

Speaker 1 (660s): so Mark talks

Speaker 3 (661s): about fostering a mindset of acting in spite of fear and

Speaker 1 (665s): how to create an environment that

Speaker 3 (667s): tolerates risk, but it's based ultimately on a code of conduct.

Speaker 1 (671s): You've probably seen more than your fair share of

Speaker 3 (674s): people playing it safe playing politics keeping their heads down. Just climbing the career ladder. So in contrast, this is about getting clear on what you stand for and standing your ground. It's about about making decisions from the heart and a couple of cool things had mentioned about this book is that we all often learn most or maybe most severely by mistakes throughout the book Mark builds up the stories of his own journey and his numerous mistakes throughout the military and then in his private sector careers and startups is admirably transparent and humble, but it's also really useful in the sense of helping maybe slingshot us. We passed the same mistakes and speaking of humility is one of marks other key leadership premises. He says

Speaker 1 (726s): too many leaders fear

Speaker 3 (727s): transparency hiding behind convenience and the comfort of silence or inaction stare down your fear wolf and admit your mistakes immediately and don't say you're going to do something unless you have every intention of following through. If for some reason you can't get that thing done, then you'd better have a damn good reason why and communicate it clearly be true to your word and maintain a Relentless standard for transparency. I love it can't say I'm much better than that. Do you and still earn and Foster trust? You trust your

Speaker 1 (761s): boss why or why not

Speaker 3 (764s): this is something I understand is the fear wolf reference that you just heard. If you're not familiar Mark

Speaker 1 (769s): pulls from a Native American

Speaker 3 (770s): tradition that encourages

Speaker 1 (772s): introspection when one is fueling fear feeding the fear wolf. Or stoking the fires of Courage, which he calls feeding the courage

Speaker 3 (781s): Wolf the other great thing about the book is that each chapter has exercised drills to contemplate where one meaning as an individual or as a team or as a company stand on each topic to assess maybe opportunity for improvement springboarding off the last topic a moment ago. If you don't feel a trusting relationship with your boss or your team, then why might that be the the case is there the right level of Integrity authenticity.

Speaker 1 (813s): Well Mark defines Integrity

Speaker 3 (814s): as honest and internally consistent.

Speaker 1 (819s): I had a boss wants who would meet with me

Speaker 3 (822s): exchange pleasantries and then turn around and call a meeting with one of my direct reports to say to so discontent to create conflict and and and ultimately just deliver very different messages so that to me doesn't sound very much like honest. Sister or anything close to behavior that carries Integrity sounds like

Speaker 1 (842s): self-serving cowardice quite honestly and

Speaker 3 (845s): unfortunately all too common

Speaker 1 (847s): from what I've seen in the corporate world.

Speaker 3 (850s): So how would one flip that around and handle it in a way that builds respect and builds trust so not knowing the exact truth of that situation. I can only theorize but let's say

Speaker 1 (861s): that the really were an issue like don't worry stuff happens.

Speaker 3 (865s): So sometimes they're bad fits and you have to make a change or you have to make tough decisions that's reality rather than

Speaker 1 (871s): try to deal with issues through

Speaker 3 (873s): indirect passive aggressive type of behavior. What about just addressing issues head on having the mutual respect to have forthright conversations and give each other real feedback and

Speaker 1 (885s): which which approach is more efficient which leaves behind with those relationships are remaining

Speaker 3 (892s): staff if you think about it that way a feeling of

Speaker 1 (894s): comfort and truth and which one is corrosive.

Speaker 3 (897s): Of another great example is the classic Bad Apple and I'm

Speaker 1 (901s): unfortunately sure that

Speaker 3 (903s): you've seen organizations that promote people for the wrong reasons and beyond their competence or experience even worse. You've probably run across that guy or that girl who is without fail described as smart but smart but and the Bots is that their skill knowledge aptitude or experience has been tolerated at the expense of being Talk to everybody around them and individual Talent can be a great asset. But if it comes with such a low emotional intelligence and sensitivity that they become cancerous to the entire organization, then I just don't get how it's tolerated and yet I've seen it time and time again that type of behavior drives teams apart and people away retention suffers. Morale suffers attitude suffers

Speaker 1 (952s): customers Business Financial suffer

Speaker 3 (955s): whether you've made that connection and And realized or Not by the way, and in my opinion, it's unacceptable either get on board or you get out. Okay growth mindset

Speaker 1 (966s): one of my favorites and Mark covers this

Speaker 3 (968s): as well. It's a central theme here, so I probably don't need to spend an abundance of time on it Beyond personal development and the mindset

Speaker 1 (976s): for growth

Speaker 3 (977s): staring down the wolf talks about the importance of getting uncomfortable and growing as a team. And how about Excellence? Every organization gives it lip service.

Speaker 1 (987s): But how is it happened?

Speaker 3 (989s): I approach learning in the form of this podcast with curiosity. Maybe my friend Antonio and fellow unbeatable mind coach and training would call it playful curiosity.

Speaker 1 (1001s): Well, Mark shares a few thought-provoking

Speaker 3 (1003s): questions to ponder in the pursuit of excellence and in challenging the status quo. Why do we do it this way? Maybe what should we do instead or how could we be better and who should do it? It's a mindset of innovation and there's a good discussion in the book about when to look for incremental change

Speaker 1 (1024s): or when a complete overhaul is more appropriate which fits your

Speaker 3 (1028s): situation or may fit. Get your environment may be a good way to wrap up this preview and mind you the book drives much much deeper and much further. So good way to wrap up might be on additude the high performance highly competitive demands of the typical Us corporate environment really Fosters a zero-sum game. So instead of real team success as much as we like to say, so the result is a negative attitude that just seems to abound and the potential for performance just get stopped short. So what if instead we get past the Lies fears the negativity the week default to gossip and fear mongering. What if we could lead with courage? What if we could starve the fear wolf? What if we could feed the courage Wolf and what if we could learn as individuals and as a team to channel our energy observe and direct our thoughts and emotions and focus our concentration.

Speaker 1 (1091s): What if That's a ton. So I went through that pretty quickly, but let that set in for a

Speaker 3 (1097s): minute. If none of this Rings true to you, well, then maybe you're in an exceedingly unique and incredible place and if so recognize it be grateful for it and embrace it support it. More likely if this all seems like bunk to you then you've gone blind or maybe you're just jumping from job to job place to place wondering what in the world is wrong with these companies and the people who run them without realizing what it might take to actually solve it. Now in all reality most likely something I've said here. If not more than one thing hits uncomfortably close to home and Mark has really saved something special for this next book. I really recommend that it deserves a read and in full disclosure. I

Speaker 1 (1144s): believe he has a powerful

Speaker 3 (1146s): applicable and useful perspective in this book, but I'm not a hundred percent sure if it stands alone or if you need unbeatable mind as a prequel. I think it does but at this point I do have a bit of my own confirmation bias. I've read all these books have taken his online courses. And so again, I just want to be upfront that I'm not sure if it stands completely apart from the unbeatable mind book and the unbeatable mind foundations material that I personally really value and I do recommend also It's just a maybe a sequence thing. In fact, whether mutually exclusive or not. Those are all so amazing. So like this book I'll give you the links in the show notes on where to get those and where to get after it. You're going to like this book and whether you read it first last you probably read it more than once. I think you're going to find some incredible things to take away and apply as well. Okay, that's it for this week. We'll wrap it up without further delay get out there and get after it. Week think about the fear wolf and the courage Wolf think about how you're going to lean in to fear as a leader and a teammate make courageous decisions

Speaker 1 (1220s): trust be trustworthy

Speaker 3 (1223s): commit to growth

Speaker 1 (1224s): commit to Excellence

Speaker 3 (1225s): practice resilience and Foster alignment.